And the Wise Men Came From the East

 Somehow this is a very dramatic event in mah mind. When's the last time ya jes' stood at the door of yore tent an' announced "Au Revoir. I'm gonna follow yonder star, cause a humdinger that big ought not  be ignored."

Ya' can scout around an' git all sorts of stories on what really went down--is it real? Were they kings or wise men? Doesn't "magi" mean magician?   The scholars I lean toward say they wuz Persians (wif' names like Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspar that's a good bet) -- and iffin' youse been in the catacombs of Priscilla in Rome ya know the early Christians (200 AD) painted the Magi wif' Persian robes. The Wise fellas wuz a sort of priestly caste of learned men whose wisdom came from  reconnaissance, from knowing the good stuff from several cultures.  An' ya' can bet they had heard the Hebrew prophecies:: 

"A star shall rise out of Jacob and a sceptre shall spring from Israel." (Numbers 24:14)

  Now, I reckon, when that massive star began winkin' at em, their pooled wisdom decided, "Uh, no. Ain't never seen a star the likes of that.  Hop a camel an' let's us'uns go see whasup." 

The Feast of the Epiphany is January 6th.  An Aunty favorite, cause " We Three Kings of Orient Are" is one of mah favorites. We only ever sing it at church on this day, the official end of  the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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Doom said...

They are quite intriguing. I would love to see what it was, in whatever it was they read, that made them take such a dangerous journey, cross-country on top of it, to honor a Scepter that for all historic intent would have been a great enemy (and some would have to suggest that Christ was a great enemy, in many ways, to many people... if not, usually, through the sword).

Ah, but some things, perhaps, were designed to be seen or understood by only a few people and perhaps only once in all of history? The bible is stocked brimming with such things, if you believe. Hard as I have tried otherwise, I do, now, believe, fully.

Glad you enjoyed your day of song and praise!