moi said...

Dang, girl! I've missed you. I love the Dali best. I've seen it. It's miraculous :o)


h said...

Welcome back. So many depictions. I agree with Moi. The religious section is my fave part of the permanent Dali displays.

Jenny said...

Good Friday to YOU, A.Belle. You've been missed.

The Dali is amazing.

boneman said...

well, not that it's a surprise, but, I favor the three with dogs at the foot.
To me, it's more a sense of us all down there, looking up annd wondering "why?"

This Sunday is the day I hate going to church more than any other
because some folks are going to be there being happy and cheerful and oh-we're-saved!" but, I don't feel that way.
I fully accept that I am a sinner, and as this act saved sinners like me and all sinners, that we all had a hand in killing an innocent.

ALL of us.
And it just doesn't really seem right to me to celebrate.

But, it seems to me that this post is a task as well as multiple perspectives.
Maybe it's about time to paint this, again myself.

sparringK9 said...

the best was the edgy semi cubist one on blue. have a blessed easter. so good to see you out and about aunty!!! as the others said: youve been sorely missed. good to see the dogs were there.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Hey Moi!! The Dali is amazin'! Love that angle--the view of God the Father in heaven, lookin' down through the sacrifice of Jesus to the earth. Dali knowed his history--that view from perspective of heaven first used by St. John of the Cross, a sketch in the 1500s...But Dali does it so that it sears the mind,doan it?

Troll-Man! I been to that moosem too. Wonderful--and a whole lot of crucifixions.

Anon Boxer--hey kiddo, I missed all ya'll! youse fer the Dali too? Well, it is unforgettable. And thanks--it was Good Friday. Solemn, prayerful liturgy.

Boney!! Ya' favor the pooches? I get that, I reckon. But on them other folks--ha! Laughed right out loud--have ya read The Screwtape Letters? (real short book).

Now, I hear ya on it doan seem right to celebrate--but that's on account if ya stoppin' wif only half the story--we's all guilty, BUT, we's all LOVED and His love outweighs our guilt! Ya' have a huge, massive debt, an' ain't no way in hell ya can pay it--so He did. "The Son of Man came to find and save what was lost."

Boney, iffin' a body is willin' to put the icky goo behind theyselves and *move toward goodness and light*, Jesus is right there--and that is a celebration. I mean, celebrate--eat chocolate, sugared candy eggs, roast a lamb---watch the sun come up, and REJOICE!

She-puppy!! Heh, I knowed you'd love that one in blue, Puts me in mind of the Tanner Annunciation.
But I figgered you'd be pleased wif them Craigies.

As fer me, the Velasquez tugs at my heart no matter how many times I look at it.

Happy Easter , ya'll!

darkfoam said...

welcome back, belle ..
crucifixions can be some of the most powerful works of art out there.