Pangs of Desire (Note: not for fellas)

So uh, Sweet Peas, Aunty ain't really always serious. I can prove it. Nobody happened onto mah porch today, so I jes' sat out there wif my ownself and looked at bags. Purses. Hobos. Totes. Online ya can find eve'r sort of shoulder candy thar is.

When I goes to a shindig, I doan akshully care a fig fer who's enhanced, lifted or lypo-ed. I doan care what buggy they drive. But iffin' they got a gorgeous bag? I'se noticin'.

In mah dream life this is what would hide in mah closet:

This first one is a tote from Zac Posen, but hey--get this, it's jes' 400 smacks and it all goes to a teacher charity. But mercy, ain't that red and yaller tote purty?? Sassy.

Then there is the class act--oh yeah, them venerable Bottega Venetas...
..oooh oooh oooh. Santa can stuff my stockin' wif this here cocoa beauty! After all, only Santa is likely to have the 2400 clams.

I'se not much partial to those bags with loops and chains and a quadrillion pockets on the outside--motorcycle mechanics bags is what they looks like...but handsome hardware do set a bag off well, doan'cha think?

Ah, but the SWOON, comes from this Christmas green Hermes (ya'll ain't old enough to know the price) bon-bon! Sleek and discrete. No billboard logos. The pangs of desire flame high over this one, chickens.

I'se right fond of Fendi, but gick! NOT the garBAHge they send to the US market. All those FFFs slathered over the bag? Nope. In Italy Fendi is a whole other animal, mah pets...trim and elegant.

Matter o' fact, I'd make a rule not ter buy no bag what is copied
for the sidewalk hawker market.

Onc't I seen a wee silver link bag that was from 300 A.D. The coin purse of a well to do chile whose daddy pampered her...in a musem along wif' her ashes. It were crafted wif' flowers and jeweled clasp....very endearin'. Guess we ladies have always had a thang for bags.


Jenny said...

May I say... you have fabulous taste.

moi said...

Mmmm . . . Bottega Veneta. And that Hermes bag. Be still Moi's heart. If I won the lottery, it would be mine, all mine!

Sorry, I get a little giddy around such pretty, pretty stuff.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Darlin's ...ain't they purty???

I have a few of memories of outlandish forays into the stratospheric realms of handbags--a dangerous weakness. Mostly I'se got mah nose pressed to the outside window.

But this here is one of the best:

When I was a babe chick and Uncle was handsome as a mirage in the desert (an nearly 'bout still is!) we was going to London and Paris--our first BIG trip.

We had hitched up real real REAL young, went ter school and lived in the campus ghetto ...and then we was poor some more years, and babies started comin'...so after a spell we decided we was ready fer some wild fling.

I'se guilty of a rather dull and predictable rectitude,(this is whar' ya'll all sigh, "poor Uncle!")

So I shopped fer this wild fling trip very frugally--being achingly responsible an' all. But I wandered into a wee boutique where the proprietor was canny enough to take my measure in about 27 seconds.

"That is a gorgeous investment"

Investment, I thought? A purse is an investment? (yeah, she had my number: Mrs. Frugal Rectitude)

"It is obscenely priced," I said. And left the premises.

Next day I was back.

"You'll never regret it" she murmured.
I replied it would be immoral to spend so much on silly ole' *purse*.

"Silly? You'll be amused some day that you paid so little for such an investment."

And I am. The exquisite bag is worth 10 fold ...iffin' I'd sell.

boneman said...

Don't be such a sexist, there gal.
I like the green one at the bottom, and would love to carry my socket set around in it.

Well, I wouldn't actually CARRY it around, y'see.
Just put my set into it.

Lemmee guess.....
It costs more'n any danged socket set I got around the house, eh?

Aunty Belle said...

LOL! Boney, why sure a fella can have a handsome leather tote fer all his stuff-AUnty seen many a dandy Euro man totin' 'em...why not put yore socket set in a gorgeous leather bag??

sparringK9 said...

aunty er, i recall that uncle has a huntin' lease that happens to have some gators on it? why doan you call up mister air-may and offer him some hide in exchange for that green purse....oh, my bad, i meant "bag".

as for that red one at the top? *cough gag*

i love that scene in the movie "collateral" when a foxy jada pinkett smith gets in and jamie foxx, the cabbie says "youre a lawyer" and she says "how do you know?" and he says "the bag. a bow-tay-ga" i love how he says it...later he makes a dig on a drug king pin by saying he is protecting his "fock-n-nob-blay" wearing ass. grrrherherhaha wait. dont he mean fackenable? grrrherhahaha

aunty...i had this fun idea of dressing up in avarious fashion ads for the blog...but its not fittin for the "dog"...but i love the new prada ads...the women look like space pod chicks....so weird...all i would have to so is get way pale foundation and massive eyeliner and voila!



sparringK9 said...

boney: i dont recommend manbags. nuff said

Aunty Belle said...

Now, She-pup, I ain't suggestin' Boney get a man-bag...not a'tall. But men who caries TOOLS around can put them somethin' leather--right? Not sayin' cary his Iphone and all in a bag--gag!!

But wait, whas' wrong wif that red and yaller job?

As fer jaime foxx bein' on the know, yeah...I read a spy novel or somethin' long back whar' the heroine figgers out she's toast and slips her would be assassin/spymaster by leavin' her "air-mez" on the train seat wif' him sayin' she'd be back from the powder room in jiffy...which he buys cause "no woman would leave behind that bag" if her was slippin' off a train'.

Go fer it!! I mean the avarice ad wear--ha hahahahahaha.

sparringK9 said...

no, i meant "fagbags" grrerhahaha

yeah yeah im a homophobe or whatever, haters. grrerhahaha

whats wrong with the red one? i mean, i can buy you that at the art supply store. a red plastic porfolio. and that yellow...two crayola fer me aunty belle.

i actually wish more womens jackets came with that inside pocket thing...i like a slim case that holds a few credit cards and some cash?

touch ups? what me, worry?

in a good mood today aunty. makin christmas haids.

Aunty Belle said...

Lucky you Pup, makin' haids...So happy Youse happy!! Doan give 'em all away, save me one.

I'se makin' Islam essay fer back porch, an' it is a chore. Half the issue is all clickable stuff that offloads the techno aspects from main page. I ain't no 'puter guru, ya know.

Anonymous said...

lovely! I love Prada! (whatever that is!) ;-)

darkfoam said...


and i'm really not that much of a purse person.

but it is sassy.