A Potty for Allah

Ok, now I'm skirt flappin' mad....seems in Merrie Olde Englond they's redecoratin' the prison pottys for Muslims--they doan wanna face Mecca wif they backsides, see, so they demanded and got the prison officals to make the loos Allah-friendly.
Check it out here: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2006180300,00.html

Now folks, this done says it all--you can supply yore own word, but you see what I mean? The dang WEST is on auto-destruct. Ain't they some poor hunrgy child in London who needs help more than a terrorist relieveing his bowels?

We will deserve what we get for this idiocy


Bird said...

well,i'm flabberghasted. what a waste of money. let them sit sideways.

but i do take issue with your terminology there Aunty Belle - these are not terrorists - these are criminals who are also Muslims. one does not equal the other.

but either way, i sure wouldn't want to pay for this loo job.

Aunty Belle said...

Bird Beauty, sideways indeed! Uh huh..they's mostly criminals puddin', as many are there for what is a crime in Western nations, but is allowed in Islam--such as rape of infidel women. This last--rape of infidels--is used as a terror weapon in Western cities according to a Muslim woman member of the Danish Parliament.

Also, the defacing /destruction of our monuments or anything Muslims consider offensive to Allah...as well as the callous thievery and murder, most recently in the case of the Brussels teenager, Joe Van Holsbeeck on Wednesday when he refused to hand his Ipod over to a Muslim thugs while waiting for the train. So the Muslims stabbed the 17 yr. old five times.

I ain't trying to paint too broadly wif a sterotype brush, Bird, jes' sayin', we gotta git a grip heah, and notice that Muslims idolize Mohammed, who was a pedophile ("married" and 8 year old) and a thief (raided caravans for a living). They immitate what they admire--so the picture is comin' clear.

They doan have no respect for the Western laws and they have now sold us on the idea that they deserve special toilets for the sake of Allah--when the make Aunty Empress of the world she's a gonna aim the space canon at Mecca and their black rock--iffin' any Muslim makes a bobble at the West, Mecca will be space dust. (TOLE' ya' I'se skirt-flappin' mad!)

Bird said...

yes, indeedy, you are skirt-flappin' mad (i'd say that's an understatement). BUT i also know you to be an intelligent and caring individual and i doubt you'd just indiscrimmanately (sp??) slaughter muslims. you're getting very close to saying "the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim" and we all know that ain't true.

first off - again, let's separate the fanatics from the "normal" muslims. muslims as a whole do not rape women - extremists maybe, fanatics,fundamentalists. but the religion as a whole doesn't .

And - let's think about the Jewish religion - King David had multiple wives,slept had sex with youngsters, and some scholars say was bi-sexual - but we don't say that the jewish religion is immoral because of that.

and about that muslim who stabbed the kid 5 times for an ipod - you can check police blotters all over the world and you'll find similar incidents - the defining element isn't that the criminal was a muslim -rather that he wasa criminal.

Aunty Belle said...

No argument at all that we doan condemn Jewish faith because King David was a cad more than a King...that's becasue he abused and did not practice his faith, a whole different thang from a faith that said
such is Ok--and Islam DOES say that. In other words, when followers of Islam practice what is taught they are criminals in the eyes of most of the world.

NOpe, I doan wanna kill all muslims--I do wanna wipe out mecca if they make one teeny little move toward any other terrorist assault anywhere.

ANd yep, the Ipod incident isn't confined to muslims, but note that they were chanting Allah Akbar when they stabbed the kid...see the difference? They kill an innocent kid for a toy and do it in the name of Allah. Dang, I'm feelin' sorry for Allah--how'd you like these folks blamin' everythang on ya?

Hellpig said...

Wrap around porch you built here aunty

I will not argue with Bird on this subject,I don't want to ruin her day,it might be sunshining and I don't want to be the cloud.

Belle it's pure Dhimmitude,everytime they give an inch,they take two.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Oh HAil-Pig, I done broke mah own rules about what is fittin for the Front Porch, ain't I?

Well, looky...let me say sompin' real plain--all dogmas is not equal.

The fact is that Islam is a heresy, a mix 'o Jewish and Christian heresies wif Arab tribalism stirred into the pot...set to boil over Mohammed's fantasies of sex and power. We need to stop trying to dress it up in some sort of peace rag.

So let's say it out loud--Islam is a religion of hate and murder, and Chrisitians who fail to acknowledge that are becoming part of the problem. We are way too accustomed to thinking in the Christian mode--even the ex-Chrisitans among us, we are conditioned to think in "love your brother, love your enemy" mode...but notice this:

If God is not a father, then you other people are not my brother.

See? Islam REFUSES to allow anyone to refer to Allah as father--they insist he is not a father as that limits him. Ya see? Not a father, then the rest of the world are not brothers to Islam--they are targets.

Take note Christians (and former Christians still coasting on CHristian ethical norms):Islam DOES NOT think like you.

So...to stress the point, all religions are not equal and the ethical norms established by different religions are not equal...thus, to my post on Democracy & Islam, it is crucial for us to admit that the dogma of Islam does not permit the ethics of a democratic system. Period.

velvet acid tongue said...

"normal muslims" ... hmmmm - what is that, i wonder? their is no way, really to separate the fanatics out ... this is a fanatical religion, and yes Aunty ... quite hateful, brutal and violent. i don't see this as a stereotype ... just a summary of reality. anyone who has lived in the middle east will know this ...

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah, VA Tongue, youse right I fear--Islam is by definition incapable of democratic viewpoints. Meaning, they's a not goin' to assimilate lessen' they become apostate muslims.
Thanks for the visit.

Bird said...

oh, i do despair. the black and white, polarized thinking here worries me - do you not see that you, in many ways, similar to that which you decry?

i still know that all muslims are not the same, that muslim does not equal terrorist, and that islam, like any religion, has a dogma - it's how the dogma is applied that makes a difference and not sects or muslims apply the dogma the same way. i'm sticking to that!

Bird said...

p.s. aunty - i didn't mean just you, when i wrote "you", i meant, y'all (hahaha) y'all here who are thinkin' the way youse is thinkin'.


ardlair said...

This remains a most depressing place.

I come seeking some spiritual insight from a practising christian and find the same claptrap each time.

For whether you visit the front or back porch, in this house of an alleged man of god, you find only intolerance, prejudice, stereotyping, bigotry.....and all the other things that accompany religious fanatacism.

I travel and work frequently in the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. Places where Muslims abound. I suspect you may have never seen your state line.

And I've seen more poverty, ignorance and brutality on a day in Detroit than a month in Muscat.

So frankly Aunty Belle, to use an old christian term, you are talking through a rather large hole in your arse.

But that I guess is the joy of free speech.

You need to get out more.
On a leash.............but out more.

Aunty Belle said...

Bird, Darlin' I fear that it is the dogma itself , not its application that is the problem--I did put several disclaimers here and there in various posts about "reasonable" muslims, and I linked to a muslim woman psych, so ain't it tad unfair to stereotype Aunty B with the Stereotype charge??

Besides, it might be a bit lazy as well--jes' thump me on the haid wif the sterotype chage and youse freee to ignore the points of the

Looky--it is possible that a bigoted paranoid hayseed can be right about sompin'-you cannot reflexively dismiss the points on account of youse not of the same cloth as the point-maker. Examine the points on their merits--I knows you teach yore students to do this.

MY point is not about masses of mulims nor individual muslims--it is precisely about the Qu'ran and Mohammed and those who would follow that dogma--the DOGMA is flawed and followers necessarily are skewed by it to the degree that they internalize it.

Let's admit, chickens, that whatever religous ethical or philosophical system you profess (paganism, humanism, Gaia is your goddess, Sufiism,Catholcism, MArxism
...anything) it determines your response to extertior events and it informs the actions you take-actions are formed first in the mind where the structure of thought is informed by what you believe. This is problematical for the West when the announced threat is from adherents of the Dogma of Islam.

Aunty Belle said...

WHy Ardlair, youse sooo cute when youse needy--my most sincere apologies that you visited and found it wanting--and youse RIGHT!! Hail-pig said the same--I am goin' to reform mah ways post haste. Henceforth FRONT porch is for sociable exchanges of the sort to do a body some good after a long day of blog-wars.

So, Ardlair, please come back to the Front Porch real soon for a more amiable tete-a tete. We'uns shur need that in this heah world.

(But beware iffin you slip 'round back....I'll be there with more'n youse 'spectin on the rest o' yore points)

Bird said...

but i think you are applying a very bizarre interpretation of the koran - and you do apply your interpretation across the board. you give the repeated imnpression that this religion is all one thing - evil, bad, wrong. icould certainly say the same about christianity if i chose to look at only one side. lokkat the bible- slavery, incest, the horrible way women are treated - the wretched story where the father offers up his daughters to appease a crowd in order to protect a priest - all with the seeming ok of the lord. what the hell kind of religion is that? buti know that the bible isnot to betaken LITERALLLY. and i suspect the koran is not to be taken literally either.

jesus was called a bum, a thief, a rabble rouser - so who is calling muhammed a thief and why? and is that the only side to the story?

when followers of islam practice what they're taught - the world views them as criminals - that's somewhat what you said. how can you so blithely condemm an entire religion and the people who practice it? though i keep bumping into sites and articles with despairing words about islam and muslims, i also find articles and sites that are encouraging.

although i do not state it as directly as adlair - he has voiced some of my feelings quite eloquently.

Aunty Belle said...

Bird, Lovely thang, as per mah reslove to set aside the Front Porch for "lighter fare" I am moving this discussion to the Back Porch.

Yore points is very crucial, chile' and they deserve a serious response. Please check the Back Porch on Thursday (maybe sooner)for the examination of yore concerns.

Bird said...

i'll be sure to fly by.

velvet acid tongue said...

i think some may be missing the point. its not the religion per se ... its those who follow it ... and the fact that it seems to lend itself to fanatacism ...

ardlair ... i live in the slumiest part of Canada's murder capital ... i have seen just as much brutality and poverty as the next guy ... and unlike you i don't need to 'travel' anywhere to see this.

however i have not seen any of these 'poor brutes' stone a woman to death because she was wearing jeans, or step on a rabbits head while trying to slit its throat ... and none of these poor brutes every conceived of driving a jumbo jet into a sky scraper ... those behaviours, i'm afraid, speak for themselves ...

i don't this is intolerant or feeding stereotypes ... just observations ...

if you are seeking spiritual enlightenment perhaps go read some thomas merton (how much spiritual enlightenment does one expect to find on blogger, anyhow?)

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