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Aunty Belle said...

A little time, a little distance makes MANY thangs clear.

Some thangs I used to think
is not what I know now.

I doan worry none about global warming. I worry about those who use global warming to seduce us into energy serfdom.

I used to think drinkin' lotsa cawfee might kill me, I worry now about them who would genetically engineer mah cawfee so it will kill me fer shure.

I doan worry about how poor folks will get medical insurance. I worry how poor an' not-as-poor will slip the noose of universal "health" monitoring an' forced euthanasia. (Funny, in collich I wuz persuaded by a pysch prof to think euthanasia were a noble thang. Now I see it as a slimy trick against the very meaning of life an' dignity. (sorry Terry Pratchett, youse wrong on this one.)

I used to think petty crime led to the Mafia comin' to town. Now? I worry about how many spy eyes are on every lamppost in mah city.

I used to think one Hermes scarf wuz a gross indulgence. Now I know they's a better investment than Treasury bills.

darkfoam said...

Speaking of spy eyes. A while ago I went to one of these online cameras that showed a street in Manhattan. I thought I would see traffic, anonymous pedestrians. What I didn't expect was that camera to be turned towards the window of a bar where I could clearly see the patrons who were sitting along that large window having a good time. Isn't that obnoxious? The patrons had no idea they were being spied on by a little old gal from NC.

moi said...

Shiver to Foam's experience. That is so not okay. There will come a day, you mark my words, that we are embedded with some kind of monitoring device at birth. A whole new industry will spring up around watching and listening to every single person alive in this country. All in the name of stopping terrorists, don't cha know.

As for Hermes scarves. Yes. Buy ammo and Hermes. I've been monitoring a couple of my favorite designs on this second hand site, www.luxury-scarves.com, but their prices today are what the scarves retailed for only 2-3 years ago, usually MINUS the coveted box and ribbon, even. Hermes raised the prices by $50 each for spring. So if you got 'em and don't wear 'em, sell 'em!

troll said...

Food for thought here.

Terry Pratchett's Ghost is in favor of FORCED euthanasia? Yikes!

Anyhay, I still think he was a great writer when he had all his mental faculties. There is even a hint of secular brit-style conservative distrust of big government in some of his works. Especially "Night Watch!".

Aunty Belle said...


please post link to that camera--I has an idea. What a gross overstep. Now I ask y'all, wowuld ya be willin' to ;ive wif' a little terrorism anxiety in order to have a modicum of privacy?

Cherie, on scarves? heh, an' amen.

As fer embed chips in babies--oh, thas' part of the new "midwives" craze, I bet'cha. Have yore baby at home so the ZomDroids doan pre program the wee thang fer the NWO.
(I ain't akshully jokin' on this.)


oops--juxtaposed to similar points but din't mean to meld them. TP was in favor of legalizin' euthanasia in UK. He tought it would be more dignified than his own outward bound program. But he never advocated FORCED killin'....I meant that Obamacare/ health monitorin' will be used to select candidates fer euthanasia.

still rocked by what ya said--ya know somethin' thas why Aunty doan go to no stadium events no more--they match ticket stubs wif credit card purcahses, then phtograph faces to asdd to the facial recognition database.

Did ya see that news blurb on how Target can tell when a woman is pregnant before her bump is showin'? They have massive software in place to pair yore Target ID (based on a # they assign to your name and credit/ debit ID) that tracks yore every pruchase, predicts future purchases...'member a while back when Aunty be shocked when cash $ wuz refused at a emporium? Now I see why--it ain't fear of counterfit, or employee pilfering. Nope. It thwarts the database/ profilin'. THEY (who is THEY?? whole oother post) want to know every jar of jelly ya buy, every tube of glue,each box of nails.

darkfoam said...

I'd have to do some major searching again. As far as I remember I googled manhattan web cams a year or so ago and that was a random one I picked. I should have kept the link as an example of big bro watching...

Jenny said...

this is something that makes me worried:


and I'm still being "followed" by a pair of earrings I viewed on overstock the other and that's bugging the hell outta me too.

chickory said...

Last night I listened to a program on Agenda 21 and how out in Napa - they have informed the citizens that they are going to pulverize their paved streets to gravel because there is no money to maintain them and are planning no new roads. Then there was a report on Obamas rural council and how the global game plan is applied locally. It was fascinating and sad...I knew it was coming but I didnt expect it already. the masks are off they know people are waking up so they have to go for it. expect a shocking acceleration in the next 4.

the cameras are everywhere in ATL. if you want to watch people just google live cam and whatever town...take your pick of views.


chickory said...

here ya go aunty: you can watch mardi gras live here:


chickory said...

on last thing: 10 minutes on YouTube and you will get the cliffs notes to Agenda21. everyone, please watch it.

Pam said...

The Target tracking scares me a bit. We've already heard about Google and Facebook doing tracking. I know this is all sold to us as marketing, but geez, can't a teen buy a pregnancy test without her dad getting a coupon for it the next week? As always, I'm with you Aunty.

Chickie, I heard about the agenda 21 from one of the folks we dread hearing from up at the office. But I guess I better check it out.

Jenny said...

I'll go take a look Chickie, thanks. As for Google, I'm pissed. They are circumventing Safari privacy because..... they are entitled? We are all just marketing fertilizer? Who knows. Pffffft.

Aunty Belle said...


I KNOW I know...I have love hate wif' Amazon. Luv gettin' the books, but hate hate hate that they profile me--heck, I research the garbage some global henchmen have written, next thang I know Amazon sends me a readin' list based on mah viewing history--as if!! Why not stick to mah *buying* history??

Chick9, chirp on!!

When I first mentioned the new Rural Council folks thought I'se been lodgin' wif' at Bates Motel. Now see whose psycho.

Thx fer Mardi Gras webcam. I think.


Target has invested BIG bucks in the whole surveillance scheme--what stuns me is how few folks have ANY cash on them. T'other day I went to a produce emporium, whar' out front an employee warned folks "computers are down, we cain't take debit cards or credit cards." most folks left--no cash, not even enough fer a head of lettuce fer dinner.

Pammie, yep, check out the Agenda 21 stuff--ain't see it mahself, but will watch it. But Aunty already knows it pretends to be jes' since 1992, phooey! It began wif' Brutland Report in 1972--see? 40 years!! They's been at this a generation--40 years!!

Caroline said...

Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!
No other words come to mind on this one. Yikes!

Kymical Reactions said...

I have a few minutes, so I'm Just stopping by to say howdy. I miss you. x.

Aunty Belle said...

Kymmie!! Hey hey! How's our baby Caleb doin'??

Does ya know how much youse missed???


I know I know !!!

BlazngScarlet said...

It's so very tempting to go "off grid" with all the profiling that's being done whether I shop in a bricks & mortar store or online.
I too am sick of being staled by something I looked up just for S&G's. But everyday, there the stuff is.

Aunty Belle said...


I feel like a bug on a pin.

Tina Zhang said...

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