Jenny said...

Happy Halloween Aunty!

That's a very happy Scarecrow.

roxie said...


Pam said...

Hi Auntie! Boo to you, too! Happy Halloweenie!

Buzz Kill said...

Is this scarecrow in your front yard? Happy Halloween!

Caroline said...

Ah, the result of your scarecrow making event! I am surprised he doesn't have crows on his shoulder, he looks much too friendly and welcoming. He, like you, obviously has a sense of humor.

darkfoam said...

How cute!! Boo to you too!

moi said...

Happy Halloween to you and Uncle. (I'll be by to read your comments at E.C. tomorrow when I have more time. Good stuff, Aunty.)

chickory said...

Boo? or "please, come steal my candy. i am a jovial scarecrow and I cant run" grherha hope you got lots of goblins last night. I had 4.

Karl said...

Happy all saints day Aunty Belle,

You're scarecrow reminds me of the marshmallow man at the end of Ghostbusters.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh, pleased the Scarecrow were a fun post--ain't he an amiable lookin' fella?

Happy All Saints to y'all too!!

Fer fun, some of mah most favorite saints:

St. Anthony of Padua B. 1195--

A scholar an' fine orator, but nevermind all that--he is Primo for finding lost articles--an 'jes today he found some missin' keys--lose somethin? A quick prayer askin' St, Anthony to intercede fer ya'--that thang will show up.

St. Catherine of Siena B. 1347--

She tole a Pope to quit bein' such a coward an' git back to Rome even if brigands roamed its streets. Her writin's knock me back on mah heels--smart cookie she were--an loved party dresses right up to the moment she entered the convent--jes' mah type. She is the patron saint of Nurses.

St. Ignatius Loyola, B.1491

He were a playboy soldier , rather dashin', who took a canon ball in the leg from the French durin' a battle in Pamplona--he family locked hom in their castle tower wif' only the bible an' lives of the saints to read durin' his recuperation--heh--the man was VAIN! He made the docs break his leg again once it healed on account of it healed crooked an' he refused to go through life wif' a limp. He took military discipline to the spiritual life--founder of the Jesuits. I'se been to his home castle in Aspeitia Spain.

Saint Foy, B. 291

Luv this baby chile saint who was martyred at 12 years ole-- her daddy wuz a governor durin' time of Dacian's proconsulship --the girl became a Christian, her daddy hope to scare her outa that silliness so he had the proconsul "scare her" by threatenin' to behead her--she did not flinch, warn't scared out of her faith ( Foy means faith) so he DID behind the 12 year ole girl--what a hero, huh?

Her relics are at the lovely village of Conques (see previous post on France)

St. Nicholas of Myra (Santa Claus), B.3rd century--

HE dropped dowry money down the chimney of poor girls who otherwise would be sold to a bidder. Besides the patron of poor gilrs an pilgrims, St. Nick is protector of perfume makers--go figger!

OH dear--how to stop?--thar's so many good ones, including many born in the 20th century.

Today, I try to remember all the dear and kind people I've met on this remarkable journey through life.