(...this one is fer you, Boney)

The reality:

Look Moi--Chocolate Pumps!!


Anonymous said...
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h said...

The sun is orange,
and the sky is bonnie blue.
So God loves the GATORS,
and so should you!

Happy Mute Monday!

Unknown said...

Strawberries! We used have have strawberries too but when our driveway was repaved by the city, the clouts trampled them to death. :\

Great MM! :D

sparringK9 said...

lovely!!! gorgeous place too! nice lab there aunty. wheres ol eeyore? happy MM

grrrherhahahaha to the evil queen image for boney! good one aunty! grrrrrerhahahahaha!!!!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Some lovely places to visit there.
You guys make me miss the south.

Anonymous said...

So you is of the Royal Stewart Clan? Great MM!

Joanna Cake said...

Nice tomatoes! I grow my own some years too. Nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked tomato.

Anonymous said...

“Vote For Me, You Corncob-Smokin’, Banjo-Strokin’ Chicken-Chokin’ Cousin-Pokin’ Inbred Hillbilly Racist Morons.”


Kiki said...

LOVE LOVE the shoes!!

When my MIL lived out in the country, I'd take M's baby sister out to pick wild strawberries. We never made it back with any for the rest of the family!

Happy MM

moi said...

No. Way. Jose. I've seen everything now. Must have those chocolate pumps!

And is that Aunty's Dawg? Aw, so cute.

Nice to get to know MORE about you!

(P.S. Should we have O'bamamama to dinner and explain to him the Gold Standard?)

The Java Junkie said...

Love it, Aunty! Lovely strawberries...sigh. My dog "harvests" my strawberries before I can get to them...
Happy MM!

Moohaa said...

Great pictures! They tell a good story. Take care and Happy MM!

The Phosgene Kid said...

The Bonnie Blue Flag? Interesting. I like to travel too, though most of it was official, I did get time to look around. I think I'd like to go back to Italy and never leave. Happy MM!!

Old Knudsen said...

The clan Bruce and McDougal are in my blood but going by the old ways I've no claim to them. In America Scottish is the new Irish Alba Gu Bra and happy MM.

Anonymous said...

Hey Troll--yep, I'se Gator from my wee days.

Hey Raven, we keep them berries mostly so chillen's will know they ain't just from stores.

She, ya knows Eeyore lives in the back forty!

Iamnot--come on home!!

Kate, well, ain't much "royal" left--hee, but we's got other tartans to fall back on.

Cake, sliced tomatoes wif' mozzarella and fresh basil leaves...mmm-mmm!

Anon--huh? That ain't about MM theme--save it up, brother.

Kiki, I'll save ya a pair!!
there is somethin' irrisistable about strawberries wamed in the sun...natcherly ya cain't get home wif a bucket full.

Moi, oh baby...yeah! Choco pumps ain't jes' fer dancin'...and hee hee...ya like that handsome Lab?
Stay tuned--I got a funny
Obomination cartoon a'comin'.

JAvaJ--hey hey---yore pup is a berry fan?? Sophisticated puppy.

Kelly J Thanks--an' I'se so happy to see ya on the Front Porch!!

Phosgene Kid--Bonnie Blue--another era, but please please, take me wif' ya when ya go back to Italy!!
I could settle down happily in one of them pretty hill towns--Todi?

Ole' Knu...hey hey..sure--and other plaids as well, We have Ross and McLeod and Buchanan...mebbe we's cusins.

Thanks all ya'll fer yore visit!

Aunty Belle

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Lovely Aunty...really lovely. Of all the photos- I zoomed in on the books! :)
Hope all is well with you :)

Karen said...

Never mind the strawberries (lovely though they are).....that mask is just exquisite.

I love this theme because it allowed people to reveal a little of themselves without feeling as though they were by using words.

Sorry I got here so late Auunty.

ThursdayNext said...

Lovely, Aunty. You are made up of so many great things to become one great person! I do love the Melificent photo from Sleeping Beauty! *giggle*

Anonymous said...

Mayden!! Oh Honey Chile' I'se thrilled to see ya!! Wow..missed ya so much.How is ya??

Gypsy, them Venetian masks are works of art! Aunty was in Venice last May-- and ready to go back--Wif' Phosgene Kid who loves Italy.

Hey Hey Thursday! Youse charmin' me, the only one who knowed Maleficent's name! (Cain't IMAGINE why anyone would view poor ole' Aunty that way...)


Jenny said...

Boo! I missed your MM.

Happy late Mute Monday, Aunty.

I liked the chocolate shoe the best.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon BOxer--yes m darlin' AUnty likes shoes (Choo's???) and choclate--seemed natural to show them as one...heh.


Anonymous said...

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