On the Road Again

Hope y'all has a marvelous weekend.

It's still lovely leaves in lots o' places, an I'se headed out on to the road...find me some fresh apples, look at a mountain, eat some BBQ, watch boats come down a river ....

visit an arboretum ....an' jes' generally think an' breathe.

I'll be back Monday--hope in time to leave a verse wif' Troll who is host this week fer Haiku Monday.

What's y'all doin' this first weekend of November??



Aunty Belle said...

Did ya shake yore haid? Think Aunty has a touch of wanderlust?

I does!!!!

Jenny said...

Go Aunty! Go! Have a wonderful time.

I have no plans for my weekend which is .... fabulous.

Travel safe.

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with a little wanderlust. Have a great weekend y'all.

fishy said...

Hey Aunty,
If you are out a wandering,the apples up Carolina way are just about perfect :-) Hope you have a fine weekend adventuring around a bit more afore all the holiday schedules commence. Least ways this time you won't have them jet lag adjustments.

chickory said...

whoa aunty! I see these regattas sometimes up on the Tennessee river - right along the riverwalk in Chattanooga with the art and food market. are you coming up here? I will be at the market saturday! If you are coming to NorGa you betta shoot me a note!

moi said...

You are a wandering gal, aren't you? LSU plays Alabama Saturday night in what I hear is a really big deal game, but I made plans months ago, too bad, so sad. I'll leave the house to a handful of men and their beer, pizza, and hollering.

Enjoy your excursion!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Wander at will, looking forward to reading of your travels.

Safe and pleasant trip to you.

Aunty Belle said...


Nuthin' is fabulous. Hope it is a 'nuthin'" as ya need it to be.


Well howdy do--welcome!
I'se been bit wif' the wanderlust bug--barely been home now I'se off again on a new jaunt--but this time wif' clanfolk. An' yore weekend?


oooh them leaves up heah is glorious!! An no jet lag.


C'mon! find us! We's a clanfull of cheerleaders fer our team at this regatta--we's under a huge orange an white tent.


Cleveah girl--leave the fellas to it. I has two LSU men in mah family --live near the collich too. Cain't git a 'tween' 'em an' thier tigers. Shoppin' is a good alternative.


Howdy, sir. Reckon' a good bit of yore wanderin' is undersea!

Y'all, it is so lovely--leaves is still amazin' gold an' fire orange. Wishin' ya could see it.

grins said...

It snowed quite a bit here. It was an early snow. I imagine it's colder where Red and Caroline live. I ain't wandering nowhere till I put on new tires, besides I can't drive yet.

I'm fine, thanks for asking. Just s'more tests and antibiotic drips in hospital. (I've paid so many bills I should be able to get a brain transplant for free. My insurance hates my guts.) There's no problem just precautions. I'm starting to enjoy going to the hospital. I know every one and a lot of the upper administration so people take extra good care of me or I threaten them.

I'll figure out where haiku is and try to get one in.

Barb Froman won the caption contest.

Caroline said...

Ain't nothing like that kind of regatta in the wild west! What fun to watch.
The fragrance of fresh picked apples is the essence of fall to me who grew up in the middle of apple country in the Champlain Valley.