Fastin' for the Coming Feast!

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Oh mah heavens chickens--we's nearly at Thanksgivin'!! Hoo-Whee!!

Round heah, I'se on carrot sticks and vitamins...jes' makin' room fer the feast to come.

SO, I know we's all travelin' or cookin' or both....but iffin' ya'll has time, leave me a holler--tell me what ONE thang has to be on yore menu for it to be Thanksgivin'!

I loves the turkey, but wif'out the Southern style dressin', well fergit it!
(secret to the BEST Southern dressin' is plenty of bacon fat and lots of beaten eggs--so the dressin' will be light and not too leaden..okay, put in the oysters if ya must, or apples and nuts, or sausage...jes' doan fergit to lighten wif beaten eggs.)


..................... said...

pumpkin pie with real whipped cream
sweat potato casserole without marshmellows...ech..

h said...

Only ONE thang? Dang! Okay, smoked mullet. Keepin it real, yo!

Aunty Belle said...

Yep...punkin' pie an Aunty is wif' ya--NO marshmallows on my sweet taters!

Smoked mullet? I likes that! But as appetizer, not wif mah dressin'...

Happy Thanksgivin' ya'll!

h said...


The pilgrims ate their smoked fish (not mullet) in a hash with onions, corn and potato. Not as a dressing.

moi said...

I absolutely cannot do without fluffy, whipped sweet potatoes with plenty of orange zest, brown sugar, and bourbon. Hic.

P.S. Pork fat rules.

Aunty Belle said...

Ha, yes MOI, Pork Fat RULES!! And orange zest is elegant, mah dear,

Artfulsub, fish hash, ya say? Sounds pretty good akshully.