What would y'all write?

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Has y'all seen that cookin' show "Chopped"? where chefs get baskets of incongruous thangs an is expected to make somethin' happen wif' four or five items that ain't happy together? Idea is that a competent chef knows how to SOMEthing out of anything on hand.

Example: make an appetizer from clams, kiwi, caramels an' feta cheese. Yeah, OHH-k.

Well, wif some other scribblers I knows, we play a similar game wif' words. The idea is that a good wordsmith can make a coherent paragraph outa six incongruous words in five sentences-- or less.

The rules is that all six words have ter be used correctly (in any order), the aim is to weave the words into an integrated thought, an the SHORTEST paragraph wins. It is permissible to use the words in the past tense (hollow/ hollowed)

This week I wuz hoping to cheat--hoping y'all would give me some inspiration. Can ya' hep me out some?

The words fer this entry are:







Iffin' ya wanna take a stab at it, please leave yore five sentences in the combox --an be glad it ain't level two ( themed paragraph as in a funny/ spooky/ technical/ entry )

Aunty is in need of a major reform. Why does I spill the time in my bottle on such frippery???


Caroline said...

The hubris of the tall Norman knight was such that when the bolt of the crossbow came toward him, he thought nothing of it. However, it quickly became evident that he had to duck and swerve the wain from the roadway to avoid being jowed.

Anonymous said...

"jow" ?

I think it sounds like a fun game fer brainiacs, which leaves me out.
Bout that Chopped show .... given how hard the challenges are doncha think some of them judges could be nicer. Who they is a tough bunch.


Aunty Belle said...

OOOH Caroline--good one! We have so many books set in middle ages now ( Lord of the Rings at center stage) that we's relarnin' some of them ole words--an looky how well ya done it!

Thanky fer playin''-- reckon it ain't fer ever'body.


Yep, Chopped judges is a tough bunch. Ya seen how they goona air a similar set up fer designin' a room (house? )heh--why doan'cha enter that one Fishy?

Caroline said...

Aunty, I missed a word! How about if we sneak it in right here...he thought nothing of it as he dozed in the rhythmic swaying of the wagon...However...

chickory said...

Wain swerved but still hit the doe. He got out to inspect the damage to find a rhythmic flow of blood seep from the jowed neck. he took the crossbow out, stood over the dying animal and took his shot. "boo ya" he shouted in an ugly display of hubris as the light faded in the does eyes.

fishy said...

rhythmic jow of tower bell
announcing crossbows aim
no swerve of wain to stay
Hubris execution

Oh bother ... this was suppose to be a paragraph?

The rhythmic jow of tower bell, announced crossbows aim. No swerve of wain did stay, this timely execution of hubris

darkfoam said...

The steady rhythmic pace of the ox, the repetitive jow of the wain as it was pulled down the country lane put the farmer to sleep. he dreamed of fortune and fame. with crossbow and lance in hand he thought himself a great knight. his hubris was such that he fancied himself greater then the king. alas, the sudden unsteady swerve of the ox to avoid a muddy patch jostled the farmer awake.

fishy said...

LOL to Chickorys "Wayne"
Foamy's is really good.
Caroline a wain and a wagon?

Aunty, where is yours?

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Ohmigoodness! Y'all is talented! Nothin' stumped ya', huh. Very well done. Did ya find it fun?

Y'all tell me which I should enter:

Jack B. Nimble swerved left to avoid the crowd of dirty villagers piled four bodies high on a rickety wain. He ignored their rhythmic keening, "Plague!" On the hillock ahead stood the plywood tower crowned with ceremonial knights, crossbows drawn. He winced with each jow of the tinpot bell in St. Frithwede's belfry. "This Medieval Faire is naught but Professor Bluster's hubris," Jack sputtered as made his way astride Equus Asinus.


Modern hubris measures progress as advancing technology, a Wagoneer replaces the wain, Colt beggars the crossbow. Even should our future course swerve through distant stars, Eden will elude us. The original wound, that rhythmic yin-yang of virtue and vice, pierces the heart, jows the head. His toys amaze us but Man himself remains clay.

fishy said...

Awesome Aunty but really,
"Equs Asinus"?

Anonymous said...


what? ya doan like Latin fer Donkey?

Jenny said...

is this what writers do for fun? :-) I love them all but can't think of a thing to say myself.

I like your first one.

darkfoam said...

well, see now ..
with the first one i want you to continue writing so i can read more about the travails and travels of j. b. nimble and his steadfast equus asinus ..

the second one is extremely well written and very clever and reads just like something a college prof would assign poor hapless students ...
and then expect them to write a reaction paper ..

Caroline said...

Enter Jack Be Nimble!
Equus asinus sounds like the perfect blog name for something coming out of Washington, DC some days. =}

Please advise when the next one of these show up for working on...love the creative minds it flushes out.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh--okey dokey Chicory, pretty funny, creative breaking of the rules---heh.

Foamy!! Thas' mah whole life!! like yore dreamy farmer,
some unexpected swerve jostles me awake to a world I din't wanna even know about. Funny entry--love that ya played along!


lovein' the blend--prose haiku (ish)

no sweet thang, it isn't truly fer fun, though it IS fun....it is a kind of "break out of the writer's block" drill. Another is to put a phrase in a circle on a BIG white page then draw satellite circles wif' ideas that ya spin off from the main circle phrase....all the above is meant to restart the engines when that BLANK page remains blank three hours after ya sat down to write.

Caroline and Foamy,
Jack B Nimble thanks y'all an' who knows? mebbe some day the lout will make his own blog. hehehehehe!

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

I'm not sure my use of jow, is correct. But, I'll give it a shot.

During operation crossbow the Allies strove to curtail the hubris of the Nazis. Going after the throat under the heavy jow of their war machine with an almost rhythmic battery of attacks. They swerved World War 2, to its wain.

Aunty Belle said...

Karl, that is nifty--love the war theme. Clever clever.

Aunty Belle said...

Karl, left ya a long comment on BACK Porch. Love to explore this wif' ya....