Capitalist Cuzins Across the Pond

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"At its core, liberalism is about the dignity and worth of every individual. It welcomes a society of choices about what to think, what to do, what to buy, what to be. Private property ensures the freedom of the individual in his private sphere. Free enterprise allows him to buy and sell on the terms he thinks best. Free markets and secure property rights allow him to dream and to innovate and to bring into the world new products, services and works of art."

"A liberal society does not punish success with confiscatory taxes or reward rivals with grasping regulation or heaping subsidies. Nor does it forget the unfortunate, to whom it offers freedom, hope, the balm of individual compassion and a wealth of choices to try anew."


Anonymous said...

You think a dance will fight socialism?

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Anon, nope, but I did think it was sorta funny to see these hold outs in a dying Europe. Gracious, cain't we lighten up some?

moi said...

As someone who tries to remain optimistic about classical liberalism's chances in today's world, I'm all for a fancy, schmancy ball to hawk its tenets. And which of those gorgeous gals is Aunty?

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah Moi! Let's be optimistic for classical liberalism--mercy be on us--we could learn a lot from revisiting out roots.

Alas, Aunty warn't thar', Puddin'. Mebbe next year iffin' the Muslims doan take Balls to Court.