Laughin' Out Loud!!

[Note: be shure ter see the pprevious post, cause them limericks is still in the runnin' fer the prize--a shure 'nuff' Italian prize]

Hey hey!!

I'se home and roamin' around seein' what all ya'll has been up to....meanwhile, take looky at the post jes' prior to this one on Limerick writin' contest---

Ok, sweet thangs, send your Aunty Belle a limerick for the limerick contest, then we's gonna have a vote and thar is a PRIZE fer the best....jes' one more week. Please tickle my funny bone wif' yore entry by Monday May 28 (Memorial Day). Hoo-whee, now, let's get ter laughin'!


boneman said...

I still be a'tryin'
Though some folks be a cryin'
they don't always ryme
all the time
but at least the elephant ain't flyin....

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Aunty, my dear, you were missed-
I send you a hug and a kiss,
To Italy you roamed-
But now you've come home-
Tis'time for some Neo-Con bliss!


So- the Germans won't pro-create?
And France still burns as of late,
The Italians are having "family day",
But some in Europe just move a way?
Eurabia IS NOT going to wait!


Don't make them legal I plead!
We'll have to shcool, immunize and feed-
The strain will be great-
The ultimate welfare state...
Maybe I should move to Belize?

Glad you're home- and can't wait to meet you (you will be at the summit, right?) a week from today!
Cora/Mayden :)

darkfoam said...

an independent minded foam
wrote quite contently at home
she snickered alright
cause she realized tonight
that wadded up panties belonged to the right.

;) sometimes a foam cain't help herself...

sparringK9 said...

whats the prize aunty? some fried gizzards or sompin like that? a date with old hee haw? with you prizes could git tricky.

haha foamy i'll be back when im smarter.

darkfoam said...

take your time dear she...
it took me two days to get smart enough to answer your funny limerick..

Aunty Belle said...

Oh I'se clappin' mah hands and slappin' mah knee! Ya'll is too much!

That She-dawg done cast her eyes
Seekin' hints of a limerick prize,
No innards to fear,
Nor gizzards to spear
More’n that will blow the surprise.

Dawg--one thang fer shure I'll say
Should our fine Boney win the day
ole' Uncle Hee-Haw
would call out the law
rather than date a fella fer pay!

Foam at home alone, snickering
at libs and cons both bickering
a writer by desire
her pen on fire
her midnight oil's a flickering!

Sweet Mayden raises her skirt
with politics she's known to flirt
"No!" to immigration,
"What'll become of the nation?"
Ever know wisdom to be so pert?

Keep 'em comin'--we's havin' some funnin'!

boneman said...

so I'm eatin two McChickens fer lunch
and it ain't 'cause I likes them a bunch...
they ain't great, but shucks
twos are only a couple bucks
yup, i screw m'socks on, I have a hunch.

Dang things cost so much these days
Like high prices is a new craze.
Four bucks fer gas
I ain't kiddin' ya, lass.
Don't even have money to bet on the bays!

Anonymous said...

(the following is not a limerick)

aunt b - been so busy with work things... will 'splain when I see you... but I'll try and get a submission to you afore Monday!

Anonymous said...

PS - ok, so the rhyme scheme is AABBA, correct?

Anonymous said...

O, the bless-ed consterno
They to Heaven, while me, the Inferno
Well, that’s what they say
About the liberal, the immigrant or the gay
But they’ve got the moral compass of a Mary Kay Latourneau

boneman said...

there once was a pig in pink tights
who wanted his name up in lights
so he held up his nose
and danced on his toes
till the farmer made bacon one night.

now, that one twernt mine, but, as it was cute, thought I'de bring it by fer ya.

So, how many more days we got left?
answer, woman. You ain't deaf.
Be stoppin' dy ever other day
even when I gaot lil t'say
just t'offer up a limerick to the chef.

"What the heck does y'mean by that?
'chef' like a cook in a big ol' cook's hat?
fixin' up food
what tastes real good....
the kind that'll feed ya if'n yer wallet's fat?"

Not every chef has a golden stopper
In their sink, nor do they all hire a "shopper"
Some work with a smile while whistlin' a tune...
They smile at the Sun and they wink at the moon,
And they cook glorius meals in kettles o'copper!

Anonymous said...

‘Tis true I enjoy a bit o’ the bitter
That rich taste sets my tongue all a-twitter
Don’t give me a light beer
Mine’s better by a light year
Yours I wouldn’t give to a critter

Anonymous said...

So I don’t follow syllable rules
Well, syllable rules is just for fools
I will not be compelled
On the rules, never dwelled
I’m a writer, not one of your tools

Anonymous said...

Oh Ya'll! Such funnun' youse makin'...hoo-whee! Is'e impressed, I truly is.

Ok, here is some news: Aunty is being yanked back over the pond fer a bit-thas' why I'se being a tad quiet Boneman, I'se whip-sawed. (But I will make it to the Blog Summit if the creek doan rise to high. I'll be in mah granny boots--no trouble findin' me Bawgs)

BUT that means ONE thang to you poets: The prize will go up a notch. I'll be branging back somepin' fun from someplace on the Med for the winnin' bard.

But now--the judging promises to be a tough task! And the menfolks is very inventive, lasses.

Yep, limerick contest open til midnight EST on Monday 28th. No limit to yore entries!
Aunty B

Bird said...

There once was a teacher of English
who to her surprise discovered she was quite speechless
Though she tried to write
The page was a fright
Yet revealed that her brain was quite specious.

sparringK9 said...

competition for she-wolf was boney
petey the bawgs and foamy
boyie and mayden
hell no i'm not fadin'
just filled up with hotdogs from coney

sparringK9 said...

"boyedie" i meant.


Infinitesimal said...


I been leavin' mines down below...
one post down.