The Front Porch

Yoo hoo!

Looky here folks, Aunty Belle's openend her front porch. (Back Porch is for jawboning)

I'm inviting ya'll to sit for a spell and chew some fat. E'verbody is most welcome, you can even kick off your shoes and letcha' hair down. (But no spittin' or caterwallin'!)!) Dogs' welcome as long as they doan bite the children.

Course, I'm opinionated and I got aplenty to say, but right now, there's chores to do. So let me ask ya'll to entertain each other for a bit by playing a game of "getting to know you" by telling us all four things:

What book do you suggest we all read?

If you can go back to only one place, where would it be?

If we come to your house, what's on the menu?

What did you get on your tenth birthday?

Lookin' forward to gettin' to know ya'll !!

Aunty Belle


sparringK9 said...

goede avond aunty belle!

im blij honds is welkomen

finally you get to werk! we start light ja! is goede idee. okay book: you first novel. for now, all the blogs. place to go back: my birthland as it was when wild. menu: zalm and snow creme met chocolade. gift:i can not remember being 10. can u aunty? what you gift then?

this blog be goed way to avoid you chores aunty.

Reverend X said...

Hi Aunty,
Nice place. Thaks for the invite/

"Lamb. The Gospel According to Biff" By Christopher Moore


Tuna Braciole with shrimp scampi over linguini. Hortiki Salad. Saganaki. And finish off with Cheesecake (my own recipe)with hard gnosh'd strawberries and White Zin Raspberry sauce.


Evil Anne McFlint said...

Hi ABelle. I mosied over from the Rev's blog and found it friendly. Thank you for letting me sit with ya.

Read Dune. If I can do it, anyone can.

I'd go back to the womb. (not at my current size.. that's just mean)

Everything at my house is on the menu. And if you find something to cook... cook some for me, too.

10th birthday? I don't even remember last year's birthday. (and not cuz I was drunk, either...)

Infinitesimal said...

Bonita Mamasita Belle

The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes

I want to go back to:

At my house, I will do a panfried Walleye with greed beans and tarter sauce and possibly mac-n-cheese

But if you are all coming over, then I make pasta Primavera with artichokes, red beans, peas, red onions green and black olives green peppers tomatos, and a homemade fennal vinagarette with garlic. Also feta cheese.

For my tenth birthday:
Like Freya, I do not remember, and what i do remember, you do not want to hear about, not on the front porch.

Glad to see you here, I will link you in my blog soon.


Bird said...

The Last Report on the Miracles of LIttle No Horse, Louise Erdich - tells the tale of an incredibly talented and passionate woman, who,disguised as a priest, renders service on a Indian reservation in the 1800s. She also has two extremely rich and exquisite love affairs in her lifetime - one before she becomes a priest, and one during.

Place? Oh, just one? I have three (sorry aunty i just can never seem to play by the rules):
the backyard of the house I grew up in - beautiful patio and a cute little playhouse my dad built for my sister and I, and though not a place - a time: the day my son was born; the day my daughter was born. both natural births - i have never felt so strong and sexy and competent in my entire life as on those two days. (endorhpins of course, contributed to this high - men - you have no idea what you are missing out on!)

What's for dinner? Tonight, we have a lovely roasted organic chicken breast marinated in balsamic vingarette and garlic, seved with a wild rice pilaf with pine nuts and dried cranberries, and a charming salad of fresh spinach, mandarin sections and honey mustard dijon dressing. To accompany the meal, we have a delightful BV Sauvigon (sp) Blanc.(a pitcher of clear, fresh water is also on the table.) For desert, fresh raspberries and strawberries garnished with mint (you may pour fresh cream over if you like and sugar is available on the side). After desert, we will adjourn to the living room for a game of charades or spin the bottle. Cigars or a nice blunt are available on the balcony. Later, I may break out the brandy if everyone's in the mood.

A corona-smith portable, manual typewriter.

Blue said...

Hey Aunty Belle,

I mosied on round to the back door first (can't trust us aussies), so answers to your questions:

1. Book - Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
2. Place - my bed
3. Food - depends what wine you are bringing - but probably a BBQ
4. Birthday - don't remember - but probably hot pink tracksuit from my Granny - cause thats what she gave me every year on the basis that they couldn't be handed down to my brothers (don't think I ever forgave her for that)

What are your answers AB???

And Bird - if I ever make it to US - Can I come for tea?

Infinitesimal said...

O Lawdy lawdy,


Cut and paste, (or type):


(then hit return)

when the screen comes up, type your username.... NOT AuntyBelle, unless that is also your username.....

if you forget your password, click on the blue "forgot your password?" icon.

You can do it.

My neck
your back

there is a song there....

PS do you approve of Bird's Blunt?
I do.

Hellpig said...

I was on the back porch and heard a rumor about blunts,now I know that I should be restricted to the back porch,but I promise to behave ;).... need a light?

Aunty Belle said...

Oopsy daisy...trouble was figured out--login with correct name still a no-go, but now some sweet techie type got evr'thing jes' peachy.

HEy ya'll...my goodness but those fixin'ssound so delicious--very fancy crowd we'uns gathering here on this ole porch....guess I might need to pull out the CLOTH napkins for vittles this good! We gots us a passle a cooks round heah--MOVE over
Emeril, baby.

Now the books ya'll wanna read--this is such fun...why we can have our own book club! Ya'll intrigue me with those ideas.

Graceland, Rever'nd? Do you sing as good as you cook?

Freya puppy--why of course you have salmon---wild not farm raised?

Sux, howdy! We'll move over and make a space right here on the top step for you. I'll cook fer ye...mah gumbo is life changing experience!!

Contessa, you got it--I do love the the fancy food, but when mah back is like this, its comfort I seek--that mac and cheese is callin' me !!

Bird, you had some fine places when you was a chile!! Like to go there myself. Onc't we moved to that cheese state--near bout died o' shock--me wif hot grits accent and them all german or polish and that ain't an easy transition, I tell you. But there was a place--a glen of sorts where the teens hung out (uh huh)l--looked kike Green Mansions to me--and I was ten--roller skates AND ice skates that year. Lawdy, memories. I was a gettin a baby sister that year...and she is still my baby and best friend.

Well, I gotta say it again--ya'll is one uptown bunch--organic food, fine wines, books...DE-lighted to get to know ya!

No foolin' though, sweet pets, Aunty done throwed this dern back out--hoo doggy! Aint't a believer in pill popping but...acouple of hydrocodone bout as effective as sweet tarts...mercy.

Real sorry about your neck Contessa. Whatcha doin' fer it?

So carry on--when I can I'll peek in....but I'm a wonderin' if the local horsepital has wi-fi!!
Love ya'll
Aunty Belle


Aunty Belle said...

Hail-pig!! C'mon, round to the front and get some o' these vittles--bettern' pig slop fer shure!
I gotta put on my town hat get to the doc, so you may need to help keep things lively. Jes' treat the ladies like ladies, and I'll leave you the key to the stash of Amontillado I keep by for mah special ladies.

have fun.
Aunty Belle

Hellpig said...

Hellpig's BBQ Beef Ribs

First you gotta find the right ribs,stay away from the flash frozen back ribs,and the short ribs.

For this recipe will require the best of the rib catagory.Go to your butcher and ask for the bones from the spencer steaks(spencer Steak is a rib eye without the rib)gather as many as you can might take a few stores to complete.

Once you gather the amount needed I say 3 ribs per person,cut into single ribs(if not done so already)

Next onions about one onion per 3 ribs,Sliced.

Foil, lotsa foil Heavy Duty,tear sheet about 15 inches or so,place layer of onions on foil,place 3 or 4 ribs all same direction season with your favorite seasonings or not(I don't)add another layer of onions,wrap foil tightly,then double wrap placing seam face down.Repeat with all ribs.

Cooking I prefer a gas grill with a hood,on lowest gas setting,Place all wrapped ribs onto grill(I usually keep them seam side up to help with tracking)close lid.about every 20minute to 1/2 hour flip over wrapped ribs.continue this for 3 hours avoiding flare ups.

At about 2.5 hours pull one wrapped rib and open CAREFULLY,if meat is pulling away from bone you are done,if not re-wrap and continue cooking.

When desired doneness is achieved remove all ribs to a platter,save onions trust me if someone see's you trash them all HELL will break loose.

Sauce,I use store bought but I add loads of crushed red pepper flakes.

return ribs to grill,sauce em flip em sauce em again,plate em,add a little more sauce,serve

Oven method 325,place wrapped ribs in shallow pan,flip every 1/2 hour,pull ribs,save onions,re-place ribs sauce and serve

These are the best you will have eaten if cooked correctly,the meat should fall off the bones.

Infinitesimal said...


A. Belle don't know what a B is!! Me you and Bird needs to sneak up to the Magnolia Tree and sit in the branches.

PS If Belle leaves watch out for Uncle Aloicious....he makes pork rinds for a living you know!!

Anonymous said...

wow, already so many visitors!

read "Blinded By The Right" by David Brock... he's a former conservative who saw the light...

I would go back to Ireland in an Irish heartbeat...

the menu's never very fancy at my place... you'll get some angel hair, a taco salad or maybe pizza... the drink menu is better, however (sorry, no sweetened iced tea - I don't do caffeine)

I got spanked for my 10th birthday... I don't know... honestly, that seems like a lifetime ago...

sparringK9 said...

ja! is da blunts stuffed wit thai? sure to be crowded aunty belle!

Hellpig said...


OK,But I'm gonna need help into the tree

Ben Harcos said...

Book(s): "Otherland"-series by Tad Williams. An (entertaining) vision of a near future, complete with a monster of a bad guy like I've rarely seen'em described anywhere else. Fits in very well with the current back porch theme.

Place: Home.

Menu: Whatever is fun for everyone.

Birthday: I ... don't remember ... any of them.

mad malva blue said...

book: da vinci code
place: west coast
menu: everyone brings something
10 yrs old: i do not remember being 10, and do not wanna remember being 10

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