Mute Monday: Authors


Aunty Belle said...

sorry fer the late entry, folks.
Jes' back from a weddin' in Charleston....photos to come.

Aunty Belle said...


blogger is gone whacko--I cain't sigh in to make it happy...tried to leave comment at BuzzK, but it won't let me...cain't figger out what Blogger wants...but I laughed at yore always clever twist of theme--fun MM!

(btw, MOI, and Dread, Bitches of Fashion woan let me on to comment either...somethin' I'se doin' when I come home an power up the computer ain't makin' blogger happy.)

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
Ya make me smile. This here is a fine, fun way to depict this meme.
Youse got an interestin mind you have. I likes em all pretty much but I have a soft spot for that 10cent stamp of Samuel Clemmons; an author I think about every time I am set to scrubbin the white fencing at the Pond.

Aunty Belle said...

thanky...but uh...paint the fence black--HOWL!!

Doom said...

What a fine manner in which to display your favorites. There is just something about the stamps that is really interesting. I do not know them all, but I know most of them. I was becoming worried after looking at some other places, that I simply had not read anything like what I had thought I had!

Happy Mute Monday!

h said...

Excellent choice to do stamps. Really liked this. I wonder if the Nobel boy is on any foreign stamps yet?

Happy MM!

Jenny said...

Aunty - I have to hit the publish comment twice (sometimes three times) on those blogs but it eventually it takes. Go back! Fashion Bithces always needs your input.

How clever to use stamps (and things stamped) for your mute. Dr.Seuss was on of my favorites as a child. What a great character.

Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...


Really like the author stamp collection you have here. I use to collect stamps when I was a kid and it was a good way to learn about people, places and things. I don't think I had any of these stamps though.
Happy MM!

PS - I don't know why you can't leave comments. JoannaCake has a problem too. But everyone else is OK. I don't know if there's anything to do. I'll see if blogger has tech support that will give me a solution.

moi said...

I'm having a terrible time leaving comments on blobber, too. I have to copy what I write, go back, then try again. Sometimes several attempts before it goes through - so Aunty, try again!

At any rate, great coverage of the topic. I'd love to get hold of some Twain stamps. And when the Post Office put Ayn Rand on, I gobbled up a stack of those. I thought that was pretty cool.

Happy MM and try us again!

Pam said...

Oooooh! Not only do I love the authors, but I love love LOVE the stamps!!! Great take, happy MM!

Anonymous said...

My wife has actually read Don Quixote in the original Spanish.

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...


oh no--from yore comments, I iknows ya's read widely, and widely read.

jes' give 'em time an' youse gonna see Teddy, an' Harry an' Nancy--all of em on the US stamps, but
O will wind up on the coins.

to this day I will say "I do not like them Sam I am" when I come across somethin' I ain't took a like to.


ya collected Stamps? Wow--usually only the intelekshuls do that! Thanky for any ideas on how I is aggravatin' Blogger.


Ayn Rand? Oh NOOOOO! I missed that one--drat! I will gtry BOF again, but blogger is actin' like a jilted man.


oh darlin' then youse a reader of good stuff. Hooray! we ought start us 'uns a blogger bookclub--no Oprah titles, though. Well, ackshully, I did read Olive Kitteredge, an' it warn't too bad.


she did? Now I IS envious. I had Calderone de la Barca in collich an' barely faked it through---doan think I can manage Don Q in Spanish, but I did recently git me some 4th grader readers in Spanish--a refresher course. Heh. I will say, I admire a man smart enough to marry a smart woman.

sparringK9 said...

nice approach! i think mark twains is my favorite but i love marjorie k rawlins...mostly for her life style. but i mean, the yearling will kill ya! good job aunty.

sparringK9 said...

ive had a lot of blogger issues too. mostly those come boxes that are the "new" kind. i hate those and i also hate the hell out of wordpress.

Kymical Reactions said...

So flippin cool, Aunty! You always seem to have a way to make me grin.

Happy MM!

fishy said...

Saw your comments about not being able to post comments on several blogs. I have made the rounds and find I can leave comments on those sites sans problems. Mayhap it is something on your end?
Happy Tuesday,
Looking forward to the Charleston post, such a fun city, such yum foods too!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle

The stamps make for a nice presentation, so many of my favorites are depicted.

I had to laugh at your comment about Green Eggs and Ham. You see, I have been known to drop into the cadence of the book when asked to do something that I didn't want to do.

Is there a story behind all the stamps for Monaco and South America?

By the way, it always takes me two attempts post a comment at Buzz Kills place.

Happy Tardy Tuesday

Anonymous said...

marcus t
and camoos
aunty belle
has dr seuss



Unknown said...

Aunty Belle! I just loved your stamped authors! I hate that you are having a hard time commenting on my page, but I love that you came to visit! Happy MM!

darkfoam said...

i want that cup!!!
i love cups like that .. :)

R.Powers said...

Man, I love Charleston.
And Beaufort.
And Savannah ... lived there for 3 years.

Ever go to the Southeastern Wildlife Art Expo in Charleston?

Aunty Belle said...


Rawlins IS nifty, ain't she? Knowed you'd like her.

thanky Darlin' real happy to coax a grin from ya'!


I think I fixed it--it were a cookie monster issue.

hi hi...and congrats on your throwdown steak & potatoes win!!

Youse a Seuss fan too? lot of wisdom in those books.


I'll come back--she message to FIshy above.


why I is charmed to have ya visit--an' wif' a rhyme too. Thanky sir.


I KNOW--oh, that lovely antique Red Riding Hood silver cup is only about 10k...heh. WOuld ya believe I ain't never made many adults realize that story is fer

Aunty Belle said...


I love Charleston too--an' reckon I better go back cause I ain't been to that show--only the lady stuff--the garden tours, the historic houses.

THe Charleston post is comin'....

darkfoam said...

do tell then ,,

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