Yes, Karl, Uncle's Got Rhythm

Uncle's doc done real well--implant of pacemaker and defibrillator went swimmingly. Now, when the ticker gits outa rhythm, the pacemaker resets the situation.

Thanks to y'all fer your kind words of comfort an' sweet prayers--even "heathen prayers." Yore comments were both a cheery diversion an' welcomed encouragement.

Natcherly, Uncle insured that the device din't go in the wrong side--meanin' "doan mess wif' mah shootin' shoulder." Pappy Cracker done warned Uncle about the danger to his future huntin' pleasure should the Doc git the placement wrong. The Doc had hisself a good chuckle wif this message ( to the left).

An' y'all should know that the whole cardiac unit has a sense of humor--they shaved Uncle an' painted the essential areas orange an' blue-- fer Gators.

I'se home now, an headed fer a hot bath and a heatin' pad fer a tired back--but I could not go to sleep wif'out thankin' all y'all fer your support an' care. Y'all's jes' THE BEST!!


grins said...

Glad to hear it Auntie. Get some good rest cause if he's like me he will be calling for room service soon.

Debora said...

Glad that ticker's tickin in the right rhythm! I read your story about how you two met...that convent would've been pretty boring in retrospect, huh?

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Very good the read this. He'll be up and hunting in no time.

The friend of mine had an e-stem inplant. It's about the size of a pacemaker. He complained recoil or running made him feel like the thing was shifting about. Uncle might want to wrap an ace bandage around or wear a tight shirt the first time he shoots.

BlazngScarlet said...

It's essential to maintain ones sense of humor! =)
Now get yourself some (well deserved) rest; you'll need it!

moi said...

Great news! Thanks for the update. And he should be able to do his check ups on the pacemaker from home and over the phone, too. That way he doesn't have to go in and start another party in the waiting room.

Doom said...

All good. I like your man, practical. Takes care of the important things by thinking ahead and actively participating beyond consciousness. All good.

Don't worry about thanks for prayers, they do me as much good as they do anyone else. I'll continue with them until Uncle is back to it. Rest well, wifely warrior. You have fought well. :)

Buzz Kill said...

I like a man who can joke in the face of danger. With all the goofy things you read about that happen in hospitals, giving the doctors directions is a good idea. I hope you bring that man some barbeque.

fishy said...

We are all celebrating now!

Godspeed to you an Uncle and all those clan folks and priests and medicos who took part in this here success story.

Jenny said...

weeeeeeeee! and I think if I were having surgery I'd mark where they should cut too.

Here's to a smooth recovery.. for both of you!

I hope you're resting today Aunty. It's hard on the caretaker even when the patient is in the hosptial. xoxoxo to you both.

chickory said...

I am so relieved and happy today. Uncle is hilarious -from the first day on the porch til now. AUnty -what an epic love story you two are. I look forward to more uncle and aunty stories -but i dont believe for a minute your "deddy" is named "Mack". Can't wait to see what he brings in on his next hunting adventure.

Pam said...

Aunty, this is good news indeed. Give Uncle my best. I hope the recovery is short and that he is out hunting soon. And listening a little closer to Auntie next time ;)

All blessings for healing and health to you both. xoxo

Aunty Belle said...


we's home now--an' I promise ya' the first thang that man did was git his air gun to a squirrel what wuz runnin' wild on the back porch, it were tearin' up the plants an' knockin' over stuff--

I all but had the Vapors!

"Aloysius, youse been watchin' too many episodes of Justified!" I said.


The step n' fetch routine has already begun--I'se gonna give him one day. ONE.


Convent is lucky it escaped me--even Granny said no convent can survive wif' to Mother Superiors. (Though, in the US the convents were soon taken over by a bunch of feminists nutcakes--I'd have strangled a few--today only the conservative orders of Sisters adn nuns are thriving. After all, why go into the religious life iffin' y'aint gonna follow the purpose?)

Aunty Belle said...
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Anonymous said...

Great news Aunty. Sounds like his already his normal self.

Glad to hear it is going well.


Aunty Belle said...

that is a great suggestion. He is very excited to git down to that ranch this weekend--not to hunt but it is the last weekend of the season--lots of food an camaraderie.


thank ya! I'se in bed right now fer a "nap" wif' this computer on mah lap--jes' lolly-gaggin' like a lady of leisure. How's ya feelin' yoreself?


ooooh, chile' I'se miffed wif' ya! I took the computer to the hospital to keep Uncle company an' downloaded season one of Justified--now Uncle is hooked, like a rat hittin' the sugar pellet lever in the cage--"another!" he kept saying, demandin' a load up another episode--Uncle likes revenge movies. why does y'all all hate Winona? So far, she ain't hateable.

hey hey--how is yore ownself? keepin' thangs goin'? I luve "wifely warrior"--why that puffed me right up. Prayers is funny that way--help fer the ailing, help fer the one prayin'.


SO happy to see ya' out an' about again. BBQ? thas' on his list! An' fried catfish. Uncle fears "goofiness" in hospitals more'n germs.

We really do have a bunch of folks who deserve kudos--an one nurse in particular wuz a master of finesse.


It is wunnerful to be home--an' I IS in bed--jes' got me a good ole stack of books--as if I'll read more than a few pages--mah eyes is heavy--Uncle an me is both worned plum out.


heh, oh yeah, chile', he be a real riot. Less youse the one responsible fer him. I doan know 'bout no epic luv story, but we did have our anniversary while Uncle wuz transformin' into the bionic man. I took him filet Mignon. Jes' wanted him to feel TREASURED.

No,mah "Deddy" ain't named "Mack" thas' true, but I did say the names had been changed to protect the guilty. Granny not named Ariana either.


thanky Sugar Pie! We's expectin' a rapid recovery--adjustment or whatever--the relief is HUGE!

Aunty Belle said...


thanky! He thinks his rebound will be fine--hope he's right. He luvs yore pics BTW.

moi said...

Re: Winnona. Just wait, you'll see. BTW, newest season of Justified starts tonight :o)

chickory said...

come back to chickory. ya need to vote yet again.

R.Powers said...

That is wonderful news Aunty! Take care of both of you!

Anonymous said...


To help you keep Uncle out of trouble for a few minutes, I just started a new page. Took me a while so not too many photos up, but the timing is I was thinking Uncle might enjoy this stuff, but it does not really go on my photo page.

I'll add more as I have time. Let me know if this is worth doing...



czar said...

Glad to hear it, Aunty. I'm working on a book as we speak from doctors to doctors telling them the best thing to do before an invasive procedure is have the patient mark the area that's to be sliced -- because the patient knows better than anybody.

Doesn't say anything about the patient's motivation, but Uncle's is as good as any, I s'pose.

grins said...

Tell Uncle, Something like this surgery once gave me a flinch while shooting trap. It's kinda rare especially with other type guns because you don't shoot them as much, but it happens.

I had an old Lujtic shotgun and had a release trigger put on it. You pull the trigger back, it clicks and as you release the trigger slowly, it goes off. After about a month I went back to my other gun and the flinch was cured. They make an archery release called a Stanilawski for the same problem. This is kind of a weird post and You may think I'm crazy but a flinch or target panic can drive you crazy. Look at me.

Anonymous said...

Curmudgeon's point is well taken, you can get a flinch from a car accident.

Caroline said...

I think I'm liking Uncle's sense of humor, bless him.

I have a skeet shooter here, I can see similar concerns with "get it in the right place, Doc."

Take care of your own self, too.