Gobble Gobble!!

Uncle an' me is wishin' all y'all a Happy Thanksgiving'!!

Shure been a busy mornin' gettin' all the fixin's ready to take to another clan home fer the Big Feast.

We woke to a shock--39 degrees?? Oh dawgs, tha's cold fer Aunty. So...nuthin' can stop the preparation schedule, so I put on mah most outrageous socks an' got to hoppin'.

Aunty had assignments: collard greens, acre peas an' pecan pie.

Trouble we's had is that the acre pea season were real poor. Nary a bag of peas to be found. Even in Black folks' markets.  Usually these peas is gold, I mean, no foolin' a pint of peas is seven bucks! And we needs about three quarts for this tribe. 

But even a call to a north Georgia farmer's co-op filed to turn up the wee peas. So....we's main' do wif' butter peas...sorta a cross a'tween baby butter beans an' acre peas.

Now fer weeks Uncle has been battlin' the squirrels in hopes of harvesting enough pecans fer a pie. A' God love the man, he did shell enough fer Aunty to make a fine lookin' specimen. 

Cain't boast that these is our collard greens...mayhap y'all recall last year how Uncle gre his own and babied them thangs fer weeks. No, these is market bought, but they were purty, dark green an' smooth. I jes' cain't deal wif' mustard greens or even turnip greens...too hairy, too hard to clean. Luv us some good collards, though. Cooked these wif' a big ole hambone....is yore mouth waterin'?. 

An' now, sweet thangs, we's off to see the rest of the clan, to give heartfelt thanks fer the many many blessin's we has.  Most of all, the blessin's of lots of folks to love...an' Aunty loves each of y'all too. Wish y'all wuz all heah wif' us.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


Doom said...

I love it when things don't go as planned and yet still make it. Your story is what makes this day what it is. I certainly hope your feast, friend, and family all enjoy.

darkfoam said...

No field peas? What a drag! But it looks like it came together. Hope you had a marvelous time with your clan!

moi said...

Looks like a delicious feast, Aunty! I hope you and your Clan enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!

fishy said...

Our acre pea crop this year was just puny. Too much rain they said. The good news, the sweet potatoes were bountiful and delicious.

Hooray for Uncle fighting the tree rats for the pecans. That pie looked like Southern perfection.

I sure do remember the picture of last years collards, what happened this year?

Aunty Belle said...

Doom, thangs doan go as planned? Hahaha, reminded me of that wunnerful thanksgivin' story by Louisa May Alcott. Has y'all read it? Here is the opening:


SIXTY years ago, up among the New Hampshire hills, lived Farmer Bassett, with a house full of sturdy sons and daughters growing up about him. They were poor in money, but rich in land and love, for the wide acres of wood, corn, and pasture land fed, warmed, and clothed the flock, while mutual patience, affection, and courage made the old farm-house a very happy home.

November had come; the crops were in, and barn, buttery, and bin were overflowing with the harvest that rewarded the summer's hard work. The big kitchen was a jolly place just now, for in the great fireplace roared a cheerful fire; on the walls hung garlands of dried apples, onions, and corn; up aloft from the beams shone crook-necked squashes, juicy hams, and dried venison—for in those days deer still haunted the deep forests, and hunters flourished. Savory smells were in the air; on the crane hung[Pg 8] steaming kettles, and down among the red embers copper sauce-pans simmered, all suggestive of some approaching feast.

A white-headed baby lay in the old blue cradle that had rocked seven other babies, now and then lifting his head to look out, like a round, full moon, then subsided to kick and crow contentedly, and suck the rosy apple he had no teeth to bite. Two small boys sat on the wooden settle shelling corn for popping, and picking out the biggest nuts from the goodly store their own hands had gathered in October. Four young girls stood at the long dresser, busily chopping meat, pounding spice, and slicing apples; and the tongues of Tilly, Prue, Roxy, and Rhody went as fast as their hands. Farmer Bassett, and Eph, the oldest boy, were "chorin' 'round" outside, for Thanksgiving was at hand, and all must be in order for that time-honored day.

Aunty Belle said...

Foamy, it did come together, on account of the whole tribe bringing their offerings...an apple pie and a pumpkin pie joined mah pecan pie....what about all yore own folks?

Moi, we, shure did. An' yore own day? Did it thaw out some? Wuz it a Loooisiana style feast?

Fishy, uncle jes' wore hisself out last year to produce those champion greens. I reckon he wuz still tuckered out cause, he never even hinted that he might do it again. Hmmmn? Reckon Anty could git away wif' such as that?

SophieMae said...

Aint B! Youse commencin' t' git scarce as I be of late.

Haven't seen my fawn in a while. Hope he's safely hidden away from the hunters. I did get a surprise last month when he and Momma came to visit. If you get a minute, check it out. I was positively giddy at the sight! :)

Anonymous said...


Yum. What is for Christmas dinner? Can Serendipity stop by?

I stopped to let you know we have a brand new host for Haiku Monday this week. Nancy is at http://nrhatch.wordpress.com/

Come join us. We miss your great grasp of words.