Shamu's Chocolate Penance!


Y'all, a few weeks back I'se over to Shamu's place, Karmic Kitchen --whar' all manner of cookin' glories happen--
an one link led to another an' afore ya knowed it, I was here at Dorie Greenspan's blog whar' I learnt about her book on Pierre Herme's Chocolate Desserts.


Well well.

Chocolate? Paris did ya' say???

Pierre is legendary --his pastry boutiques are all sorta space age jewelry shops featurin' chocolate baubles from the outer limits of the cosmos.

Take a looky in the book at this amazin' apricot ginger chocolate cake!

Folks, it ain't MAH fault. I bought the book an' it is definitely Shamu's fault fer leadin' me down the tempting path. So...

A suitable penance it seems to me is that Shamy has to MAKE one of these confection constructions! ( I gits a wee nervous when a cookbook talks about "constructing" a dessert.)

AN' bein' the good sport that she is, Shamy hinted she'd take on mah chocolate challenge iffin' I'd post what it is she is to make.

But first, Uncle an one o' his B-I-Ls took a gander at the pages of this big coffee table size book on chocolate constructions an thought that chocolate eclairs wuz too easy, chocolate truffles too simple, moist nutty brownies too expected...but now hold on! The Gateau Saint- Honore might do a fella proud. No kiddin'? Reckon if a dessert calls fer a puff pastry disk, cream puffs, poached pears, caramel and chocolate whipped creme, it do qualify fer "construction" status.

Aunty's near weekly secret passion is Madelines. (yes, Proust an' all that) Usually I settle fer the passable--not bad, really!--ones in threesome package at Starbucks. But, y'all, I do has mah own Madeline pans, an' I can make mah own chocolate Madelines. AN' they's some other cookie offerings from the famous Pierre that are sock snatchers---the chocolate covered hazelnut cookies I will be makin' fer shure. Of course, iffin' youse a macaroon fan--an' Pierre is world famous fer his macs-- youse gonna have fun in heah.

Pastry fer breakfast? In Paris? Wif' Pierre? Looky here for the enchanting windows of his Rue Bonaparte shop.

Still, there were other frabjous offerings:

Cinnamon Savarin Au Rhum?
Chocolate Hazelnut Dacquoise? (oooh, I does love hazelnuts)
Plaisir Sucre?

oooh, how low could I go? Shall I push the edge wif' Cherry on the Cake? Can ANYone make this science fiction glaze at home?

Forthwith I throw down the gauntlet:

In the end, I'se charmed by comfort food. Shamy, please make us the warm chocolate raspberry tart on page 97. An' we await yore photos an review of the process --not to mention how good it is!


Aunty Belle said...

an Uncle say, ship it overnight in dry ice. Heh.

Big Shamu said...

First I have to buy the correct book. I got Dorie Greenspan's Paris Sweets.

Big Shamu said...

Never fear, it's popular enough that I've already found it on the web. And it's the weekend so you're on.

Anonymous said...

Recipe Note from Pierre Herme:

Beware this chocolate and raspberry tart - it's a gustatory seductress. It has a beckoning look, but it's the flavors and textures that get you. The ganache filling is warn, only just set, and almost like custard, soft and rich and silken and smooth. And it's studded with raspberries, a fruit that takes on a different character when heated. Baked, even just briefly as the are here, the berries have a gentle sweetness and an even more distinctive flavor, as though the warmth of the oven ripened them to perfection. The sweet almond crust that cradles the filling offers a little butteryness and a touch of crunch, a nice counterpoint to the creamy filling.

Jenny said...


darkfoam said...

words fail me ..

Dani said...

I wanna go to Shamy's house!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe yuose has a mean streak to ya. Now here it be on a Friday mornin, afore breakfast, and I see these wonderous confections which nearly made me drool on this here keyboard of Blowfish's. For a person with a real affinity for chocolate and, zero baking ability,
I find myself saying, "Dangit Aunty I have now got to save me some go to Paris money or track down Shamu". I'll be hankerin for fine chocolaty confections all day.

Dani said...

Maybe if I can get some red sparkly shoes and click the heels together I'll find myself in Kansas....

moi said...

I had to tip toe right on by this post. Shhhhhh . . . or the devil on my right shoulder is going to head on over to Amazon.com right now.

Instead, the devil on my left is telling you that I declared a winner in the latest culinary throw down. Tip toe on by when you get a chance!

sparringK9 said...

it is a travesty to much up good chocolate with ginger.
i say keep it simple. enough with the berries. stick with creams and some flavorings but nothing seedy.

i have a great recipe for desperation cake. take some cocoa, vanilla, butter, flour and egg and blend it up. put it in a microwave and cook it a minute or two. eat.
its pitiful -but it does "work" if ya get mah drift

sparringK9 said...

much = muck

Anonymous said...

Oh y'all

Imissed all thos fun--had to dash way down
T'other end of the state yesterdy and
Dragged in late

But hoo-whee does y'all look forward to
Shamu's masterpiece

Cain't write muc cause I's on the phone thingy
Up heah at the place whar' Granny waits til$surgery day
But I'll be back directly.

Diva la C!! I wuz in yore back yard yesterdy!!

h said...

Hoping there will never be a chocolate throwdown.

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh my gawd, two fabu posts in a row that make me drool. Why, oh WHY MUST you tease me so on Sunday morn before cawfee and breakfast?

The French really have their priorities straight, don't they?

I'm up with the next throwdown if you want to participate, Aunty, plenty of time too.

Anonymous said...

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