Look Who Flew In

The Dawg Pen Garden is under summer renovation. It's a mess.  But must be some good huntin' fer this fella to hang out out. He flew in a few days ago. He is a beauty, ain't he?  Not camera shy a'tall.  See him? About dead center of photo, with ladder behind his body?

Well, this mornin' I'se tryin' git caught up on all manner of unpleasant chores, went to gazin' out the kitchn window an' bless Peter an' Paul, look who took up a perch on the water fountain--doan he look like an ornament?

I snapped so many photos he sneered at me like I wuz paparazzi....then...he'd had ENOUGH! Later, Lady.


R.Powers said...

Lucky you! He's beautiful ... a Cooper's Hawk I think.
Lordy, that is one high chainlink fence in the background of one of those pics. Keeping the deer in or out?

Doom said...

You were cramping his mojo, eh? Well, on your side, you ARE a woman! Oh, take no offense, our mojo is mostly FOR women. Hehe I love these little jokes God played on us, personally, mostly. It's just that you aren't a hawk lady. Then again, he might be.... urhm... herself? I'm not checking. Still, even if you were and he wasn't he might still not be enamored of too much attention. Mood or season, take your pick.

So, you have your own statuary showing up and posing? You must just have some forgotten blessings coming due. Thanks for sharing your fine fortunes.

Aunty Belle said...

thank you!!!! Sibley agrees wif' ya. Online st thang is they say that coloration is fer juveniles, this fella looks fully grown an' he is BIG. The fence? Jes' 6', reckon it is the angle that makes it look high. As fer deer? Onliest one on the place is in the freezer. Heh.

I hear ya'. Akshully the beautiful thang let me walk up sora close. I talked to him, which musts been a curiosity--kept thin' his heard round. Buts, as fellas do, he gre tired of me an swooped to a higher perch.

Aunty Belle said...

Uh, Doom, thas' " sorta close," an' "musta been" an' "kept turning'"

fishy said...

Have you named him yet?

Aunty Belle said...

Gimme a suggestion!

darkfoam said...

Has he been back since? He/she is a mighty fine creature!

Debora said...

Wow! You must have some small game wandering about to attract that fellow! He's beautiful but keep your kittens and puppies close by!