Summer Question fer all Ya'll

We's in summertime. Ya'll may have a few days of cool left, not round heah.

So I'se wonderin' iffin' ya'll can hep me lay up the right stuff fer Summer Loafin.'

I got too much to do, so natcherly I'se gonna slough all that off an' see how much fun I can git on the sly...heh.

I needs yore suggestion fer:

Best new music CD fer BBQ wif' friends
Best new music fer quiet time

Two works of fiction
One book of history

Best non-electronic game (right now, we's into Balderdash)

Movies (Cain't get through movies wiif' R-rating fer steamy scenes and crude language, ya'll. Will take R-rated fer some violence [war, police])

one comedy
one romance
one spy/ thriller
one mystery
one adventure

Your favorite summer menu. (recipes optional)

Thanky to all fer hepin' me figger out how to loaf well this summer!


h said...

Troll Music Rec: Rip what you want from the innerwebs and make your own CDs. Hence, no bad filler songs. And no profit for muslib record companies.

Troll Book Rec: Fiction: THUD by Terry Pratchett. History: New Living Translation Study Bible. (Eventually, I'll get Aunty and SHE converted). The maps, historical footnotes, etc... qualify this version as a HISTORY book.

Troll Game Rec: Texas Hold Em Poker.

Troll Movies:

one comedy: Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum
one romance: drawing a blank

one spy/ thriller: Romeo is Bleeding
one mystery: I think it's called Time-After-Time? Malcom McDowell is in it.

one adventure: Not really a movie but you could tape the TV show called "The Shield" on FX.

darkfoam said...

best summer menu - tabouli ..
(who needs more).

bbq with friends?
bluegrass - perhaps by doc watson, tony rice, bela fleck (he's kind of a jazzy grass blend though), jerry douglas, etc..

not reading any fiction currently - you got suggestions for me?
my 16 year old son has read
'a people's history of the unted states' by howard zinn. 1492 - present ..
he recommends it. i haven't looked at it yet.
and then, of course, there's The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha

game - scrabble, of course..

the older 'casino royale' with peter sellers, etc..
laurence of arabia
bbc's pride and prejudice
the manchurian candidate
(not new, i know, but always worth rewatching)

Gnomeself Be True said...

I got nothin'.

moi said...

I'm going to have to go with Troll on the music for BBQ: do a compilation of fun, swingy stuff that will keep the mood upbeat, maybe even encourage spontaneous dancing later: some country, some bluegrass, some blues. Then throw in some Justin Timberlake because who doesn't like JT?

During my quiet time, Beethoven's 9th is always a thrill.

Best non-video game: Scrabble and chess are Moi's faves.

Two works of fiction: James Lee Burke's two most recent novels.

Book of history: The Journals of Lewis and Clark.

Comedy: Stranger than Fiction
Romance: Breakfast at Tiffany's, natch
One Spy/Thriller: First Bourne Identity
One Mystery: The Crossing Guard
One Adventure: I'm with Foam – Lawrence of Arabia!

Favorite summer menu: Guacamole, chips, fish tacos, Margaritas!

h said...

I second Moi's Clark and Lewis pick. And offer Aunty a writing/research project as well.

To my knowledge, nobody has written a GOOD account of Clark's fascinating and productive life AFTER the expedition.

Jenny said...

Dear Aunty,

The PNW is currently in cold storage. There has been no Spring and Summer is far, far away. (although warm weather IS predicted for two days this month.)

Therefore, I can only tell you what kind of fire wood is good, why there are mushrooms growing in my back yard and that cocoa DOES warm the soul.

can I just live vicariously through your comments?

Yours Truly,

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

TROLL-Man: Thud huh? Ok--thas' a
go. As fer the bible,
I does have your
version, likes it too.

Natcherly, I IS converted,but pray fer me anyhoo. On poker--git up heah and play wif us!! (tip: Aunty doan NEVER bluff. ) Movies--yea!! I will send fer all of them titles--

FOAMY LADY! Hey Sweet Thang. Tabouli??!! Of course--whyn't I think of it? Some times I serve that wif Kibbe (recipe will be posted directly) Music--wow, I doan know Bela fleck and will fix that ASAP. Scrabble, huh? Yeah, well, thang is, our Granny whups us all ever dang time!! Manchurian Candidate--heh. how appropriate fer the season.

IAMNOT-- youse a slacker my Puddin'--that woan do a'tall! I know YA KNOWS SOME MUSIC. Have some mercy on yore Aunty who done run out of ideas an is bored wif' the usual fare--when I tries to pick yore brain, doan let me come home empty!!

MOI, oh Darlin' yep! I'se gonna read them Burke books--Uncle done read the Lewis and Clark volume--mebbe I will take a looky.
(Troll, were it you who has a Clark or Lewis relative??) Fish tacos? Wow. What species of fish is best? I like Mex food. Beethoven and chess goes well, I reckon. Chess strains mah brain, but I like the game--when I plays it wif' 10 year olds--hee hee.

ANON-BOXER, Baby Doll, git on a fast train, an' come on down heah--we's got lots of warm round these parts. Sure, live vicariously...but at least throw out a book--what does ya read around them wood fires? What does ya listen to? (Cocoa sounds good!)

I cain't hep it...I feel a Blog Summit comin' on.

Jenny said...

I just finished "The Year of Critical Thinking" by Joan Didion - not an "upper", but very, very good.

h said...

William Clark, of Clark and Lewis fame, is my great-great-great-great-grandfather. After the expedition he was:

1) A Brig. General during the 1812 Ass-Whooping of the Brits.

2) Superindent of Injun Affairs.

3) Governor of Missouri

Held two of those at the same time. Had a bunch of kids with two wives. Adopted and edumacated Sackagawea's son and his second wife's previous kids. At JESUIT Schools. How bout that?

Generally, had a long happy interesting life that nobody GOOD has written about.

Lewis, by contrast, definately drank heavily, probably was addicted to laudanum, and probably shot himself in the head within a year of his return. He WAS shot. Most people think it twas suicide.


Jenny said...

Yikes, It's called "The Year of Magical Thinking".

My brain? Fried.

Aunty Belle said...

Troll, Sugar, thas' awesome--wow--I reckon youse got a fine story--whyn't YOU write it? How did he get aholt of Sacajawea's sons? Did he marry her? Jesuit school huh? mebbe on account of that were all there were out whar' he lived. What happeneded to them bos? Tell us a story, Troll-

OH! AND Troll -Man--no wonder ya recommend THUD, its about TROLLS!
Hey Anon-Boxer. YES! That is a good book-if sad.

Along the same lines I am now reading
A THREE DOG NIGHT--woman's pedestrian NYC hubby was smashed in a car accident one night when he goes out to walk the dog. His "crushed like an eggshell" skull replaced with titanium but the poor brain is off in world of scattered puzzle pieces.

When a grown child comes in an asks him,

"I'm Catherine, do you remember me?"

the husband replies "Do you eat field mice?"

His wife realizes that in his world, his question makes sense--"Cat" in Catherine.

moi said...

Aunty, I read Three Dog Life right before my spousal unit had his run in with a head injury (I blobbed it). My imagination, as you can imagine, ran wild . . .

And how ├╝ber cool is it that Troll's related to William Clark. Awesome!

sparringK9 said...

im reading "earth abides" its a post apocalyptic "joint" next up: the world made by hand. yep, you guessed it. its fiction about post oil america written by the guy who wrote "the long emergency"...also about what happens 30 years from now when - natch -theres no more oil. it aint fiction.

funny movies: the original "the in-laws" with peter falk and alan arkin; revisit the "pink panther" movies theyve held up well. i love "school of rock" and love "high fidelity" although i dont think it will be your cup of tea - however, in a fantasy sequence, tim robbins gets his ass kicked and you may find that enjoyable.


romance: i hate barbara striesand but i swear "the way we were" kills! just kills. and i also like "adaptation" very much. also "working girl" is a favorite of all time - a fav modern cinderella story. but the "graduate" is a stand out for all time to me. i think hitchcock does romance well. think vertigo and rear window. and north by northwest - a perfect film.

summer music: oh, i doubt we'll agree here. i make my own mixed cd's. right now i am loving "american boy" by kanye west and estelle - yes i know. kanye. and i love wycleaf jeans new song "sweetest girl" with its reggae vibe. but i swear by "blue merle-burning in the sun" its a perfect summer CD with no filler. i will burn it for ya and send it if you want.

for TV i have an entire season of project runway to watch. yay! makes me wanna sew!

summer menu: heirloom yellow tomato salsa, guacamole and alaskan halibut from "sea bear" mail order.

Charnita said...

Listen to Bon Jovi- Lost Highway.

Read some Mary Kay Andrews for some quick, funny easy tales- LOVE her. perfect for summer beach reading - and watch Weekend at Bernie's- my favorite comedy.

Karen said...

Wish I could help you out there Aunty but we're in the middle of a cold snap...Hallelujah........and after the brutal summer we just endured I am trying to empty my head of anything even remotely smelling like summer.

I will go with Moi's choice of some JT on the music front. That boy rocks my world if you see where I'm coming from.....