"False Spring?"

Doan know iffin' this is a false spring--Farmer's Almanac doan want us to feel safe yet. These heah flowers ain't understood that, I reckon


hjh_1234 said...

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Anonymous said...

aunty aunty makes a pup lonesome, yes it shore do.

Anonymous said...

very pretty...would like some for me little terrace garden..


Aunty Belle said...

Git on down here Pup.....ya' knows Aunty will always keep yore spot on the porch.

There was a brown thasher at 6 am--jes' a signin' its heart out, rousted me outa bed and so wif' cawfee in hand, I sat out on them porch steps and let him charm me fer near on to 10 minutes. Guess he jes' wanted an audience. Course, the azaleas is bloomin' a little early cause we had it so mild this winter.

So there he perched, Thrasher in that crabapple tree, me on the steps...see it is rainy almost--them solar cell lights is still on now at 9 o'clock! So the misty cool mornin' is bringin' out birds I doan see to often up close-- there's a cuties called "Yellow rump warbler" that I knows now-- on account of checkin' in Sibley's.

I recall youse a bird sort o' dawg---not a birddawg of course, but a dawg what looks up "Bird" and thangs. Hooowwwl!! Iffin' ya have a soiree wif' that west coast species daon let nobody take mah name in vain!!

Aunty Belle said...

OOOH, Luxie, chile', I knows your balcony is so fine....snap us a photo and let us see you in the flowers!

Bird said...

ah this is heaven!