Happy New Year!

 Aunty be wishin' all y'all a wunnerful, healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2015.

I sure wish y'all would leave me a note of "hello, I am still out heah, Auntybelle, come see my blog."

Meanwhile, heah is a little funny thang that Uncle did last night, er, ah...early this mornin'.

At home, after we'uns returned from a family gatherin', our backdoor neighbors (husband and wife attorneys) had 'em a giant speaker on they pool deck, a DJ wif'  a huge crowd of merry-makers--the deafenin' music went on after 1 a.m. whereupon Uncle got hisself out of bed, put on his britches, drove his buggy 'round to the next block, banged on they door, but  that nobody came to see who t'was theah--they couldn't hear the door over the music, I reckon.

No matter, Uncle jes' let hisself in, seen  a "bombed" couple at a table, as't 'em if he could speak wif' Ernie. They said Ernie done crawled off  to bed "hours ago" but Tiffany was dancin' out by the pool --Uncle  went out to pool area, about 20 people were partying, Tiffany saw him an' her mouth  jes' opened into a giant O.

Uncle: "Happy New Year Tiffany.  Mine would  begin better iffin' I could get a little sleep now."

He claims he smiled at her. Then turned on his heel and departed.

In 20 minutes their house was quiet.

Sorta' puts me to mind of a real howler of a story on Uncle and Wimmen wif' drinks, from the Front Porch Archives. Click right heah to read it, but first go give yore blackeyed peas a stir--y'all IS havin' blackeyed peas on New Year's Day, aint'cha'?


R.Powers said...

Happy New Years Aunty!
Good to hear from you, and yes, Pure Florida is still chugging along.
Be good!

darkfoam said...

Well, it's the 7th, the epiphany was yesterday. Hope y'all survived the rest of the hiday season hearty and hale. Of course, continued good wishes into the New Year.

SophieMae said...

Aint B! So glad to see a post from you! Good on Uncle for securing peace over the neighbourhood.

My blog, poor dusty thang, has been moved. Took me a while to find it myownself. It looks a bit cattywampus. May be I'll get ambitious one day an' figger what to do with it in its new habitat.

MamaHen said...

Hey Aunty! I'm a little late but still hanging in here. Trying to get back in the swing of pottin' and buildin'.
Love the story about Uncle.!