Playin' Hooky on Haiku Monday

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Howdy an' welcome to what were
supposed to be mah Haiku Monday post--as ya' read below, I tried but could not git mahself organized for a day of playin' hooky an' peck out a post too. Mebbe next week. See if ya can figger out from the pictures below whar' Aunty went to play hooky--an note to MOI: mah own perfume wardrobe is the footnote.

* * * * * *

Haiku Monday is a meme set in motion at Troll Stroll. This week is hosted, an' judged, by Moi, last week's winner. Her chosen theme: PERFUME. Head over to her blog to see what others have submitted--youse gonna be amazed at how creative folks is!

Aunty is racin' to git herself together --must go OOT today. So this heah ain't nuthin' but a poke at the perfume industry. (well, somebody had to be the cynic, right?)

"The Ambergris is produced by the Sperm whale and is present in of all the ancient pharmacopoeias. Ambergris has a very typical scent, animally but of great sweetness that seduces particularly feminine noses, who instinctively recognize the odour that will attract males. In fact, Ambergris, like all aromatic substances of animal origin, is a pheromone and acts directly on the hormonal system through the sense of smell, without physical contact. "

Black Amber gris - Ambergris

Azure seas mystique,
"Ambergris": Pheromone of
Sperm whale intestine.

* * * * * * * * * *

But mah cohorts in crime arrived afore I could upload the post! (An' bless Uncle's dear soul, he took on Granny duty so Aunty could skeedaddle.)

We sped down the peninsula to take a gander at an annual art and antiques extravaganza-- oh mah heavens, y'all: I seen Faberge silver service made in Moscow, Pizzaro, Renoir, Gauguin, Monet, a daid queen's crown, some Romanov's ruby encrusted cane, Tiffany chandeliers, an' enough sparkly gew-gaws to blind me fer a year. Lackin' the crucial feminine gene of jewelry lust, Aunty woulda' come home wif'a charmin' li'l Alfred Sisley (Chicky 9!)waterscape or a Regency commode (Fishy!!) if mah Fairy Godmother had been along fer the ride. ( She's always AWOL in the
most crucial moments!)

Natcherly, they doan allow no pictures, guards an' goons made a perimeter forest around the whole shebang, so the pics below is jes' the local flora, though thar' is a snapshot or two wif' some of y'all in mind. (sorry, jes' cell pics) Wish y'all coulda' had this day--the PERFECT FLorida day--sunny, balmy, a riot of tropical colors displayed by flora an' fauna alike.

Us little Match Girls left Oz--empty handed--as the last blush of salmon-colored sky slid under the horizon. We yakked like the ole' hens we is, as we sped nawth through the night, back to real world lives.

Moon-gilded asphalt,
windows open to citrus
perfumed Florida.

Sorry to miss the Haiku Monday deadline, but it were fer a good cause--'cause tomorrow it's off to work I go fer a few days: Washington D.C. ain't sunny Florida.

Note to Moi:


Bet ya' would not have thought to see those two...

Southern women of a certain era sneaked into their Mama's Chanel # 5, then Mama allowed as how us ingenues warn't ready to handle the effects of 5 yet, an we would be given a lovely bottle of Chanel 19, the sweet clear, fresh scent appropriate fer a girl not yet old enough to wear a black dress.

When Aunty got the black dress, she discovered that C5 did not mature well on her, but wonder of wonder, # 22 were a remarkable good fit. It is lady-like with a mere hint at an untapped passionate potential.

On t'other hand, Uncle is a fan of Joy. So...# 22 fer day wear, Joy fer Big Event night wear.

What I wish I could show you is a bottle of Krizia. The ORIGINAL Krizia. Hyacinth with orange an' amber...alas, almost impossible to secure. J'adore!

An, sigh....now fer the harsh truth.

Aunty doan wear much of any of it any more. I'se recently been afflicted wif' trigeminal neuralgia, an many strong fragrances set that beast off. I cain't wear at all, an' hardly cologne-- I'se forced to settle for a scented hand cream at the most. I does spritz sheets wif' the #22 onc't in awhile. Sigh.


moi said...

Oh, Aunty, I'm sorry you missed the deadline! Your ode to ambergris might just have won you the contest. Brilliant. Shame, that the wet blanket otherwise known as the International Fragrance Association has banned so many of the natural ingredients that once went into making perfumed works of art. Thankfully, ambergris remains "allowable."

Are those your 'fumes? I spot: Armani Code and Acqua di Gio, but what are the pretty tassled ones?

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...ah, noooo, those bottles wuz in an establishment. Did'ja gues whar' I wuz playin hooky? Think them tassles wuz on vintage version of the Armani.

As fer mah own fragrances? Lemme go snap a phone pic an upload--an' be prepared to be, hmmmn...well at least mildly surprised.

Hated missin' yore fun theme--but honestly? I had to be out the door at 7 am--uncivil hour!

moi said...

Trigeminal neuralgia? I'm so sorry; that sounds terribly painful. Is it constant or intermittent? Have doctors pinpointed a cause and a treatment for you?

Actually, no, these choices don't surprise me at all. In fact, if I were to have guessed at a perfume that says "Aunty" to me? I would have most definitely said No. 22. Also, you may be interested to know that you and Fishy are scent twins. Her 'fumes of choice are both No. 22 and Joy. Imagine that!

No. 5. is about the only Chanel I don't like, regardless of form or vintage. It's way too abstract for me, although I do appreciate its brilliance and artistry.

My mother also carefully oversaw my perfume journey as a girl, allowing me to start off with 4711, slowly graduating to light and fresh EDTs like O de Lancome and Eau de Givenchy and then, freshman year of high school, Babe. Sophomore year, I was allowed my first real perfume, and I chose Youth Dew, if you can belief it. I still wear it. It was all downhill from there; I've been scent addicted ever since :o)

I hear the original Krizia is quite the scent. I bet you could easily find a vintage bottle on eBay, for nostalgia purposes.

chickory said...

I loved both your haikus, but the one about night driving through citrus country made my heart sing. i know exactly what you are talking about.

I dont like Joy the perfume. it sure is expensive. in fact, all those older perfumes are too heavy i think.

never knew about the whale connection - the things you learn over heah!

your art and culture day with the old hens sounds great. sounds like a "white people" day. grrrrrrrhahahahahaha

be safe on your travels.

chickory said...

dosent perfume get old and its scent is wrong? what in the hell is an abstract scent? man. perfume is deeeep

Aunty Belle said...

on TN, Guantanamo ain't got nuthin' nearly so terrifyin'. I seen a facial pain specialist who is an angel in disguise. I has a protocol to follow if that monster even thinks of rasin' its hairy haid. But onc't in awhile...aw, youse too young to hear.

Fishy an Aunty is scent twins? Imagine that! Mayhap it's a southern thang.

Ya wore 4711? I 'meber it!

Thar's a newish Hermes fragrance
Jardin Sur Le Nil, that I'se toyed wif' cause it is very light --"green" --but I still cain't use it on meself straight.

Has to put it on a hankerchief, then slide the hanky up the back of mah neck, under mah hair...but this scent is THE clear clean but elegantly distinct fragrance appropriate fer hot Florida. I cannot bear women in heavy perfume in hot weather--mercy!


Ya love mah haikus? Aw...thanky. Yeah, I reckon ya would know that very feelin'--whizzin' up the nighttime road through the orange groves--intoxicatin'! citrus releases fragrance more after the sun go down...

LOL LOL ! ("White people day")

moi said...

Jean-Claude Ellena's creation of Un Jardin sur le Nil for Hermes was outlined in the book, The Perfect Scent: A Year in the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York as a slightly hysterical (both meanings of the word) exercise in luxury brand excess. Like you, however, I think the result was worth it. Ellena is one of the great perfume composers of all time.

Oh, and I still wear 4711 :o). If there's a better, more all purpose cologne out there, I don't know what it is.

Jenny said...

My MIL used to wear JOY and I found it really strong and not pleasant. At all. I know Moi can explain the science of the smell, which is interesting but I'm still not a fan. I used to wear Chanel before I developed an aversion to most fragrances. I have problems with certain face creams being too much fragrance. It's super annoying.

I loved your haikus and wish you safe travels. And, I said this on the other location, but did you buy that pillow for me? BWAHAHAHAHA.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Boxer-Babe!!

I is on your team when it comes to too much scent is a huge bother--We uses fragrance free laundry supplies too. Right now mah favorite scent is pine trees swayin' in the light breeze.

As fer the pillow? ah, no... but I *did* get somethin' fer ya--really really did. Will email ya about whar' to send it.

fishy said...

Hey fragrance twin!
Don't that just surprise the heck outta me.

I came to mine a funny way. Someone gave my Mom some 22 which did not work well for her so it became mine. Odd how that works.
I came to Joy because I told my MIL about the architect designed bottle. (She had the 50 year anniversary mega bottle as the centerpiece of her dressing table)
As a surprise from her, I came home one day to find a bottle of it on my own dresser.

Sorry to hear about the TN issue, it can be debilitating. Good thing you have a specialist in your area.

I think you went Worthing!!!!!
Love the fountains/sculptures of your photo journal.

Mostly I loved your Florida roads haiku. It was perfection.