Ho Ho HO!!

Finshing deckin' the halls, bakin' the cookies, wrappin' the gifts an playin' elf...
Hope y'all is enjoyin' some merry makin'---would love to know yore favorite must have item/ symbol that means Christmas in yore house, favorite Christmas music, what one food is indispensable during the season...t'other words, Christmas ain't the same unless______ (fill in the blank)

an' I'll be back Wednesday wif'a Christmas Story.


Sharon Rudd said...

Lookin' forward to yore Christmas story, Aunty. Meanwhile, sending out some sweet holiday wishes to all my lovely bloggy friends over at my place.

xoxo, eggy

darkfoam said...

i need to put my chickory on the tree too. it's really one of those dia de los muertos chickory ornaments, but, hey, i keep it out all year long. christmas ain't the same unless i have both my sons at home .. and i do,
i know there might come a day when that might not be the case, so i'm counting myself blessed.

Jenny said...

Awwww, Chickory ornaments. I'm looking at two right now as I type; a black cat and very special squirrel.

My Christmas traditions have been all turned upside down, but I spent today with my family having an early celebration and that was wonderful.

"Christmas ain't the same unless......"

Don't feel sad for me, but nothing is the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

"The Lemon-Drop Kid" on DVD and my Christmas Cactus blooming.

moi said...

Christmas isn't Christmas without egg nog, biscochitos, and my Our Lady of Guadalupe with her halo of multi-colored blinking lights holding court in the dining room.

R.Powers said...

Christmas Eve dinner here is always roast turkey, mash 'taters and gravy, green beans, and apple pie/nilla ice cream ... I see no need to ever change it.

Nonfood essentials: "A Muppet Christmas Carol" and "A Christmas Story".

MamaHen said...

Hey Aunty, I sent you an email today with the details for your order!
Merry Christmas!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

Surf and Turf dinner Christmas eve.

fishy said...

My mothers asparagus casserole!

Aunty Belle said...


Love seein' them cookies--willin' to go to Pareeeee tpo get some.


Youse got yore wise haid on the right way, Puddin'.


aw, Sugar>>> of course. Very sorry for the tug at yore heart, but know all those loved ones is smilin' at ya from they own vantage point. Go an' make Merry in their honor.


What color is that cactus?


A eggnog toast to La Madre? Has ya heard that the stars on her robe reflect the correct pattern of the constellations over Mexico at that time of year? An' that a proffessor
at Cornell examined the hemp tilma of Juan Diego to see if/ how the image wuz painted, but it ain't painted.


Indeed--no need a'tall to change it. Every fella I know needs to see A Christmas Story each season.


Hey Sweet Thang--thanky...and Merry Christmas to you and all yore family an friends.


Surf and Turf? But of course! For the Karl family it sounds absolutely perfect.


Yore Mama's asparagus casserole? Hope she shared her recipe!

LaDivaCucina said...

I wish I could comment but as one that finds tradition repressive and boring, I like Christmas to be different each year.

Aunty, I wish you and yours a wonderful, joy-filled season and all the best for a prosperous and peaceful New Year! xo