THE K9 Cometh--Hoo Whee!!!

Ya'll may have heard by now that that Rottie Pup, K9, done paid Aunty Belle a visit when some dawg bidness brung him thisaway. Well, folks that Dawg caused quite a stir! I thought you'd be amused ter see how mah local critters responded when that Dawg trotted up onto the Porch!

This coon was fearin' jes' what Uncle Aloysius was a thinkin' when I said, "Uncle, they's a Dawg comin' by that I knows from the blogworld. Bring me home some bones to freeze fer dawg-cicles. Big ones too as this heah dawg is a Rottweiler."

"Belle, honey, you ain't thinking ter have some stranger off the internet come heah is ya'? That's stoopid, real stoopid. Howse ya' know iffin' this is a mangy cur or a Rin Tin Tin? Seen that Omen movie? Ya' wants ter bring a rottweiler up heah into the porch??? No mam..you ain't."

"Doan take me fer a fool, Wishy. I done checked up--I has mah ways."

"Youse no fool, but this is stoopid jes' the same. They's freakin' wierdos on that 'net thang, I hears. Belle...now, honey, ya cain't believe what ya read--a fella could be the slasher of St. Louis, but pose real ni-ice fer the internet. Dern wimmenfolks ain't got sense when it come ter strangers. You stay heah, I'll take the buggy an go ter fetch this dawg, but iffin' I doan feel easy wif it, that dawg is stayin' at the station, Belle. Thas' final."

Well, sir, K9 won over Uncle--(uh huh Q, ya knows that!!) IN fact, Uncle was ready ter let that Pup ride shotgun wif' him all the way home. Heard the laughin' and yippin' when they got to the yard, here... But they's other residents that warn't too shure:

This casued such a stir that ole' Hee-Haw come up from the field ter see what was up:

But, ya'll that Dawg was real polite--din't throw no rottie attitude around and soon enough evr'body was jes' charmed. 'Course now, there was a steamer or two that had ter be dealt wif', but a dawg's a dawg, right?

Yep, that Dawg is a dawg, so soon enough K9 was askin' whar' ter find some good canine action, ya' know? So we head over ter the local dawg emporium as ya can see over at K9's photos:


Look real close at them pics, chillen' and lemme know iffin' that Dawg doan have a soft spot fer some non-canine critters? Ain't no use thinkin' that nubile beauty in glasses is me, cause I would'na had no rat fer a dawg (jes' in case youse thinkin' Dawg is outing me--- Belle ain't no glam gal posing on the net as an ole cracker biddy.)

All in all folks, Aunty had the finest time wif' that Pup! We laughed and talked about you all--yeah we did. We wish't that our blog buddies was enjoyin' the fish and grits, the corn and limas--hoo doggie!!

Well, Pup, yore Aunty will leave the light on fer ya--c'mon by agin real, real soon.


sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

God bless ya aunty. youse a fine fine woman. im gonna do mah own postin on yore hospatality and uncles recon on me grrrrrherherhaha

good to see ol hee haw and yore own black dawg again. gotta love a creature with a cross on his back!

yeah aunty i could set up a little home rot there in yore back forty whar you got all them corns to make suppa.
and i sure am enjoying that book of yours on the mind of the Maker. just reeling from all the original thinkin in thar.

thanks again aunty. i'll see ya when i range by again later this fall. send my regards to uncle iff'in he's back from the ranch.


sparringK9 said...
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Bird said...

hahahaha - no end of a kick out of this!

glad the dog and ab could set a spell and jawbone.

love all the pics (here at the dog's house).

..................... said...

what a great visit ya'll had.
i really enjoyed reading about it and visiting k9's photo blog.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Could this trip have been any sweeter? I don't think so :)

Will Schaumi let me take pictures when I meet her for lunch?
Will X let me take a photo when I see him in the airport next week?
Will Lux and I ever go on a cruise to Alaska together? :)
Oh- life is too short to do all the things I want to do!!!

Aunty- I hope you will be on my list of friends to meet too :) Your "Pork Rind" image is on my fridge on the magnet K9 sent to me-
I look at it every day :)
All my church friends scratch their heads (esp. my mother in law!) when they see it...
I just laugh! :)
I have loved reading this post.
I hope my NYC trip goes as well~
I'm sure it will :)

Aunty Belle said...

Hi ya'll, yes Pup, knew you'd love Hee Haw. So c'mon and set yore south yard up in mah back forty wif that dear li'l donkey.

As fer the book--I knows!--had a mind jolt meself when I first got a holt of it. Do it seem ter ya' that ain't so much original thinkin' going on these days, so when ya read sompin' like this, why ya universe tilts on its axis a bit!!

Bird, this heah Dawg would have ya goin'! Heard K9's growl in person...whoo-eee! Only Dawg I knows what is able ter hep ya cook.

And Schaumi and Mayden--have a fine time when ya'll gits together and let us know all 'bout it. HAve ya'll met before??

Libby said...

i'm a 'newbie' here from mayden's blog, and, boy am i glad i came! and it sounds like you & k9 had a GREAT visit!! almost nothin' better than meeting a person, & finding they're as nice as you thought!!

..................... said...

no mayden and i have not met before, but we don't really live that far apart. what's a measly 3 hours of travel?
can she take pictures of me when we meet? perhaps of my backside..:)

mantissa said...

nice to hear you had a nice visit

mantissa said...

nice to hear you had a nice visit

Aunty Belle said...

HEy Ya'll! Libby--welcome! Schaumi and Mayden, I'se really lookin' forward to hearin' about ya'lls blog summit --hooWheee...

HAve wondered what it would be like to get this blog community all together--mayhap they's be some surprises--I mean, some of ya' outs yore photos--some is dawgs or birds or
have semi obsured photos...waht do you think would surprise you the most?

Aunty Belle said...

Velvey, we did have a fine visit--thanky. The Dawg is a trip--no kiddin': right balance of grrrr! then a friendly paw .

Malinda777 said...

What a small blog world. I have a soft spot for old K9 too, could be that my best friend has a Rotty that looks just like him, think of him every time I visit her on the river.

If old K9 happens to read this, thanks for the magnet... looks good on my ice box!

Aunty Belle said...

MAlinda?? Magnet? Whar'd ya git it? Dawg din't send me no magnets!

boneman said...

Well, I'll tell ya. Things ain't always like the bible, eh?
When ol' Solomon held up that baby and said he would split her in two, and the one said "YES! DO IT!" and the other said "NO! LET THE OTHER ONE HAVE THE CHILD!"
well,....now I know what would'a happened if he had paid attention to the exact words...
I have gotten to see m'daughter less times than you have fingers on yer hand.
The last time, at her graduation party, when leaving, she held out her paw and said, "Thanx fer coming, Berry"

So her momma won big time, as in the beginning she said she would make sure there was no bonding t'the girl, no teaching her either.
'Course, that last one came back t'haunt her some....
Turns out that one of the reasons CJ didn't get any scholarships at college is that she ain't so bright at math.

Me? I sit around sometimes, draw a figure and then try to math out just how many cubic inches are in it.
Not 'zactly first class entertainment, but, fun t'do with m'self.

Is it OK?

As it turns out, lil realizin' what she has done, my daughter (I call her CJ) is becoming very much like my old man.
Heck, what with the Korean war and all, I didn't get t'see the old man fer a lot of years....till I was six or seven, but, even then, it was hit'n'miss.
So, until he retired, I rarely got t'have talks with him, laughs either. Though I do remember some of his stupid songs.

After he retired, I got t'where I would go over t'his and Ma's place all'a time. Y'know. Jus' talking and such.
Listennin' to his ancient war stories, which in the few years I had with him, he must'a repeated fifteen times each!

So, I figure, one of these days, daughter will look me up and make up her own mind as t'whether I'm worth visitin' with.

'Course, I AM going to be wary of repeatin' stuff.

(I hope)

Aunty Belle said...

Boneman, thanky fer that insight...I 'spect youse right, an' one day yore CJ will skip over and set a spell...then a new era will begin...mayhap pure curiostity will do it, but fer shure, as she matures she'll see that the standard issue history ain't always 100% the way it was....kids find this out.

Yore paintin's is worth it.

So glad you stopped ny...(does you havea Dawg magnet too? Seems I'se the only one wifout one.)

boneman said...


It waits on the fridge even now, waiting fer when I bust into a good wine.

'Tain't often I do, but, figured t'toast the group when I do.
I think, though, all y'gotta do is contact to Mayden's Voyage.
Her or /t may just have one with yer bag of chips on it.

Kind'a surprised Dawg din't bring y'one.
Especially with such a cute lil racoonie and a donkey puttin' in their sad eyes at him.

Lady Prism said...

I had a really wonderful time reading this....I wish I were as happy as you..