Beacuse the World Needs More Than Politics

Dear Santa,
@ :36, 1:37, 2:32, 4:33,  6:00, 7:20, 9:50, 11:26, 13:47.



Aunty Belle said...

Proof of angels?
Only the angelic realm could dream up such fabrics!

moi said...

:14, 1:12, 2:01 (those shoes, too), 4:49, 7:01, 14:07.

His genius is that he can make things sparkle and shine and flow without coming off as pageant-ry or trite. This is elegance and class of the highest order, on par with Oscar de la Renta. The colors are great, too. That gold and blush pink together is fabulous and all the greens (the nudes don't work so well on my skintone).

And I love a high front and plunging back. That's how a woman should leave a man. It's so obvious, to approach with cleavage bulging. Much more impactful to give him something to think about as you leave.

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, smashin' analysis! Give him somethin' to think about--heh.

'Course, Uncle ain't havin' Aunty wear no see through stuff, so some nude body suit thangy be the key--but then, I ain't gotta worry none as I ain't 'spectin' nothin' like that in mah stockin' hung by the chimney wif' care...on account of a woman of a certain age be better off leavin' the peek-a-boo in her memory bank.

darkfoam said...

Purty, but not ideal to teach in, hike in .. don't think they would look with my hiking clodhoppers, or any of the other stuff I do ..

darkfoam said...

Plus .. I'm too old for that look.

Aunty Belle said...


I know I know...but in the territory
knownin' beauty from shlock, and feminine from freak, this is illustrative. Most of gar-bhage hangin' on racks these days ain't fit fer a chimpanzee.

This video wuz akshully a philosophical statement on two levels. The first bein' that the design and material is lovely, nothin' here is cartoonish,
mooscape ('member the Tilda Swinton nihilism spread @
http://auntybelles.blogspot.com/search?q=tilda+swinton )
the second be that designer Saab admires the feminine form-- he dresses models wif' charm an' grace, not clunky andrgynous or jessica rabbit cartoons--it's a whole other post, but wimmen-folks be under assault in every quarter, inclusin' fashion.

But, youse got a big point--them gowns doan fit my life, only the day dreams I onc't had.

moi said...

That's the thing about fashion. It should not first and foremost be practical. It should be IDEAL, showing us the possible, regardless of the fact that the reality is running shoes and fleece or blue jeans and hacking jackets.

Jenny said...

*sigh* Just beautiful. I agree about your comment about proof of angels.

Doom said...

The things dreams are made of, for men and women in our own ways. Truth may be harder, but isn't that why we have our... diversions? Some might call it theory, but they are quite real.

Anyway, thanks for... a reminder. For me, back to killing dragons. Though... something about adult sugar plums and dreams is here, now, too. It never leaves, it's just that I forget?

czar said...

Music is interesting. I could give you some times, but they wouldn't have anything to do with fashion.

I sure do agree with your headline, though.

darkfoam said...

The gowns are luscious. Plus, they are art. If I had to walk like those models though I'd fall flat on my face.

czar said...

PS: Reading back through the comments, esp. Moi's about obvious and approaching with cleavage bulging (czar don't usually go here).

I worked years ago as a copyeditor for Atlanta Woman for a few issues, and they ran a Q&A with some leggy brunette from CNN who was famous for her colors (and her legs). Aside from her reds, she spoke about wearing a corset, to keep something back for yourself.

Whatever, I thought.

I remembered too, though, my stepmother saying that she kept herself fairly tightly wrapped (she's small in stature), and that my father was very surprised seeing her for the first time not so.

In speaking about nudes and skintones, I am reminded about a little book that one of my fellow proofreaders brought into the printing plant one day. The book was/is called White Is. A playful little book about racial insensitivities in the language. The cartoon I remember was a little black kid with a confused look on his face as he dealt with a box of flesh-colored Band-Aids.

chickory said...

Honestly? I'd take any of them . First music was very James Bond. Lovely cinematography. Even better editing. Loved the shoe....and the commentary. Thanks for the beauty Aunty.

chickory said...

Well I meant loved the show...but those test raps were good too.

Aunty Belle said...

I like that--it should be ideal. Yep, that's the allure--however elusive.

Boxer-Babe!! Hey you.

Aren't they jes' the most gorgeous fabrics? Ethereal! Fer once I can unnerstan' why one of them lovely gowns is 30K.


Hey hey..."adult sugar plums". heh, I like that.


heh, out of the monastic silence and into the world of fashion--luv a man's perspective.


they ARE art--an' thas' why I admire Saab's work--he makes something beautiful--a woman--even more lovely.

yore step-mom knowed a thang or two--keepin' somethin back increases allure and adds mystery--lettin' it all hang out is BORING, doan'cha think?


well, now, Vegas gal, has ya seen such gowns on the strip? Under Chiluly's ceilin'? I did like the music too...

but luved luved the restraint! NO jewelery, no purses, no neon make-up, an' the structure an' simplicity of the braided crown--ahhh. It's as if he said, The Woman is all--adorn her in a gown worthy of her natural glory: nuthin' more needed, anythang more is a gaudy detraction.

Anonymous said...

If this is not Kate Middleton's favorite designer it should be.
Sheer genius.

It is refreshing to see designs which respect and elevate the feminine form. I love this collection as every piece looks appropriate to be worn in the great architecture and gardens of the world.


There might have been one day in my life when I could have worn such a fabulous dress but ... well there are dreams.

Very entertaining Aunty!

Fishy, not signed in.

Caroline said...

Elegant, elegant, elegant!

Aunty Belle said...


YA say, "every piece looks appropriate to be worn in the great architecture and gardens of the world."
Why, thas' it exactly--and despite their intricate fabrics, the ease with which they are worn is so graceful. Fluid. Natural.


Hey hey...hope youse been well. AH, yes, so elegant. ( Natcherly, they' a wee mite revealing, but wif appropriate under armor ( hee hee) some of 'em is as ladylike as ya might want. The thang, I reckon, is that despite the sheer-ness factor, none of these gowns or dresses is gratuitous violation of grown woman modesty.

moi said...

I was at a party this weekend whose theme was Day of the Dead. I was stunned to see that there are still 40-something women out there perfectly giddy at the opportunity to dress themselves like hookers. And not even elegant ones, at that.