Mute Monday: eyeCATCHing


Aunty Belle said...

None of these fellas is Uncle, of course. He ain't camera shy, but I doan wanna start a riot.

Unknown said...

Mighty fine choices you've shared with us! I must say that Tom Cruise needs to go, bc I don't care how incredible he looks, he's too evil for me! Happy Mute Monday! Happy 2010!

sparringK9 said...

i dont know who about half these people are! do you aunty or did you just pull some randoms of GI? Show us uncle and i will get back to ya on whos a catch.

(i saw him! oh yes i did.)

happy MM!

h said...

I went from completely confuzzled to guessing these were celebrities to knowing some of them (tom cruise, matt damon) to CRACKING UP laughing.

Quite an O'Henry ending.

Happy Mute Monday!

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Hey Mermaid!

Yeah, Cruise doan qualify on account of Scientology is way weird. I shure doan wanna catch no Scientology neuroses. That invalidates any handsomeness he had.

K9, Dawgy,

heh....Ya know I cain't up load no photos of Uncle wif'out causin' bedlam though I did upload a sneaky version of Aunty two posts ago.

An shure I mixed the famous wif' the regular guys. Doan ya think some of our soldiers, bidnessmen, firemen, ranchers is jes' a much eye-catchin' as the hollywierds?

But I must say, that Beckham thang wif multi ponytais? That
doan do much fer me--I din't choose jes mah own tuye, but a variety so all y'all ladies can take their eye-catchin' pick: Suave, rugged, five o'clockish, bald, studious--whatever.
I know Mr. K9 would fit right in heah--heh.


hahahahahaha!! Thought ya'd git a hoot from this'un. Trolls is very eye-catchin'!

Jenny said...

You're married to George Clooney????

bwahahahah to the last photo, I was NOT expecting that.

and I have to agree with Mermaid. Can we trade Tom Cruise for ..... anyone?

Happy Mute Monday!

Kymical Reactions said...

David Beckham and Matt Damon! They make me "inner thighs hot"! (I learned that from K9 and Moi walla go.)

Happy MM, Auntie. You can adopt me if ya want! Can I come stay in the summer time?? xo.

fishy said...

Okay, I will buy "eyecatching" but could just as easily call it "eyeCandy" ! You did a fine job of the cross referencing of types... ain't there some fine selections in there? Too many gooduns to select a favorite but that last image.... well it fills the eye doan it?

Kudos to Mermaid and Boxer saying the bad politics eliminates the "catch" category for the Cruise. I think the early photo of Clooney is real catching but doan like his politics or his fondness for buying young women.

And Aunty, iffen yu is gonna be depicted as a fading rose surely there is an equivalent for depicting Uncle?

Buzz Kill said...

Wait a minute - these are all guys (except the last one is a guy's guy)! I don't get it. Quite a departure for you Aunty. What have you and Uncle been watching on Shotime lately? Bwhahaha

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...


Naw, ain't married to Clooney-an iffin I wuz, he'd be missin' essential parts by now on account of his pollyticks. Truth tellin' time: Mah own Papa Cracker an Uncle is world class lookers. So I knows handsome fellas can come in conservative packages. Otherwise, I'd be in the convent.


Chile, youse hereby adopted! An ya can come in summer--but it is hot, sticky, an mosquito ridden then. Ya like Beckham huh?


Heh. Aunty is a faded rose alright..reckon that makes Uncle a faded...uh...what does one call a older fella? Oh yeah, "distinguished."

Fishy, preparin' this post showed me somethin' frightenin': Not all fellas age so well as Clooney or a Cary Grant. Leonnard Whiting who is that young Romeo who played opposite Olivia Hussey in the Zeferelli Romeo and Juliet....oh mah heavens, that beaautiful boy chile din't become a gorgeous grown man. I wuz stunned at the contemporary pics.


YOUSE RIGHT! I forgot I wuz'nt still in Ladies Only mode postin' (two posts back) I apologize...but I notice the male blogges does a fair job (ahem, Troll!) keepin lady eye catchers on deck.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Don't they teach people to comb their hair anymore? Troll was one of the few who look presentable.

moi said...

I laughed my butt off at this: None of these fellas is Uncle, of course. He ain't camera shy, but I doan wanna start a riot. Bwahahahahahaha!

I'm not sure who half these men are, but hey, eye candy is eye candy. And I admit it. I think David Beckham is inner thigh worthy.

Pam said...

You had me with Robert Redford (from a good era) and a few others but lost me with Jeff Gordon. You have a good eye for the good-lookin' man, foah sho!

Aunty Belle said...

KArl! Heh...youse RIGHT! Only the Tgroll-Man is truly truly worthy of this post title.

Moi, hehhehehe.

Uncle is still miffed thouhg...he thought I oughta hid him a'tween a young Redford and a young Clooney.


has ya thawed out any? We is COLD today --no kiddin', in the 30s...tourists wants they money back.

WHat? Jeff Gordon doan do it fer ya? Hmmmn...wel, now, I'se jes' tryin' to make sure the Nascar ladies din't feel their guys didn't have fair representations.

Sorry, I still doan git the beckham thang...'tis a mystery to me.

sparringK9 said...

uh - i cam here for more spa tips. i loved that comment on the girly post below....say your prayers whilst ya wait? dude, you need to open a marion spa. while we rub ya down we'll say a rosary for yore flabby ass. grrrrrrrrrrhahahahahahhaa!

love it. and, you look pretty. but, i already knew that.

R.Powers said...

Well, not being a lady ... I read, but did not comment on the beautifinous post, but NOW I had to go back to peek at the addition.

Just as I suspected.


In other news ...
Troll does have a certain ... "Je ne sais quoi".

Anonymous said...

I see yoou added an asterisk to the rose. You are sooooooooo going to get busted for that.

darkfoam said...

i don't see mr foam in there ... hmm ..
oh wait ..
you don't know what he looks like .. :)

Aunty Belle said...


K9, pup youse crackin' me up. A Marian Spa huh? I read that to Uncle--he wuz SERIOUSLY disturbed by it. But I see yore point--prayers n' then some will be needed to package a form of a certain age. Howling hilarious.


Uh-oh....I'se thinkin' only the ladies would read the desperate attempts at a New Year's make-over. I'se charmed by yore assessment, but all ya could see was a sliver of a gray head, so iffin' ya wanna reserve judgment, I do unnerstan'.


Aw, now... It ain't nuthin' very revelatory. Cain't see nuthin' but what I'se tryin' to explain: the glossin' still leaves ya wif gray.


I bet yore Mr. Foam is a killer guy. Shall I come check on that? I is gonna seak up on ya one day--jes print out these amazin' photos ya take, an' head to NC an' look around to I find ya!

R.Powers said...

In science, we tie bits of evidence together to form a conclusion. Bits like a picture on Uncle's desk from many posts ago coupled with recent evidence.

There is no need for a smokin' gun to form a conclusion based on sound evidence.

Have a spectacular day. Hope y'all is not too cold down there. We may have icy roads tonight/tomorrow.

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...

FC, ain't no gettin' around yore bein' a wily fella-- I admits I'se sorta taken aback ya' recalls Uncle's study--how long ago was that? Mercy.

We had a cold mornin', yet it warmed up to be crisp but sunny blue sky day. I hears we's in fer it again on Saturday. Take care up thar'.

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