God Bless America, land that I love.


All us'uns wish all y'all a happy 4th of July!


Aunty Belle said...

Wishin' y'all a happy safe 4th of July....pray fer yore country.

Sandcastle Momma said...

You too Aunty!

moi said...

Happy Fourth! May our people always remain armed and just a little bit pissed off at all times . . .

Karl said...

Happy Fourth Aunty Belle,

Best of the day to you and Uncle.

Buzz Kill said...

I want that first picture hanging in the new addition. If only I could sell The Mrs. on the patriotism it represents.

You and uncle stay cool.

Steve Finnell said...

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Aunty Belle said...


Hope yores wuz a swell 4th! We had fireworks ...of all sorts.

Moi, Cherie,
We enjoyed a congenial gatherin' whar' one lady read the Declaration of Independence --how long since ya read it in its entirety? Lemme say it will git yore attention when ya read the whys an' wherefores.

Karl, Good Sir,
how were the fireworks over the water??

The missus will permit it now that ya did such a grand job on them floors...jes' slip it in, set a ficus tree beside it an' she'll think it is tres chic folk art.

hello. I'll be by directly though, as ya' suspect, mah views is Catholic of the orthodox. variety. Hopin that woan bother ya too much.

Caroline said...

Happy 4th, Aunty! We spend the day rebuilding our front porch, with the flag flying overhead. No fireworks here because of conditions and forest fire danger.