Aunty goes to the WEBBYs (Oscar fer Websites)

Curious about web design, I done seen a thang called the Webby, an Oscar-esque award fer best design.

I din't like many of 'em. To0 interactive fer me--looky, I doan wanna marry ya, jes' look at ya'.

But some wuz jes' intrigin'. I cain't really embed them fer ya', but please go see some of these an' let me know which of 'em caught yore fancy--or leave me a note of others to view ( decent discretion assumed, of course).

Wanna see some quick blips of adventure from Patagonia?


And how can ya resist a whimsical site whar' they offer a "pop up world" to " help you deny the existence of anything you do not like." ( yeah, thas' what I'm talkin' 'bout)

This one is good--no words, short but complete story that jes' might say more about bein' a plugged-in generation than its creators meant--the whole site / concept is geared to a new version PC re-connect vibe ( "I'd like to teach the world to sing in purrr-fect harmony..."), but it's creative an some shots are worth yore time.

and another short from the same site that has a big message

Twelve Canoes moved me--be sure to ride in the Ancestors Canoe first, visit others if ya like, but leave Nowadays to the last so ya woan cry too soon.

Fer a whole different pace, check out a yogurt named SourSalley

A blog/bidness type of thang is whar' I learned of a pizza in a cone--some gen Y ( what happens when we git to gen Z? does the world jes' go dark?) cutie invented a dough that can be shaped like an ice cream cone an' filled wif' pizza goo.

The museum entries was BORIN'--how can that be? Nothin' to really make ya wanna look at their exhibits--well maybe the quilts, but now really? Quilts beat out the science museums? !!

I designed a plane an flew it over at RedBull-- had a fun 15 minutes here--y'all will too.

I used to play tennis...so I thought the US Open site oughta be excitin'...Y A W N.

TOO much on the page. Fer my money good web design is first an' foremost invitin', not overwhelmin' wif' too much to navigate on one page. http://www.usopen.org/en_US/index.html

I learned about Open Table an' Urban Spoon an' other trendy thangs fer the "plug" (ged in) gen at www.portfolio.com

Wow--web design thas' elegant and interesting--wish I had a big bidness so they could design mah site. http://www.razorfish.com/#/home/

The Orwell Diaries ain't nearly as interestin' as some of y'all own blogs--so hep me figger out why this one--spare an' tight as it is design an' content wise--wuz worthy of nomination?

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Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

I have to agree with you. Most of them seem like lots of bandwidth with little content, I was interested in. I'm inclined to think that most of the folks that are interested in these type of sites are younger and more techie, than you or I.