Dark chocolate in low places

Soon I'se gonna have to git back to blogging' regular like. I miss y'all, but I ain't all altruistic, I has a hidden motive, which now ain't gonna be hidden, is it?

Thang is, It done dawned on Aunty how little OTHER writin' Is flowing off the fingertips. At first I blamed the apple corePad. An' honestly? It is 50% the Pad's fault, it bein' a chore to write on this thang.  What I'se discovered is that when I hitched myself to the desk and tapped out a blog post every few days, I also stayed put and got to Real Work. Which I does, still, but only iffin' thar be a deadline to whip me into decency. I used to see blogging' as a dodge, a fun way to waste an hour....now I thinks I'se seein' how, in truth, bloggin' jes' primed the pump, or held mah place when the flow was more like sludge, a bare trickle....bloggin' kept AB in the arena, mebbe not slamming' home runs, but enough to git on base onc't in awhile.

So, hopin' to back purty quick-like.

Meanwhile, as a placeholder, heah be a link to a funny segment on late night TV. A friend sent me a link to another of this comedian's spots, so lookin' around at his stuff, I seen this an' thought y'all might see the humor. Will warn those wif' tender sensibilities, like I has, to not look much further than this link, n account of this fella was deprived of sufficient spoons of Tabasco fer his foul mouth when he be a lad. 

Anyhoo.....heah's  the link


LaDivaCucina said...

Good for you for the realizing what you need to do to keep the juices flowing! I have kept the blog up, it's been hard at times, but I love the outlet it provides for me, as well as supporting my business, as always. Looking forward to seeing more posts. And i ADORE Louis C.K. by the way, he has a way of putting the mundane things of real life in a hilarious way. Have a great weekend, Aunty.

Doom said...

Oh, cry me a river, sister. [I mean, glad to see you blog a bit more, and maybe enjoying you hatin' on Apple to boot, as an aside. Reasons matter little.]

Truth is, blogging almost got me into writing. I stopped my stories... or... uhrm, official story writing line, because some folk became a bit too interested. It scared me, one of my personalities about another, to the writing scout. As well, I simply couldn't ever finish, or write regularly enough. A contract would end up killing me, the more lucrative the worse? Or eventually. Stress, physically more like it, but... *cough* Hemingway *cough* I've touched that before, don't want to go there again. Glad someone can use it as wind in her writing sail though.

Oh, I should advise you on something else. Tabasco... isn't a punishment for some of us. Just makes the tongue even spicier! I hear they have found an oral sailor gene. *grawlix* :) But for non-sensitives, that guy IS funny. I don't like his particular use of cusswords, but can handle them for the... effects. Sort of like a sailor who never learned how to swear correctly. Correctly? Something.

darkfoam said...

That was a funny link indeed. I love Tabasco! Well, now I don't use it anymore. I prefer Cholula. My momma used to wonder why I had a mouth like a sailor. Anyways .. My speech since then is cleaned up .. mostly..

I am glad you are getting back to more regular blogging. I will be reading.

fishy said...

Blogging regularly was a great motivator for me too. Y'all know I miss our blog group and our wandering Troll. Thing is, if I read the stats it says hundreds visit the Pond postings but few comment. Who wants to share with no feedback?

I think the little blue bird and the zukerbird too ruined a lot of communication. Now it's all about the instant superficial. Yawn.

I 'spect we will all look forward to new posts with our "homies" on the blogs or will find new communities to join. Won't be as good though.

Aunty Belle said...

La Diva,
Louis ck is a riot, but triple x-rated which Aunty be allergic to...but this one clip is just X. Yes, those blogs which promote a business or service seem to keep the owner's bloggin'.

Youse a swell streams of conscious writer. As fer the Tabasco, how it tames a tongue in this clan is iffin' a sprout said somethin' too salty, a spoon of pure Tabaso was dumped on the offending tongue, as a reminder to keep things sweet next time.

We akshully use Cholula too! Cause, ya know, it has that cute wooden top. An' ya jes' doan know how much Aunty
'Preciates yore faithful readership.

I'se been drawn into FB, but tweeting I doan git, less youse a professional whose public needs to know your minute by minute thoughts. I admit to having a twitter acct so I can read keep tabs on certain topics, but unthinkable social about it...strictly bidness. More favorable to me are genuine blogs, an' I does see the hole FB blew into blogging' but also, there are too many once wonderful blogs I stopped reading 'cause they carry too many advertisements. Makes me feel like tabulated click not a reader. 😥

All, did you think the dawg story was funny?

Doom said...

Oh, I understood, Aunty. All I am saying is, when I am up to it, I make my own habanero sauce, and consider it only a medium. Tabasco on the tongue was a treat. Soap? Not so much. Yeah, I actually had a mom. Three of them actually. Danged women types figured things out quickly! :p

Had to look up your fancy doohickey term for my writing, just to make sure the meaning wasn't veiled in professional... mud. Interesting to hear what a devoted reader of... well... writings... and pro-writer(?) thinks. Uhrm, thank you? I almost wish I could turn it into cash, but I fear even that would alter it. I guess those who choose their "art" to fortune and fame must remain poor. *grins*

darkfoam said...

Yes, the dog story was a hoot. :-).

Aunty Belle said...

Stream of consciousness, sorta of letting the reader "hear your mind" why, it's been done by some of the greats, so youse in good company. I onc't had a professor who thought it tedious, a la James Joyce, but but he said, " least the writer is conscious, which is more than ya can say about half the writers out there today."

Aunty ain't a novelist. A scribbler of commentary an' occasional travelouge. Sellin' out yore art ain't the same as sellin' your art. Reckon Mark Twain is jes' as good a read, jes' as meaningful as if it'd been published years after his death an' he'd not seen a sou. Sell in' out, would be to let some marketer re orient what ya meant to communicate. Or onc't ya have yore following, your name, ya use yore gift to promote yicky stuff, false stuff, stuff that will make ya an extry buck or two cause it is trendy, or rebellious fer the sake of radical shock, not for what yore true idea is. In short, when the $$ rules the art, not the heart. An' this be done, fer shure. Some fine writers will also write schlock under a nom de plume, cause they have the sad habit of eating regularly.

What say ye on sellin' out yore art?

That dawg story had me howling. "That thing between us? it's over" ahahahahaaaaaa!

Doom said...

Now, I understand what you are suggesting, visa vie selling out. But I don't think you are understanding my take. I understand writers, food, and such. But I also understand that, if I turned my writing to profit, I would have to change it. It would become targeted at an audience, or once an audience was created they would demand a specific product.

To be fair, I shouldn't call it selling out, but it is commercializing, which for me shares some common thread. Besides, what in the world would I write?

darkfoam said...

I hardly have any art to sell out, aunty. Perhaps I sold out by going into the teaching profession. I do need sustenance every once in a while.

moi said...

Funny story! I wonder what it is about chocolate that's bad for dogs. My in-laws give it to their terrier-type-thing all the time. He's no worse for wear. Go figure.

Aunty Belle said...

Write what ya want...let the audience find you. Ad they will. Then stay true to your compass. Readers come and go...and come back.

Aunty Belle said...

Terrier-type-thing, ahahaha!!!

Mebbe that terrier thing is a GIRL thing? Dark chic is especially good fer females.

R.Powers said...

Hey Aunty,
I will have to check out that link at home, the students have gone home, but the county filtering software never sleeps.

FB is a little like meth or crack ... I see that now that I have a high quality smart phone and a FB membership.

Still, it takes no time (or thought) to shoot an entertaining photo up to FB, so it's a poor excuse for my lack of posts on PF.
A full work load is my issue ... hard to be creative and charming at 9:30 pm when you finally have a minute and you know you really should be hitting the rack not the keypad.

A camera that I thought I would LOVE, but don't, is another obstacle in my world ... loved my 7 year old Sony so much that I thought the new version would be awesome, but so far ... not so much.

I'll figure it out soon enough.

Aunty Belle said...

Ok, youse got yore self a hall pass fer now, but I hope ter see a decent post at yore place soon. Same goes fer Aunty.

SophieMae said...

Hey, Aint B! Didja think I'se shanghaied on a slow boat to China or what? Honestly, every month seems to go faster than the one before. I just barely blinked and summer's gone. Well, officially, but our AC is still runnin'.

I did get embroiled in reading - and editoriaizing to anyone who'd listen - about the shenanigans up in DC over the past few weeks. I swan, them people's drinkin' too much water outta them lead-lined pipes. *SMH*

Just did a quick skim over your last few posts. I pretty much gave up colas a while back - never did go for nasty diet drinks - but I've recently discovered Blue Sky New Century Cola. Organic, no artifical colours, no caffeine, no HFCS, low sodium, no GMO, sweetened with organic cane juice. Not an everyday thing for me, but a nice occasional treat. I also (mostly) gave up tea, 'cause it's loaded with fluoride. *sigh* When I do imbibe - usually hot, as I can stop at one cup... no self-control when ice is added - I use Florida Crystals organic cane sugar and toss in some Ceylon cinnamon and/or a little coconut oil.

Now, if I can remember how to get in to my cobwebbed blog thingy, reckon I'll post a couple pics of two beauties who visited our front yard this afternoon. :)

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Aunty Belle said...

Ooooh Sophiee Mae, them deer is beauties!! nc
E would luv ter see that.

I cain't leave ya a message at yore place when I'se using this corePad thang, as the word verification doan like the caps and corePad woan let me begin a verifmwif'out the caps. Grrrrr!

SophieMae said...

Glad you could pop in for a quick visit, Aint B! Uncle would love it here, rockin' on the front porch, watchin' the turkeys an' deer grazin' the yard. Does a body good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty, along with getting back to blogging, I hope you will stop by Serendipity this week and drop a haiku by.