White Christmas in Florida

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I be busy. Huffin', puffin'....know y'all is too. Clan Birthday an' assorted other parties this weekend. Deckin' Halls still movin' along...

Stockings are hung.....What? Ya doan think us ole folks still had stockings? Lemme tell ya' how far Uncle's lip pokes out iffin 'Santa shortchanges Uncle's stocking.

What ONE thang --that would fit in a stocking--would it delight ya to find on Christmas morning?


R.Powers said...

I'm doing the same!
Baby girl Katie's birthday is this week and my school has this thang called a "Progressive Dinner" tonight.
4 stops, 4 courses.

As the new guy, I am dessert.

I'm cleaning and decorating,sans the missus, as she has a big catering event in Hogtowne.

Good luck with your hustlin'.

I think a new soft top for my JEEP would be a nice stocking stuffer.

Doom said...

I almost want to laugh at your description of "lips poke out". Problem is I share his sentiment and pout myself on occasion. Oh bother, I laugh at myself all the time anyway, so... *laughs*

Since I want little elsewise, trinkets of silver or gold, or better coins in those metals, would brighten my dwarven-like greedy little eyes. No, not rare and super precious chunks, just little tiny common gold or silver coins would do. Problem is the new bubble that is precious metals has those little baubles so outrageous even my greedy eyes couldn't quite ask for those. So how about some coal I can squeeze into my own diamonds as I get hot and pressured about all the tomfoolery going around? :p

fishy said...

Can you put a ruler on that lip for the enjoyment of us all? I did tell Blowfish the winning lottery ticket in my stocking would be a thrill. I will likely get a stocking brimming over with silver kisses.

Monday's Haiku theme is posted. You and Uncle come play. You might just mention to Uncle it is time for him to stop lurking on your Porches and start posting from his very on Campsite.

moi said...

Other than peace on earth, goodwill to all, and a libertarian republican for president? An Hermes Collier de Chien in black leather with silver hardware. Hey, may as well dream big, right?

Caroline said...

Crisis time here if stockings (hung by the chimney with care) are not properly attended to. Custom requires an orange in the toe(to ward off starvation), a roll of scotch tape, and assorted other weird doodads.

Dry roads east to Minnesota would be nice, although they won't exactly fit in a stocking. We got blizzarded out last Christmas and missed out on spending it with small grandkidlets.

grins said...

Man I hope Uncle does not look like Mick Jagger or he's going to be knocking lots of ornaments off trees and walls if you don't get the right thing.

I don't know how cold it is there in winter, but I would love some King of the Mountain wool camo's.

I got three foot surgical socks I'm hanging this year that really stretch.

I wonder if I hung my wife's pantyhose if I could get new snow tires. Just kidding, she's a tiny thing (with a big punch).

In spite of a new computer I still want I still want an Ipad.

BlazngScarlet said...

I would LOVE to have a piece of fruit from ALL of my trees that I had in FL!

I miss them .....

Pam said...

Ooooh, what would I want in my stocking? You know what Aunty, my cup overfloweth already this year and thus does my stocking. I have it all already. Not a thing that I desire. Oh wait, how about enough money for early retirement so I can help Kymmie stay home with the baby. Yeah, that's it. Light a candle and say a prayer!

Jenny said...

Hmmmmmm. What could fit in a stocking? I really want more time to do things NOT pertaining to work. Second to that? I'd take the keys to a new car because mine reminded me this week (trip to the dealership) that it's geting old.

Did you get your hair cut?

darkfoam said...

eh, ya know .. i have everything i need. i will probably get too much chocolate in my stocking .. but as long as it's the good stuff i can certainly handle that.
i love your photos! and, btw, i left a comment on your pearl harbor post.

Scout said...

Hi Aunty! You have inspired me to get working on our stockings this year - usually I just hang 'em up for decoration, but this may be just the lift everyone needs. My mom would always put the orange in the toe and include some unshelled mixed nuts in there - along with the other good stuff. If I could have something in mine this year, it would be a little bottle of Chanel NO. 5 - always thought that would be a real girlie thing to have, but never would buy it for myself and too extravagant to ask for. Thanks so much for the inspiration - Muuuuuaaahhhh!!

grins said...

I put this on an older post, so it's not so visible.
Thank you so much for mentioning Anya on new years. She was so excited! I have been trying to encourage her to do good in school and to write more and I'm sure this is helping
She lives with her grandparents, dad left and mom working somewhere else. So you can imagine...
If you'd delete this it would be good. I just wanted you to know how excited she was. I hope this hits you're e-mail.