Foot fetish?


Aunty Belle said...

okay okay..I know these pics are blurry--but jes' try to photograph folk's feet wif'out 'em callin' security on ya'?

If they had, I had mah plan ready--I'd jes' tell the TSA I was scannin' fer shoe bombers. Heh.

Busy weekend--see y'all on Mute Monday! The Theme is BLUE.

Buzz Kill said...

Wow, this is way too kinky for an Aunty. Were you crawling on your knees to get these pics? Bwahaha
It's a good thing you didn't say "shoe bomb" to the TSA or there would have been a body cavity search in your future.

Pam said...

Too funny, but there are a couple in there I'd like to have in my collection.

Meanwhile, is anyone else getting an error message about uploading too many pics to blogger?

Aunty Belle said...


Yep, it is too kinky fer Aunty but...it is an outgrowth of a conversation wif' Uncle about appropriate footwear fer air travel. I mean, silver flipflops? It was in the 40s! What if somebody drops a suitcase on yore wee piggies?

We wuz stranded in SLC fer 8 hours an' what can I say? Boredom? Captive neurosis? Anyhoo...people is freaked out by a lady roamin' around snappin' photos of feet--I had a hilarious time.

Pam OKC!

Oh yes--some of them boots? not too shabby.

Haiku Master said...

Shoe Fetish is like
Swine Flu virus except it's
much more contagious.

Master lives simply.
Ten pairs of shoes. No new ones
this millineum.

Big Shamu said...

I'm not sure what freaks me out more, Aunty slyly shooting everyone's feet or no one noticing her surveillance.

R.Powers said...

Safe travels to you both!

I think the bare feet getting a wee break is my favorite. It just feels so good to get them off after a long day standing in lines at the terminal.

Jenny said...

I did a similar post with post a few years ago, using hats. This is great.

See you Sunday. xoxox.

darkfoam said...

i bet you had a good time. traveling feet and their footwear... sure you are not related to k9? she's got this thing about travel and appropriate footwear too.

SophieMae said...

Hey, I thought of you when I came across this little freebie. Idano if your new reader is kindle-compatible - like Schultz, I know nuthink! 'bout readers - but I understand there's some deal you can DL to read kindle-fare on your pc.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Anonymous said...

uh-o.Back Porch tells the story.

fishy said...

Aunty, I never can understand the folks what likes that black polish on theys toes. Ya reckon that means something in a code I don't know or ya reckon it's just a fad thingy?
Hope you had a zoomer on your camera for the picture taking, some of those feets look to me like ya didn't want to be close enough to smellem.