Trick or Treat post on back porch


Anonymous said...

Who who comes to youuuuuu?

K9 said...

we had an owl fight last night in our back yard. i hope they come back! whooooo whoooooo!

happy halloween aunty!

fishy said...

Elvis came with a bumblebee and a ballerina, Dorothy came with Tinker Belle and Snow White. Then the rain came ... :-(

That's some wide eyed, spooked to the max jack-o-lantern you got there Belle. Happy Halloween.

Aunty Belle said...

well Anon,
we had superheros an' ghouls, princesses and star wars warriors, fifties poodle skirts an Fonzie, assorted lions tiger an' bears' (oh my!).

youse a fright in that zombie gitup!
Owl melee? what on earth did yore chickens think o' dat?


SUCH cute tricksters is a treat! sorry yore night was gully washed--drat. Heah, it were the hottest all hallows eve on record.

foam said...

happy all saints day!

K9 said...

el dia de los muertos!

moi said...

One thing I miss about living in the city is handing out candy to the chillruns on Halloween. I loved it. Happy Day of the Dead, too!