Are Garden Folks jes' Happier?

Nights is lastin' longer, so I'se already behind when I git up in the mornin's.

I'se on my second cup o' cawfee , and happy as a pig in sunshine...I can smell Fall --oh it is fer away, but it's a 'comin'. I noticed over the years: Folks who grow flowers or( and) vegetables is jes' plain happier people!

So, I gotta git out into some dirt--turn over the few thangs that remain in the dog-pen garden, spruce thangs up some...and this weekend will be time ter plant the new vegetables and herbs.

Is any thang happier than a southern gardener plannin' a fall garden?? The vision of yore own vegetables fer Thanksgivin'?

Is anybody out theah a gardener?


Infinitesimal said...

MEMEME I am I am , and with a name like mins, I have to be, it is mandated by law... haha

But I only grow flowers, because I cannot eat my own grown vegetables, I feel like I am cutting up a child of mine, it is serious, and I don't want anyone else to est them either, exceptin the bunnies. i am a strange gardener, nobody gets my ways... so I just stick to floweres, leaving a trail of color everywhere I go, from house to house. Nothing is taking here though, mainly because the squirrels are digging all the bulbs up like ravenous beasts. So far they have trashed 90% of my efforts. Oh how I wish I had kept that gerber daisy indoors!! do you have any gerber daisy seeds? for my garden nextyear? Send me that address, you will not be sorry, I have something you will really appreciate to send ter ya.

Aunty Belle said...

Address comin' watch yore mail.

The squirrels around here is eatin' the pecans--dang it! They doan even wait til the nuts is ready. Varmints!

No-- I does get it--the veggie thang--'cept, I doan mind slicin' the onions or usisn' the herbs.. carrots dan never make it on account of little chillens lovin' ter pull em p afore they ready!!

boneman said...

Southern gardener or northern gardener, I think the differences are negligible. (ooo, mighty big word, that, eh?)

Didn't get the time t'garden this year, but our gardener buddies all knew that and came and filled our small pantry with some fine fat peppers, tomatoes, and beans.


Anonymous said...

i haven't done hardly any gardening at all this year. actually i haven't done much over the past few years.
i'm sure you are a wonderful gardener.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I love to garden, this was the first year I didn't grow tomatoes, but it turned out for the best- this summer was too long, and too hot.
This fall I have to separate my Easter Lilly bulbs- and I promised to send a few to any blogger that wanted them- I'll do a post about it soon, but the weather has to turn cold first :) I know they would do well in a sunny patch in your yard- and I'd love to send you some :) I have hundreds of bulbs~

I do think we are, in general, happier people- being outside- being in the earth- seeing the way nature works. It's still a thrill to me to plant something and watch it come up...an observation of true power if you asked me.

Hugs Aunty- always good to see you. I've got some new (conservative) bloggers from Europe and they back up everything you've been writing about- but I'll save this topic for the back porch :)

h said...

I was a Southern Gardener. And with the Grace of God, I shall be again! Check out the "Nature/Science" segment of my blog-roll to check out a very clean blogger you might like.

And here's something that ain't so clean, but really really really funny!


Aunty Belle said...

Boney, Foam, Mayden and Artfulsub. oh my chillens=--ya'll is all dirt diggers?? Whee--we can have us a digger confab, exchange seeds and thangs.

I'se delighted to give a home to your lilly bulbs, Mayden...and who is these Europeans who youse a'bloggin' wif? Has ya seen the BACK porch these last two days--oh Honey, Belgium is near to civil war...

Contessa in fact, I does have Gerber seeds!! Send me yore snail mail,,,,I done sent you mine.

Artfulsub, I will go see yore nice clean site --on nature.

Yep Mayden, seems that us dirt diggers is somehow happier...there's a "grounding" in us'uns that some seem to lack.

Anonymous said...

its CHILLY this am aunty! and i can hear the kingfisher. yesterday something in the forest smelled so sweet and fragrant but i couldnt find the source. aunty tell uncle that across the way the view has 4 mountain ranges...yes it shure do.