Twelve Days and Them Dern Resolutions

Hey ya'll....I shure been missin' folks--I mean blog folk. Done had a passel o' kin-folk round heah. A regular Christmas Central. Hope all ya'll had the finest Christmas yet! We ain't had no snow, so our tourists is happy as dead pigs in the sunshine. Santa did find his way and there's more boxes and bags than over at Nordstrom's. Kids got video babysitters and bigger kids got plumberry and blackberry and blueberry gizmos. The gents all got dunlap disease--they bellies all dun lapped over their belts. The lady-folk took ter they beds for days but now folks is ready fer round two--those who "do" New year's Eve.

But looky--doan be draggin the tree to the curb jes' yet...see, the twelve days o'Christmas begin on Christmas Day! Have some more figgy puddin' and a glass of Madeira, My Dear-a. Goes til the Epiphany --the day when the Three Kings finally showed up...in fact, the early Christians first celebrated Christams on that day--January 6. Them fellas had tongue twistin' names--Melchior, Balthasar and Gaspar. What'cha think would happen iffin' you showed yoreself in town these days with a name like Balthasar?

Meanwhile we'uns can share our resolutions--does ya'll still make any resolutions? Last year I resolved not to resolve since it seems to work in reverse fer Aunty Belle. I got that same piles of junk in my study as I had this time last year with a whole new layer of dust. So this year, havin' failed so so bad last year, I'se makin' an even tougher resolution--I mean, iffin' ya ain't gonna keep it, why not NOT keep it big, huh??

Ready? I resolve ter be more cheerful NO MATTER WHAT. Thas' it. I ain't gonna show my pore mouf' routine ter nobody. I'se gonna be the sweetest most cheerful ole' biddy in this town.

How long ya think I can last?

What'cha'll's resolutions?


Anonymous said...

aunty belle,
happy new year!
we always leave our tree up to the epiphany....german tradition..
of course, everybody has theirs down and all, but we steadfastely keep lighting it.
i like your new year resolution! i perhaps need to add it to my own...
and btw. i do have resolutions posted..

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

i have resolutions aunty. but if i speak em they are sure to fade. i do like the cheerfulness vow and hope to take that as one of my own. i hope you have a blessed new year. know that there is a rotty in this world that thinks youse the burro's bray.


Aunty Belle said...

Hidy do Schaumi--wonder why yore post is anon? But I'se comin' over ter check out yore own resolutions.

Hey Pup, ya got some too? We'uns know--ter leave no bone unchewed, right?? Ho Ho! Thanky fer the blessin' and the post on the BAck Porch. You knows they's alwasy a treat fer ya iffin' ya come back this way.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Happy New Year :)
I actually made and kept a resolution last year...this year will be a continuation of that-
(big wt loss- a little more to go :)
I want to write more books/articles/stories.

I want to be less critical of myself and the people around me.

I want to mail more cards/notes to freinds and family than I did last year.
I want to take better care of my grandmother who lives in Indiana.

I hope 2007 is full of joy and goodness for you~ I admire your desire for cheerfulness...but it seems to me, no matter what you are writing, there is always a smile behind it. I appreciate that about you :)

All my best to you and yours :)
-Cora :)

butterflygirl said...

Happy New Year Aunty Belle!

Bird said...

hells bells ab, sweet mouthin'?

well, you do that pretty well, but i can't imagine you giving up giving your opinion.

my tree is out to the curb and i'm working on packing up christmas though christmas won't disappear from the house completely until the 6th. when my babies were still at home, we celebrated epiphany with a special dinner, small trinkets baked into a cake, and conversation about epiphanies - what epiphanies had come to us.

though my children may not be here for dinner on the 6th, i'll still be thinking about epiphanies.

happy new year!

oh - i'm stealing that line - "happy as dead pigs in sunshine" - my!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Mayden--write on Darlin'--I'se itchin' ter see yore books!

Butterfly Lady, I saw those precious photos of yore little man--he is jes' too handsome! An what a good mama you are, honey!

Bird Beauty? Youse not too happy wif my resolution?? Now--doan think I'se backin' off of my ideas---no, but I do hope to be more cheerful in the regular rows that I hoe--ya know? Ans even more cheerful in the blogosphere....stringent doan have ter mean , well, meanness.

Iffin' you'd invited me, I's come fer ya Epiphany dinner--the Kings Cake!!Yes--we used to do that--bake the trinkets in the cake--why Bird, youse a good puzzle, ya know??

boneman said...

oops, eh?

Just took a gander at yer "sweet" disposition over t'Bird's place, and, truthfully, it sounds like y'all need to reinspect what y'all claim t'love.

Y'know what my favorite trick joke is here at church?
I ask a group in a loud voice (mind you, it's 'cause I'm bashful...hence the loud voice)
"How many of you believe in the bible?"
And, usually I get a full house of hands.....
'Course then I tell them, "hey! Weren't you paying attention to the first commandment?"

Usually gets a giggle.

Do what Jesus said to do, and you'll be OK.
Love the FATHER with all yer heart and mind and soul
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Very simple, eh?
Nothin in there anywhere about using the bible fer condemnning other folks. That's fer the witch hunters of a century and a half ago.