Mute Monday: Advertising


Buzz Kill said...

As opposed to the unpleasant pellets? You wonder what some of these guys were thinking.

Happy MM!

fishy said...

No question the side of barns and storage sheds were the genesis of today's billboards.
Seems like my liver is managing okay without these "pellets" ....a word I associate either with weapons , feeds or droppings but not medicines! Brief but interesting as always Belle, I'm up and happy Monday.

TROLL Y2K said...

Ha! I love some of those old Barn Advertistements you see on the inter-states.

Happy Mute Monday!

pam said...

I love these old barns too! Great post, short and sweet, all that is needed to know where you were going with it! Happy MM, hope your week is a good one.

moi said...

Short but sweet! I, too, am wondering about those pleasant pellets. But it's the word "pellet" that's got me scratching my head. Happy MM, Aunty!

kmwthay said...

Ummmm. I don't think I'll be buying any sort of liver pellets from a barn. But it's funny though!

Happy MM, Anutie!

Doom said...

Weird, right were I live, a bit out though, they have just such a sign and on a barn (though it is much faded). Such an odd place to put an ad, but it is very visible.

Happy Mute Monday!

Boxer said...

Barns, the orginal billboards of America. I wonder what was in those pellets? Probably sawdust and chicken droppings.

Happy MM Monday to a busy Aunty.

Ardlair said...


I believe the fellow who promoted this particular variety of quackery (Ray Vaughn Pierce) was elected as a Congressman.
On the Republican ticket.
In 1879.

Clearly his expertise at selling crap to millions set him up well in that particular party?


Ardlair said...

But I guess he was only, to quote you yourself, on the back porch recently, just one of these great capitalists........

"Capitalism has to be free to be virile. It rewards those who deal with uncertainty, with danger of utter loss, the risk takers- the grand dreamers, the walk tall and think big strides.."

It also, apparently, awarded charlatans.

Still love

foam said...

Falling Off A Log.
“As easy as falling off a log,” is an
old saying. When it was first uttered
nobody knows. Nothing is easier, un-
less it is the taking of a dose of Dr.
Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets. These act
like magic. No griping or drenching
follows, as is the case with the old fash-
ioned pills. The relief that follows re-
sembles the action of Nature in her hap-
piest moods; the impulse given to the dor-
mant liver is of the most salutary kind,
and is speedily manifested by the disap-
pearance of all bilious symptoms. Sick
headache, wind on the stomach, pain
through the right side and shoulder-
blade, and yellowness of the skin and
eyeballs are all remedied by the

Source: The Daily Gazette (Xenia, Ohio) Friday 8 April 1892

Doom said...

Aunty Belle,

I got lost in my moment and forgot to ask about the UNethical thing. Well, now I'm calling in my chip.

Aunty Belle said...

THanky one an' all, fer these fun comments.


eggsactly--what WERE they thinkin'?


me too-sounded like rabbit food to me. But the real idea was adverts on barns--is nothing free of the bombardment?


remember the Burma Shave signs?

sometimes I have to remind folks I can be short-winded! 'Tis a rarity.

can we feed the pellets to the Obamatron?


heh..reckon' not. Who can blame ya?


ha--I used to think "See Rock City" owned every barn in the country.


Mercy knows what was in them thangs--I heered one snake oiler sold "diet" pills wif tape worm eggs in 'em. Oh ya lost weight, but iffin' the salesman din't get back around in a couple of months with the antidote, ya died.


yep, reckon ole Dr. Pierce followed in the footsteps of that first Republican President, a charlatan to be sure. Why did ya know the first thang Lincoln uttered after he heered of the scuffle at Sumter wuz, "What will happen to my tarrifs?

Yep, he warn't one itty bitty bit concerned fer no black folks. After all, his "emancipation proclamation" only freed slaves in Confederate states, not the Union border states --those black folk remained slaves.

Fer the record, Aunty is an apologist fer Conservative principles, not the Republican party.


Heh...good sleutin'!

alrighty, I will git it up on the Back Porch by week's end.

ree said...

Barn art! Wonderful.

Happy Mute Monday Aunty!

Making Space said...

Hiya Auntie! I want to order some liver pills please! Also note my blog, I moved platforms and went public again. Click my ID and come see my pumpkin pie. It was cooked from frozen for Shamu's Dim Sum Sunday, so I presume liver pills will help you recover after you eat a slice.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

It's funny, I find Barn adds interesting and fun to look at, yet I find billboards of ugly and intrusive.

Happy Mute Monday!

K9 said...

see rock city! happy MM aunty.