The Twelve Days of Christmas is rollin' on round heah--

Folks, Aunty is jes' snowed under heah--mercy, we's been to-in' and fro-in' and havin' plenty of merriment!

('Course' we ain't akshullly got no snow heah in Floridy-- Jes' wanted ya'll to see how I'se feelin'!)

I done got folks hangin' from the rafters and the kitchen ain't never closed...hard to blog wif all this shakin' and jivin'....so ain't got time to write up a good report for ya'll ...

So, ya'll tell me what ya' got planned fer yore New Year's celebration--is ya'll party hardy types or does ya nestle in wif a small gang round the fire, far from the maddenin' crowd?

I'se missin' our chats...but wishin' all of ya a very happy New Year!! (I'll be back to normal, I reckon, soon enough.)

I love ya'll all!


Karen said...

New Years Eve around the pool with some of my family eating a seafood feast and washing it down with lots of champers. Its gonna be as hot as Hades that night so won't be venturing far from home.

Have a Happy New Year Aunty Belle and hope to see you again soon.

butterflygirl said...

My little man and I will be at church...Happy New Year!

moi said...

Ah, look at all that snow. Looks like Moi's front yard most winters.

As for New Years, because we live at least 20-30 minutes from any hot spot in the big city, and DUI pit stops line the Interstate route back home, we usually stay AT home. We'll make a blender full of margaritas or some such other fun drink, pop some popcorn, rent a movie, and then watch the ball drop. It's the one night I DON'T want to be out partying.

Hope you had a splendid Christmas!

h said...

I'm going to spend the evening applying the 3RQ Study Method to the Book of Acts with my Life Applications Study Version of the New Living Translation Bible.

And then a humble prayer before bedtime asking for the strength and wisdom to be a better person in 2008.

Jenny said...

First, PARTY at Arfulsub's house. Woo-hoo.

Second, I'll be in the woods, looking at the water... my Mute Monnday will my New Year's location. It will be us, the dogs and a few random deer.

And vodka.

Happy New Year A Belle!

darkfoam said...

going to a friend's house.
she invites other friends from out of town who we see but once or twice a year. kids are welcome. oh, and we all spend the night.

Aunty Belle said...

Wow---Foamy, a family slumber party--inspired!!

Hey Butterfly, you and yore lil' fella have it right--be together.

Howdy Gypsy--left ya a note...

Moi, Honey that snow ain't mine!!

But yep, I hear ya..s.tay in wif yore loved ones...

Artful, let's us'uns go with Anon Boxer!! We can read our Good Book in her woods--and she mayhap even cook up somethin' delicious!

darkfoam said...

yes, aunty..:)
and we'll be hanging from her rafters...;)