Grrr! New Camera Blues

I had a li'l Coolpix that I loved but it got old. 'Cause I wore it plum out from work an' play.

I replaced it wif' a Canon that disappeared off the kitchen counter in late October--wif'' some spectacular photos I had not yet downloaded. (Grrr!)

Now I has this Coolpix S 6000 cause it was small enough to fit in mah shirt pocket, but has a 7X zoom. A 5 ounce, 14.2 megapixel, "user friendly" upgrade from mah old much missed Coolpix.

Not too shure this is gonna be good. Fer me, it ain't so user friendly.

An I cain't git the colors right.

or the lighting/ white balance

Or the the focus.

Takes awhile to master the settings--Looks to be a few days of learnin' cruve, since I'se gadget challenged.

The battery has to be charged. See what I mean? CHARGED? What ever happened to snappin' in a couple of new AA batteries an' keep on shootin'?

I has some time yet to figger out if I'se keepin' it. What does y'all recommend? I need a lightweight point-n'-shoot wif' a decent zoom. User friendly.

P.S. I left responses to the comments on the prior post about Mary an' Mack.


chickory said...

i understand! Just stick with it Aunty -thats what everybody said to me and i am getting to where I like mine. (still have lotta curve too)

that what cat (XL) gave me some good advice and did Pam -

i thought the second pink flower photo was really good -very sharp. as was the mantel with the flash -however, see if you cant shoot that without the flash by opening up the lens more. im not sure how that is done on that camera but if you have a "P" setting try experimenting with that.

and be sure to read that PDF that comes with the camera on how to use all the controls. I look at a flickr page that is a group using my camera. I bet yours has one too....im going to find it and link you to it - you can learn a lot looking at those - get inspired by the shots folks is getting and by reading the discussions on the camera itself.

I liked these shots!

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Mercy Chick9,
ain't ya up real real early? Or never went to bed??

I will keep on truckin', but it seems to me that old Coolpix was much easier.

Thanks fer the encouragement an I look forward to the flickr link.

chickory said...

i dont feel good thats why i was/am up. got a hot pad on my neck and NO it wasnt from shoveling or that would have happened days ago.

i couldnt find a cool pix groip on flickr but i bet there was one

chickory said...


heres one:


all photos taken with your camera

Jenny said...

I went out with my new camera yesterday and felt exactly the same way.... everythng looked dull and I'm not using it the right way. I need to get more info on how to properly operate it. Chickory is right, just stick with it. Does it have a Macro setting? Play with that, it's my favorite.

I liked the path picture.

Pam said...

Aunty, what are you using as editing software? And if you aren't using any, go download Picasa (free download from Google). It will organize all the photos on your computer. Then you can call up the pics you like and tweak them a little bit ... by adding a little light or making it a bit sharper, or cropping. The flash on these cameras indoors is always difficult, so maybe avoid using if you can. I will look up your camera and see what it does. Meanwhile, I had a Lumix that I loved also (by Panasonic). When it bit the dust, I bought the new version of it, and feel exactly the same way ... just doesn't do what I want it to do. SO will be glad to read the reocmmendations you receive. Now, about that battery, you will love the charging capability, trust me. Lasts very long and is FREE. Ahem ahem, those AA's can get expensive over time. And I'm sure you can buy an extra battery to have on hand, so that you are charging one while using the other ... In fact, I wouldn't buy a camera that didn't have a chargeable battery.

Sharon Rudd said...

I’ve got a Coolpix L20 – is that the model you replaced? It’s small and easy to use, although I haven’t begun to tackle all it’s capable of, since I generally focus on photographing food. Funny, since it’s the only digital I’ve ever had, when my photos don’t turn out, I blame it on myself rather than holding the camera at fault :) I think your 6000 is the same model a friend of mine got recently, and she loves hers. Anything new takes adjustment and experimentation. Some of the shots you’ve tried here are also pretty challenging. I know I’m rarely satisfied with outdoor shots on dreary days, and I know I have to be careful with lighting when I’m taking indoor shots like those two of the mantle. Hang in there!

Pam said...

I was thinking of your post so thought I'd drop back by and discuss more. Frustration with pics is why I started teaching myself Photoshop. Not that I recommend PS for everyone, it is not an easy thing. But most everyone can improve their pics a bit in Picasa and it is super-easy to learn.

Pam's Mini Rules that she has learned to follow in taking pics:

1. Use the pop-up flash on sunny days (fill-flash); 2. Always look for the "Open Shade" and take pics there instead of in the sunlight; 3. Don't be afraid of a cloudy day, it makes everything "open shade"; 4. If indoors and don't want to use flash, move the subject to near a north or south facing window

darkfoam said...

it takes a while to get used to the bells and whistles in these newer cameras. i would just hang in there. but i agree with having to charge the battery. it took me a while to get used to that. should you find yourself traveling, charge your battery every evening or you will find yourself trying to take the most fantastic picture with a dead battery in the camera. or you can just dole out the bucks and purchase an extra battery to interchange while the other one is charging.

Aunty Belle said...

Thanks all!

Good advice--the trouble is that I sorta expect the new to be configured the way the old was set up--I'se an ole hen tryin' new tricks.

I do like the macro--hate flash no matter what as the color washes out--will check the Picasa, PamOKC.

Y'all is all swell!

Pam said...

Picasa is a great way to learn a little editing, I hope you like it. You can also tag your pics or easily put them in other albums so you can find things easily through simple search. Let me know if you have any trouble with it and will see if I can help. It doesn't do complete color correction, but can certainly help save a photo.

moi said...

My point and click is a Sony Cybershot. Easy to use. But I'm signed up for a four week class in March to learn how to use the Nikon D80 S.B. gave me a few years ago. It scares me.

Or, maybe we should all converge at Pam's in OKC and pay her to conduct a class?

Hope Granny's doing better, and you are, too.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

My easy to carry camera is a Cybershot. I find it easy to use. Although, if I don't like a shot. I just thrown away and try again. It does have special purpose batteries, it hasn't been a problem though. It with an extra and have yet been able to run them both down at one sitting.

I appreciate the discussion here. You guys may teach me how to take a picture, yet.

R.Powers said...

I do all my photos with a 5 year old Sony Cybershot that I absolutely love.

Um, a point and shoot should not have a learning curve. That makes me question that new camera of yours right away.

I get that you are feeling that way too.

My Sony Cybershot is bulkier than you desire, it feels more like the SLR's I was used to back in the film era.

Sony uses the "Cybershot" name on multiple camera models and some are have quite the slim, girlish figure you are looking for.

Mine uses rechargeable AA's and I always have about 8 of them charged and in the camera bag or my pockets if I am bushwacking.

Granny okay?

Pam said...

Moi: Wish I could take that class with you! I've been feeling the need to brush up on some things. Don't be afraid of it! Believe me when I tell you that I throw out about half of the pics I take and edit the other half somehow. And if you think everyone else isn't relying on an editing program, you're wrong. They are using Photoshop, Elements, Picasa, or something along those lines ... The three pros who work in my building all shoot on "automatic" in crunch situations, so I quit feeling guilty about that also. If I can't get something right and time doesn't allow, on auto it goes and edit later.

Sharon Rudd said...

Great info here. Would delight in a photo/blogging summit somewhere down the line - on line or in person :)

Aunty Belle said...

Wow--the Cybershot is a popular camera. Hmmmnnn.

would love a phot/ blogger Summit.

whar's this class? A a JR college? Night classes? A camera store? I need to find one too.


I DOES already throw out more than half of the shots I take. Today, it rained. I though, Ok, great--her is a chance to play wif' catching the action (rain drops in a puddle) or do some macro shots of raindrops on the window sill, or rain sluicing down the window, or play wif the lighting (grey overcast day) --YICK! They were all worthless pictures.


Well, that five year ole Cybershot takes amazin' photos--wait, mebbe I is mah own problem--it ain't jes' the camera--reckon ya knows how to use the thang, FC, an thas' half the battle--yore close ups is amazin'!


Heck yeah, let's summit soon--show me how ya take all them fabulous food shots. They's terrific.

moi said...

@Pam, I actually have a minor in photography, but that was in the pre-digital, intuitive SLR days, even though I did shoot quite a bit of stuff with a medium format Rolleiflex that belonged to a friend. I've forgotten everything since. Thanks for making me feel better, though. :o)

Aunty, the class is through UNM's "adult education" program. Your local community college/university should have something similar.

fishy said...

Wow this IS the year of the Camera!

My pocket sized point and shoot is a PentaxOptioZ10 which does way more than I do in taking photos.
I will mourn when it is over so you have my sympathies.

My "new" camera is a Nikon D80 and it definitely is not a simple little point and shoot. The good news is there are numerous online tutorials for just about every application.

I might disagree with Pam about Picasa. I do use Picasa but the way it edits can also distort if you enlarge and print.

Hope Granny is continuing to mend.

Kymical Reactions said...

I need a good camera, Auntie, so maybe I shouldn't go with Coolpix?? We're gonna need a new camera to take lots of pictures of the new arrival when it gets here. :)

Updates at my place. xo.