Delta Dawn

Y'all...thar's a new post that should been heah, but rotten apple pad woan let me copy it from the Back Porch. So go round thar' to see it. I'll git back to mah real computer directly, but meanwhile, it be funny...take a look. 


darkfoam said...

Some folks are just sweethearts, aren't they?

Doom said...

As in the Loretta Lynn song? I think it was Loretta?

Women folk baffle me when I try to understand. Uhrm, you, now, actually. Not your, or my fault, mind you.

I think it was baked into the cake. Does make seconds... more desirable, if often no more helpful as to understanding. :p

czar said...

Looks like Hillary Clinton in her candy-striper Halloween costume.

moi said...

ROTFL @ Czar.