PamOKC, done sent Aunty a coolio prizes fer tyin' wif' Troll on the Haiku prize a couple of weeks back. An' Uncle had hisself a time unwrappin' all the goodies. Ta-da!!!

A THUNDER bottle opener, a truly cool poster of tribal leaders, and of course, a THUNDER Banner !!

Thanky PAMokc.

Meanwhile, Florida is swelterin'. We had temp pf 100 yesterday. Yep, it's summer in Florida. More comin' this week-- hot days that is. Lucky fer these gorgeous gator orange zinnas they have the shade of a massive oak fer part of the day. AN' see that Gerber that sprang up from the Caladium?

We has a few green beans still lookin' good--I'se growin' these fer the seeds, mainly--will plant a bigger group in September.

This heah is the ongoing drama of Aunty and the Squash Stalk--this thang is takin' over the nawth forty , climbin' fences...kinda' scary, akshully.

See? It stretches up to the sky far above ma head--but so far? No squash/ pumpkins have set.

got so taken lookin' over the growin' stuff, I lost mah cup of cawfee? Y'all seen it? I done drunk all the java, but I put the blackberries I'se picked off the fence in the cup--jes enough berries to look purty in a fruit salad.

Stuff Uncle sends me from his phone--jes' to hep me maintain a healthy fear of gators. State is gettin' over run wif these thangs now--I'se thinkin' I oughta have a few new satchels made up in gator belly hides. One each in tan, chocolate an' black. An a pair of loafers--or ten.


Kymical Reactions said...

Glad you and Uncle liked your Thunder gear. 3 and half weeks, Aunty. And our lives will be forever changed. Cannot come soon enough!


Pam said...

Uhoh, that Tribal Leadership poster might have been a mistake! Was it stuck in the tube that I used? I bet it was. The bottle opener was my fave! But enjoy being the sole owner because Master Basho won't allows Trolls to accept gifts won in haiku contests! And keep your Thunder up! (At least we lost to the final champs, is that a consolation?)

R.Powers said...

That's a pretty crocagator looking critter Aunty. Maybe Australia?

Still, it does serve the purpose.

Never let a gator help you across the street.

SophieMae said...

If there's any hope the gators could slow down the pigsplosion in Flarda, hold off on them hidecessories!

Aunty Belle said...

Kymmie!! Chile, we's all so excited fer ya! Show us some pics of Baby Boy 's room. How ya' feelin'?

ruh ro--want me to send the Indian poster back? Uncle likes the bottle opener best too--says he likes "useful thangs". Heh.

man-oh-man, I doan know whar' that critter lives--Uncle say it is picture sent from a friend on another huntin' lease--I assumed FLorida, but I hope NOT. Would much prefer that monster be an Aussie.


I know--Uncle say the hawgs is troublesome down whar' he hunts--thee cowboys rounds 'em up an sells 'em. I like wild baby pig, but Uncle doan love me enough to clean them thangs very often--however, at present I does have sone in the freezer.

Sharon Rudd said...

Sorry it's so hot in your part of the world, Aunty, but those are gorgeous photos! The thunder gear and Tribal Leadership poster are very cool!

Pam said...

Nope, Indian poster is yours now! And as was obvious, the mailing tube was a recycled affair :)

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Neat stuff and a bottle opener is one of the most important tools in the drawer.

From the size of that animal you could likely get a full set a luggage too. I wonder does gator meat get tough as they get bigger and older?

I put up a little piece on Victory Gardens, you can find it here.

sparringK9 said...

neat prizes. are you going to display that banner on your front door? that will confuze the gator neighbors. Loved that squash! I celebrate that squash. its happy there. any plant that volunteers is all right with me.

moi said...

I love both zinnias and Gerber daisies! All daisy/mum type flowers, as a matter of fact.

As for those gators, you know what? We should start a campaign to revitalize America's flagging garment manufacturing industry—or start it ourselves. Give Bottega Veneta a run for their money. Okay, so BV uses Croc, but alligator's just as good, right? And at a cool twenty grand for, say, an ombre dyed tote, we'd retire real quick.

Jenny said...

gerber daisies are my most favorite flower. I buy them anytime I see them. I've grown some too, but sometimes I'll see them out of season and I can't help but buy despite the cost. they just make me happy. The colors are amazing.

I can't say anything about the Thunder because they used to be the Sonics and blah/blah/ everyone in Seattle is still clucking and fussing that they were stolen. :-) But I adore Kymmie so I'm happy she's happy with her team.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Eggy!
Guess I need a trip to SD iffin' I want some cool temps AND an Indian fix, huh?


we can keep the poster? Ha! Great. When Baby Boy has need of it, I'll send it back. : )


Ain't that thang a moster? yep, Uncle say, he could be the first ever fella wif' an alligator chair an footstool.

Yore Victory garden post is terrific! Iffin' the rest of ya ain't been over to see--please check out Karl's current post.


ha--well now, the neighbor gators woan worry overmuch since the Thunder flag be orange and blue--yea!!

An' that squash?? oh ho! That is akshully a pumpkin I think--ya know those gorgeous pale grey blue pumpkins wif' deep fluting? Looks like a Cinderella pumpkin only dusty blue? That's what I hope this one be--one like that got loose in the yard over the fall--anyhow, the thang is no kiddin' 14 feet long now--eeek!!

Let's draw up our LC for this new fashion titan--heh. I would love to be the new BV. Oh baby we's havin' fun now! (wait...does that mean I has to have a non-sensible haircut?)


Gerber's is jes' unreal--the colors like like a chile too magic markers to 'em. This one is purty, stickin' up over the green an' white caladiums.

Sorry about the drama over the SonicThunder.

moi said...

Nah, Aunty, I have a feeling your haircut is very au courant :o)

I thought of you last month several times whilst I perused the luxury boutiques at South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, the main time being in Bottega Veneta, when the sales gal allowed me to hold a $28,000 ombre crocodile tote in shades of the most luscious greens, turquoises, and blue/greys, with craftsmanship of the most gorgeous perfection, that I nearly ran out of the store clutching the thing to my chest like a child. But jail time for a Bottega Veneta bag? That would be so, so silly. (Our House would of course be just as covet-worthy.)

darkfoam said...

A church key bottle opener!! What a cool gift! The others are great to.
Yikes, but it's hot down there. Stay cool and hydrated.
i laughed out loud at the squash stalk. I had a volunteer pumpkin vine that freaked me out one year. It grew and grew and grew but never did produce anything. Who knows, the original pumpkin could have been a monsanto pumpkin.