Re-born dolls and American Women--wha'???

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"The following three videos describe the very real phenomenon of women and couples buying fake babies called 'Re-Borns.' These 'Re-Born' dolls are oftentimes taken as emotional and physical substitutes for actual infants. This trend has been documented in Britain as well as the U.S.

This is their story.'Re-Born' baby is so lifelike that it breathes and moves imitating the slumber of a real child. Advances in the appearance and behavior of 'Re-Borns' is only expected to increase as the demand and cost of these 'fake babies' grows. There already are 'nurseries' where prospective 'mothers' can choose the baby of their liking.

The process of creating a 'Re-Born' involves many of the same emotions a mother experiences in a natural conception and birth -- longing to be a mother, patience, and a growing intimate attachment to the developing child. This report shares the emotions and bonds found in the creation of 'Re-Born' baby dolls.

These dolls a "recreated babies"..ya' can order one to wiggle, with a heart beat, to cry...

Living Dolls
Explore the extraordinary lives of women who buy hand-crafted lifelike dolls called 'Re-Borns'. Treated as real infants and costing hundreds of dollars these 'human' babies cry, squirm and are the objects of intense affection by their 'mothers'. Loved like real babies, they're taken for walks, bathed and even have their diapers changed.
he following three videos describe the very real phenomenon of women and couples buying fake babies called 'Re-Borns.' These 'Re-Born' dolls are oftentimes taken as emotional and physical substitutes for actual infants. This trend has been documented in Britain as well as the U.S. This is their story.

Now ya'll--by any measure, this is a symptom of a sick sick society. And sad, mercy how sad is all this??

Fake babies....did anybody read PD James' Children of Men? (Also made into a grade z movie). Plot is no baby has been born ON ALL THE EARTH for 10 years, and people are stealing kids, and women walk around is maternity clothes with pillows attached as haute couture--an yep, carryin' baby dolls. Finally a woman becomes pregnant and everyone riots--everyone wants to buy or steal the child--she flees with aid of ...well, nevermind the movie.

It's here now--almost. In Italy today, now, mayors PAY women to have babies because towns and villages are dying. Italy is in negative population --more coffins than cribs. The average 10 year old Italian in 2020 will have NO brothers or sisters, no aunts or uncles.

No European nation is keepin' even--they's all grey and dyin' -Russian is the worst--they's in a depopulation death spiral. Why? Women want careers not babies..until it is too late.

Folks wanna squeal about endangered species?

Woan be no surprise to learn Aunty Belle believes in choice BEFORE ya' fiddle any faddles. When baby is on her way, she has same rights as us'uns.

As they say "Ya' cain't fool mama nature." No joke, Sherlock. So here we have a nation of Connie Chung's who's mad as wet hens that they is infertile and "nobody told them" that iffin' ya delay baby-makin' til' yore 40s ya might miss it altogether? What? Them Connies' is all HAAAVAAARD educated but they failed bio 101? --and now they's angry that they can't "achieve" a pregnancy??

Ladies, if totin' a briefcase at 30 is more satisfyin' than totin' a bambino, din't ya know it might mean no--NO--little ones?

Mah heart is so sorrowful fer husbands an' wives who --no fault of they own--has fertility troubles..but those so ambitious types fer whom family life was last on the list to be checked off? One couple said they wannted to enjoy themselves in early life. Oh.

Another wanted a child, but not one that wet itself. oh.

Or cried an' were fussy, so a reborn baby let her push a buggy and git attention as a mama, but no cryin'.

I doan know why I'se goin' on so...what can be said of such bizarre news?


moi said...

Holy. Freakin'. Hell. I think for once in Moi's life, I just may be speechless.

Except to ask: Why? When there are so, so many unwanted children in this world in need of a family?

darkfoam said...

can you imagine the heartbreak when one breaks? .... geesh.....
truly beeeeeezarrrre

Aunty Belle said...

--yeah, darlin'...I'se flummoxed.

Why ?When there are wee ones who really need a mama and daddy? Well...because you can order these to the detail--color of hair, eyes, facial features...and they doan trouble yore life none.

Foamy, ain't it though? beeeeeeezarrrre fer shure.
I mean--how do you carry this doll aroun and keep a straight face?? Did you watch those videos? MErcy.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Do NOT get me started: Okay, I will start. There is a movement in Australia that discusses sterilizing folks because we are overpopulated. I don't disagree that we are, but that is sheer invasion. Secondly, we who have kids are "selfish". I love that one. I can't even remember the last time my husband and I had a dinner alone, how much of my day is either helping my son, chasing after him. And I only have one kid. Think of those with more.

We live in a selfish country in which people want the coo coo of having a cute baby minus the 2 am feedings, the colic and the diapering. But they want to go out at whim, have disposalable income, and not have to really answer for their shortcomings. Raising a child puts you in the magnifying glass, not just with society but with yourself and God. Everyday of your life you are asked to give--the question is: Can you do it?

Grrr, sorry pup, but these people make me mad. I remember asking my husband why we never go on vacation. He added up all our child rearing expenses. Let them carry their doll on their next cruise. Grrrrr!

Sorry, Aunty Belle, for my rant.

Enemy of the Republic said...

And Moi, you are right. We would love to adopt as well, but we really can't afford it, but when we can, we hope to do so.

I so agree with you.

rant is now done.