Aunty's Poll

Takin' a leaf from the Troll, I'se postin' this poll:

Aunty lives in the town of the infamous Casey Anthony Murder Trial whar' every slavering reporter/blogger wannabe is camped out to provide crumbs to the masses who seem dialed into this drama of odoriferous putrefaction. The tents set up outside the courthouse and the news trucks block a main artery in town. Into the wee hours the camera lights shine a dome of white into the sky above the makeshift outdoor sets fer TV personalities. The sandwich shops is draped wif' weary court personnel, restaurants is sardined wif'' TV crews and local "anchors," high end restaurants is puffed wif' network "analysts" and star-status seeking attorney commentators, fangs adrool.

Local news entertains wif' interviews of voyeurs --the couple from Michigan on honeymoon who came to Orlando to git tickets to the courtroom "We were too young fer the OJ Simpson trial, we ain't gonna miss this one!" The shoving an' pinching -to stand in line fer admittance to the courtroom--lands sisters in hospital, an' three others in jail.

Aunty attends soiree a few nights ago. Eight couples assembled fer a lovely evening of conviviality with candlelight, wine an' true home cooked Northern Italian cuisine. By dessert one highly esteemed atty clears his throat, "If I may, how many of you are of the opinion that Casey will walk? The judge will declare a mistrial?"
A professor teases, "Well, now, remember what they say about Judge Perry?" A woman engineer notes that both legal teams is jes' tryin' to make a name fer theyselves. Another atty, equally esteemed, "How many think Casey will swing?"

Aunty picks up her glass an' wanders, alone, out to the terrace. The heat lies softer on yore skin at dark-thirty. An honest, earthy fragrance rises from the lake's edge. Tree frogs croak love songs, an' stars is a winkin' against the young night. The vista over the lake resembles a toy light-bright skyline, the courthouse soaring above the other skyscrapers. Aunty fights despair. Is thar' any hope of justice or truth to come from this display all that ails humanity?


Should Aunty post pictures an' local commentary about the Casey Anthony trial on the Porch?

# 1 Heck yeah! Ya' need to ask? Ya' has a bird's eye view, an insider loop, why
withhold it? Folks wanna know, ya' know?

#2 Spare us, please! It's overkill already (oops, bad choice of words).

#3 Fergit the trial. Tell us what wuz on the Northern Italian menu.


Anonymous said...

If you have some insider info on local democrats involved in the trial or anything that will get YOU on TV to commentate, then YES!

I think the trial is boring and the judge and prosecutor are incompetent so I'm surprised at the level of continuing interest.

Generation Yo! Skank-a-Zoids who opt to murder their babies at some point are a dime-a-dozen and she isn't even testifying.

Contrast that with the Bundy Trials (also shown live in Florida). That was interesting because it was a more uncommon type of crime. And because Teddy attempted to act as his own attorney much of the time.

The "cross-examination" of the wise-ass cop was a classic:

Attorney Ted: So, it was your conclusion that the killer used his left hand?

Cop: Yes, YOU used your left hand.

Attorney Ted: Judge, make him stop saying "YOU"!

The Judge asks cop to stop saying "You".

Attorney Ted: So, you concluded that the killer bit her?

Cop: Yes, my conclusion was that Theodore Robert Bundy of Seattle bit her.

czar said...

You can take comfort in the thought that some folks -- e.g., me -- have absolutely no knowledge of this case whatsoever. While I've seen the name "Casey Anthony" in headlines, I've never been curious enough to read past them. Someone killed someone, it sounds like. That's all I know. And more than I want to.

PS: Haiku theme is up. Troll, you should have won last week. What can I say?

darkfoam said...

Ummmm ... beyond a vague recognition of the name I have no idea what this trial is about.

So, what northern Italian cuisine did you dine on? And what wine?

Buzz Kill said...

My in-laws were visiting last weekend from Tampa and this case and the US Open is all they watched on TV. Until they told me, I had never heard of this trial. I'm for you posting on the dinner food and slinky, black evening gown you were wearing (because that's how I pictured you on the terrace).

moi said...

#3. Haven't paid much attention to the crime. If a child is dead, usually it's a parent or relative who has done the deed, although I hear the prosecutor in this case has bungled things?

MamaHen said...

#3. please spare us. It is a travesty of the most horrendous kind; worst of all the death of a child but then the unmitigated gluttony of public spectacle is sickening. It is basically none of our business. She should have her trial in private where it MIGHT be a reasonable attempt at justice; that all being destroyed at this point.

fishy said...


The zeal with which so many gawk ...

pamokc said...

I want to know what was on the Northern Italian menu. I can understand why the legal types like to analyze the courtroom tactics (after having worked for lawyers for yonks and yonks), but they also analyzed the courtroom antics of the movie My Cousin Vinnie also. I don't follow the case but do catch a news update once in a while. It is interesting to a point, but yes, this is overkill with the coverage.

I can totally sympathize with your feelings about the news media tent city. We had our own media city during the time of the OKC bombing. It was awful and added to the misery.

Am sure a movie of the week is in the works also. I'm with Troll, too ... what makes this case any different than other abuse that ends in a dead child case?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

#3 No interest at all in the media hype. And a fairly high level of disgust for the rubber neckers willing to buy into the media hype.

Besides slinky black evening gowns are much more fun, add good food and you have a real topic for discussion.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Let the girl go and swing the lawyers

Sharon Rudd said...

Why, #3, of course!

Jenny said...

First, your dinner sounds lovely.

I've been "following" this case only because it's hard to miss even when I work very hard to avoid main stream media... but everytime I open MSN, it's there. Or on the radio. This is old as dirt.... why people want to hear all of the gruesome and sad details about a child being murdered is beyond me, but newspapers were created on reporting crimes. I think it just sets up a mistrial because someone on the jury will pick up a paper/etc. So I say, Number 3.

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...

Thanky all y'all--reckon ya can detect that Aunty ain't up fer no rehash of this sad pitiful display of the underbelly of life. I'se mortally weary of it.

Truth is, Aunty could be a jury member--that is, I ain't got no clue what all the news has said as I flee when it is on. I ain't read EVEN ONE WORD of the news on it.

The dinner guests couldn't believe Aunty doan know all the sickenin' details. But, the question wuz put to 'em all too:

Does ya watch this circus, or does ya avoid it like a plague. The room divided 50-50. Jes' human nature, Uncle say.


it ain't the first time, youse right, so why the tidal wave invasion for this particular case? I doan git it.

As fer legal teams an' judge bein' incompetent? uh-huh...one atty said that the lead defense is a gross insult to the Bar. A cartoon. Then a whole new discussion of why Florida has 13 law schools of which only 3 are worthy institutions--the polluting of the lawyer pool.

thank goodness--sanity prevails in some parts of the realm. The distaste it will leave behind ain't, ah, short.

good fer ya! As with Czar--ya's better off. Menu below.

it is VERY hard to escape the compulsive coverage. As fer mah dinner attire, ya' flatter me, an I 'preciate it in the way an aging ole lady do...an thus I'se so sorry to disappoint. No slinky black dress. (Slinky black pants, shimmery copper tissue silk jacket over a lacy black camisole, black satin stiletto slingbacks-[Moi, Stuart Weitzman]) Menu below.

the chile is daid. Pretty wee thang. The theory one atty posited: accidental death by zani-nanny, then botched cover-up. I could weep.


Hey hey you!

Youse hit the bulls-eye: "gluttony of public spectacle"

Ok...comin' up.

oh mah heavens! I cain't fathom how it must'a been after the OKC bombing--poor regular people--no whar' to hid from the relentless, hounding onslaught.


"high level of disgust." Indeed.

As fer any slink factor, see @BuzzK above. The appeal of a lady of a certain age is in direct proportion to the amount of landscape covered up. But mah tresses wuz slinky, "unbound" as Uncle prefers, though Aunty thinks a hairband is a grown girl's security blanket.

oh no! Uncle? That you?

iffin' not youse kin--Uncle doan much care fer atty folk.

Of course! comin' up below.


It is hard to avoid--horribly so. As fer mistrial, a fair number of folks say that will be the verdict--cause the dunce defense lead lawyer has made so many flub-ups, or the prosecution revealed the corrupted police methods pertainin' to physical evidence. All this I never knew--the yak at dinner covered the mistrial topic.


grissini wrapped in prosciutto, grilled asparagus tips in puff pastry

marinated mushrooms on a bed of charred radicchio,

Bardolino, Nus Rosso,
grilled veal tenderloin sliced over fontina laced risotto touched wif' sage,

A pretty mini-mold made from marscapone an' lemon floatin' in lake of strawberry coulis.

Grappa fer gents, Limoncello fer ladies.

Expresso wif' a wafer of dark Perugia chocolate fer the cawfee drinkers.

Wish y'all had been thar--our hostess makes the world's best risotto.

SophieMae said...

Dern, I typed out a hefty tome here and blogger eradicated it. Nutshell:

#2 or #3, just spare us!

SC man steals $1 to get free health care in jail... their new poster child, plastered on top of the page for 3 days. *sigh*

Major headlines: Justin Bee-burr attacked! Man pounces on him over fence! Not even close to the true story. Talk about irresponsble reporting. >8\

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Fell out of groove, can't seem to get back in. Reckon I'll look back on this as my 7th year, leaving my inner land unplowed and uncultivated, letting the poor harvest whatever grows on its own and leaving the rest for wild animals to eat.

Re the CSA flag on tags, I think it was here
I declined to enter this particular fracas, just got twisted knickers from reading too many ignernt comments calling us nazis and the like.

chickory said...

i thought i left a comment here. i cant do it again aunty, im too raggedy. i'll keep it simple Die, casey, die. grrherhahaha@ trolls bundy trial cop

Aunty Belle said...

Sophie--yup! Headlines in US are despicable--

how 'bout this, y'all:


din't see that in the news did'ja??

sorry blogger ate yore comment--hopes ya' shake of the raggedy an' gits up a runnin' soon.

But on the Bundy case--oh Trol! I fergot to comment on that one--gheeee, what a nightmare horror that man was--I think Hannibal LEcter wuz modeled on him--'member Bundy was a psych major.

czar said...

@Aunty: Headlines are generally as despicable as the site or outlet printing them. Is the problem here with the headline or the content? I'd be curious to know the origin of this bit of headline editorializing. If you don't like the news it's reporting, that's a different story.

@SophieMae: I worked for a gentleman in Atlanta many years ago, editing Counterattack, the house organ of the Southern Defense Initiative. At the time, he was all about southern heritage and states' rights, and he spoke often about appearing at conventions and gun shows, and that blacks would come up to him to argue . . . and leave agreeing with him on the role of the federal government. He left Atlanta some years back to return to Mississippi, and now his thoughts involve persistent references to the "Jew media." This is a man who worked for IBM and was educated at the Sorbonne. Very bright. Very articulate. Very personable. There's no monopoly on ingnernce in the US, unfortunately.

czar said...

Sorry to double-dip. I should have mentioned that the genesis of the Southern Defense Initiative was Holiday Inn's decision not to fly the state flag at their properties in states whose flags included Confederate symbolism (GA, SC).

I am also the owner of an SDI T-shirt that I wanted onetime in lieu of an invoice. Confederate flag on the front, and a very nice pointillist portrait of Nathan Bedford Forrest on the back.

LaDivaCucina said...

What trial?

Veal tenderloin with fontina risotto? MMMmmmmm.....

LOVE limoncello, did you make it yourself, Aunty? The prosciutto wrapped grissini sounds delicious....wish my upcoming catering clients would eat pork, sounds like a lovely starter.

That couple from Michigan is shameful and La Diva would happily slap some sense and decency into them if she had the chance.

LaDivaCucina said...

PS: Aren't slingbacks perfect for Florida?

Aunty Belle said...


oh gracious, well now, that particular headline ain't the real headline--bit of poetic license. Mah intent is to point how how US headlines an' news feeds, TV "news" deal wif' less important matters, the Bread an' Circus stuff, not substance. I'se always surprised at the difference of of substance when I read headlines from Sydney, Hong Kong, Brussels, London there is a very different type of information--less about trials like the Casey Anthony trials, or the Anthony Weiner ongoing drama, more about world situations.

As fer double dippin'? We ain't got no limit on the porches. Dip away.

On the Confederate Flag or other matters touching the history and philosophy of the South I is avowedly pro-South. Trouble be, lots of rehash in the popular press takes as the focus a narrow viewpoint about what THE SOUTH stands for (or stood for). Lemme jes' offer a wee tidbit fer rumination. First thang Lincoln said after Ft. Sumter was "What will happen to my tarrif?"

90% of the tarrif revenues at the time of the Civil War were extracted from the South. That info is from a Northern historian. It underscores an important truth overlooked by most commentary on the Civil War: The roots of the war were economic, an' slavery was a brilliant marketing fig leaf to cover over the true goal of the Northern industrialists--to cripple the economy of the South so that it could no longer fight the militant march toward federal consolidation.

Today we see the fruit of the loss of the Southern defense of "state's rights" to the Northern Industrial complex's tyrannical control of nearly every facet of our lives.

Ya know this is the topic of an entire post--an' mayhap I'll find some time to do it soon on the Back Porch as we are at the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The topic is timely, I reckon.

Aunty Belle said...

La Diva C!

Hey Sweetie. Why ya warm mah heart--youse the onliest one to remark on the menu--or the attire--and that menu was divine. But, no, Aunty din't make a morsel of it. The hostess did it all her ownself. She's a wonder.

As fer yore upcomin' clients, I'se confident ya will find somethin' delectable to serve.

fishy said...

If you host a blogger summit on the Porches will you please serve this menu in them sling backs?

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