On the Road Again

I'se headed out again fer a spell of speechyfying. Be travlelin' in the West and Midwest fer a few weeks. Nothin' more to Aunty's taste than tellin' folks what's wrong an' how to fix it--

Well, now, seriously, this means I'se movin' into warp speed to git these speeches polished up---- an' untangle mah hair an' knickers so I can be publicly presentable-- a harder and harder task, I does admit.

Truth is, speechyfyin' in hard times is hard work. Folks need a hopeful horizon, a history to revere, a blessin' on what they is doin' to keep thangs together in they own backyards. An' an encouragement to square the shoulders an' keep pullin' the wagon up the right road to the right goal. People is growin' weary, I see. Weary of the lies and the cheatin' ways of the wonks. They need to believe that belief ain't always betrayed. That somethin' is worth their honor. How does one discuss the real time worry, but inspire hope in the future?

I welcome yore ideas.

An' it means less time fer bloggin'. I hate to miss all the Mute Monday, Culinary Throwdowns an all such fun, but mostly I doan like missin' y'all, what's doin' in yore lives. When I can I will read yore blogs an' may even leave a comment or two. But fer a few weeks, mah posts will be very few.

The good thang is that Uncle will come out an join me fer few days at one of them utterly fabulous National Parks. So, tired as I will be, thar's a wee bit of fun factored in. Plus, when I gits home, it's over til Jan 2010! (Thas' right, no deadlines in mah life fer two whole months---hooray!)

Y'all hold the fort, carry on, keep the fires burnin' an I'll be back directly.

Adieu, Adios, C-YA.


h said...

I'd have to know what the speeches are about before offering any bad advice.

Doom said...

I don't envy you at all. Speeches are terrifying to me. As a fact, I won't do em' and they couldn't make or pay me to do them. However, I appreciate the fact that some people can pull up whatever it takes and go to it.

I would guess though, in times of plenty, speeches may be clapped at or enjoyed, but paid little heed. If people are fat and happy, they see little need for change. When they are hungry, looking for a job, or fear they might be, they are looking for the right words anywhere. Not that I know, just guessing here. So if you have it in you, now is the time to chirp like a bird.

As far as wonks go, you ought to let them know that they are in just as much trouble as they are. I've known several who have had their lives in perfect order only to lose so much in property values, other 'means', and stock that life is not secure anymore, with much worse quite possibly to come.

People need to get back to the American (Christian if you are allowed to say such a thing) value of looking at their own path and making sure it is straight. Let the wonks worry about themselves. If one wants to make sure the wonks keep it straight, then be straight themselves. Besides the regular people are, eventually, going to be the next big wigs. Quit worrying about others, rich or poor, and do what you do, do it to your best, and do it right, every time. If nothing else, be a good example. That may also help them to keep their jobs or get new ones.

Too many people believe they have a right to all kinds of things they simply have no right to claim. Jobs, health care, security, even food. Those are not rights. One only really has the right to try and earn those things, and keep (some) of the proceeds (unfairly little of what they earn, in my belief). I would say most civil rights are a farce as well... equal employment? equal pay? both often abused. But I wouldn't press that too much, unless your audience can handle the truth. And it sounds like you are trying to be uplifting. Still, a nip in the seat is not all wrong all the time. Not nipping the problems in the bud, actually, is most likely why we are were we are.

Oh, and the notion to never quit is a good thing for a worried people. If they are not working and waiting for that next big job... It may be a long wait. Go fill out applications at McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Burger King, et cetera. When people tell me they are great at x, while the tv is on mute midday sitting at home earning nothing, or in their parents' basement getting overweight, I have to think one of us is missing something.

Bah, what do I know. I take eggs and tomatoes to speeches. :p

At least you have a pause in the speeches and travel (I am jealous of that part) to enjoy a family get together in a world class park. I know many people don't quite look at our parks that way, but they ought to. And then two months off? Well, off, I think, is probably a relative word, but... Go get em'.

Big Shamu said...

If you're in the KC area, give me a holler and we'll break bread and ribs together. I'll be the quiet observant mouse in the back.

Pam said...

Same here! If you end up in OK City, I'd love to come see what Auntie is speechifying about! Tea party season is over for now, isn't it??? See, I knew you had some sort of teacher vibe to you!

Buzz Kill said...

I can only think of things not to talk about. Health care and illeagal aliens come to mind. Try get some pictures so we can guess where you are. That could be fun. Have a safe trip.

moi said...

Are you running for office or just complementing your writing with talks? I'm intrigued, intrigued!

If I were to tell the people of this country one thing, I'd tell them that a Dark Ages is coming and the only way to get out of it is not to pray and not to legislate for every little wish, whim, or boo-boo that comes down the pike, but to THINK. Instead of just spouting bromides like, "because Jesus/Allah says," or "that outta be a LAW!" figure out what things MEAN in the larger context. And that context is: does your idea, belief, law lead to freedom or to tyranny?

I'd tell people that they have every right to believe as they please, but no right to wield their beliefs like swords. Religious fundamentalism is tyranny against the human spirit and should never be tolerated for one second. There is no Our God Versus Their God. This isn't a FREAKIN' FOOTBALL GAME.

Faith is personal; it guides our interiors. But Reason is the only proper tool for guiding our exteriors – in other words, our politics.

We have a perfectly good set of laws in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We don't need to change them, because I can't imagine a set of ideas that could possibly surpass these for the beauty of their simplicity and power. For thousands of years, government equaled tyranny. It was set up to give rights to the ruling classes, not the common man. Then, for the first time in history, a bunch of men got together and created a union that puts actual human rights at its core. Why on earth would we want to toss that over in favor of going back to tyranny? That's what I want to know. WHY are we working against that?

R.Powers said...

I know you'll stress being as self reliant as possible, so nuff said there.

I would also toss personal responsiblity and not blaming your situation on others.
Deal with it you sissies!

Made a great Key Lime Pie today, too bad you have to go.
Have a safe trip and enjoy those socialized protected lands.


Aunty Belle said...

heh, any advice of yores is wlecome!

wonks is dang shure worriet, that I know. Youse got it--the point of talks is (more or less) about the value of the actions of those already engaged in the fight for what is right--


heh--well now, I will be about 7 hours from ya at one brief point. Time too tight, but I will be back that way soon enough an' will factor in a looser leash. See reply to Pam below--how far is KC from OKC?


teacher vibe? oh dear--reckon I gotta tone that down a notch or two!
As wif' Shamu I'd love to meet you--a mid country summit?? These engagements contracted a year ago--had I known I coulda built in a bit more time--ooooh! next trip, we is ON! Shamu is not that far from you --a meet in the middle might work?

Aunty Belle said...

Buzz Kill!

I WILL take pics--an' technology permittin' wil try to upload to blogger. Thanks fer safe travel wishes.

MOI! Mah Cherie,

I loves it when youse all jazzed--youse hired as a ghost writer par excellence! Amen to all ya said. (but, gick! "this ain't a football game"--another who shall be unnamed jes' used that phrase to his own deceptive purposes.)

Moi, it ain't intrigue worthy--reckon' ya'd be disappointed if ya knew the audiences ain't no glitterati. Speeches address reality as the guide to personal action--that is, on reason; not wishful thinkin' or Madison
Ave fantasy or K Street wrangling.
Know yore history, know the human animal, know thyself, find yore core, do what needs doin.'

Ain't runnin' fer office. (mercy!)
Speeches follow from written work.

Yep, youse tapped too--ya could give mah talks fer me: self reliance, no cry-babies. Thar's adventure in livin' /strivin' to do well by doin' right.
Save me a slice of that pie!!

Doan want none of y'all to have the wrong impression--Aunty shure ain't one of them bright-light marquee features at conventions of Fortune 500s an' such. Mah wee efforts is aimed at folks jes' like us'uns...the people who are "we the people". It's jes' long weary hours of airport lines and delays, the rubber chicken dinners, look-alike hotels, an strange city noises at night far from home--but for the people, the faces of "average" Americans, when ya can point to a truth they know in their gut? Theah ain't no price too high.

sparringK9 said...

no, aunty no. this is not the time to not blog -this is the perfect time to blog. take your camera and give us some travel posts with your observations on the various kulcha shocks you encounter, bad fashion is always a treat and of course natures splendor. c'mon now.

sparringK9 said...

oh and advice? what you said at mois a few weeks ago -and that is - participate as little as possible with the system. do not play the game. avoid debt, mindless consumerism and get your skill set together. do not buy into the fear and turn the TV off.

Aunty Belle said...


come along an hep me, Dawg.

Yore idea is good --but I has an ethical question: Is it ethical to take a stranger's photo without permission an blog it? or, is it okay as long as ya doan show no faces?

As fer what I'se gonna say, one thang fer shure--the whole world seems to think a breech of ethics/ law is only when ya gits caught. When ordinary life requires ya to recheck ever'thang cause ya cain't be shure of the truth of it, then that is true civilization breakdown

Case in point: Scientific research standards of ethics is tryin' to figger out if withholdin' data or downplayin' data such that it counterbalances the other data in support of a desired result is an akshul breech of ethics? huh?

I real really gits that Dante put liars in the tenth ditch of Malebolge-- lower than the violent, the panderers, cheats and schemers...oh yes, liars and impostors are the worst of frauds.

Today, how is the average fella, jes' tryin' to do his work, coach little league and change the oil in his buggy--how can he manage a decent life when the media, the gubmint, the academic "scientists" lies ? A civilization is possible because there is a level of trust. Kick that out from under folks, an' ya create utter chaos, then anarchy.

Jenny said...

I'm as intrigued as Moi, and only wish you happy travels and polite and enthusiastic audiences.

I do believe there is optimism in our current time; more people are following politics (for good or bad(, people actually VOTED in the last election, people are adding more to their savings accounts in records numbers AND buying less crap.

And when in doubt, do a power point on LOL Cats. Bwahahahahah.

Safe and sane, Autny and K9 is right... now is the time to blog.

moi said...

I second K9's suggestion that you DO blog. You don't have to invade anyone's privacy, though. How about posting interesting commentary that you get in response to your talks?

Because we'll miss you if you're silent for that long :o).

Regardless, travel safely and we all look forward to hearing about your adventures!

sparringK9 said...

are you kidding me? ethic schmethics - everything and everyone is something you can exploit for "art". grrrherhahaha no - i understand aunty. (remember that post i did about strangers on a train? grrrhahahaa - oh sure - i bet your remember all my posts. grherhaha never mind)

er - no. but your observations on how it is out there would be much appreciated. you can always describe what you think is inappropriate to photograph -but im sure youll find things to shoot. have uncle contribute a post. this is a chance for real creativity. dont blow it aunty. grrrrhahahaha

looks like i have some solid back up. just be sure that you dont neglect uncle by being on your computer. you wait until he drops off for the night.

darkfoam said...

interesting ....
it would be real interesting to hear one of your speeches.
are any being broadcast?

as far as taking pictures ...
trying to avoid their faces might be good. shots of crowds are fairly anonymous too. just don't identify anybody by name.

fishy said...

Safe travel and may you assist your audience in raising their awarness that multitudes holding the line against pervasive evil is a viable goal. Elevate those minds and spirits Aunty!

I agree with the others, surely there will be an opportunity to load a picture or two and write a little during those airport waits or in those non-noteworthy hotels. Also, I believe all types of media publish or broadcast photos where the individuals in a crowd are never identified because the photos are taken in the public arena. I can't imagine you would upload a photo that would harm.

You got a good plan to protect yourself against H1N1 ? Godspeed Aunty,

Gnomeself Be True said...

Wow.That'd be my wife's dream job!
Of course, who'd pay her for doing what she does every day free?

I thought you'd "like" to see this disturbing bit of video.


"Hear our cry Obama."

Big Shamu said...

"Is it ethical to take someone's picture and blog about it?"

What an interesting question. I was under the impression (BD - Before Digital) that taking someone's picture in and of itself is not unethical. Using it for your own purposes was not unethical. Taking someone's picture while they are in a public place and running it in a newspaper was not unethical. Invading their privacy and taking their picture without their permission I consider unethical but as we all know happens all the time. Taking someone's picture and using it to advertise something without their permission (signed photo release) is not only unethical but illegal. Taking someone's photo and blogging about it? I don't consider that unethical. K9's point about turning something into art is also interesting, see the whole Shepard Fairey - Manny Garcia - AP kerfluffle. I'd love to hear other folks thoughts on this issue.

Big Shamu said...

And yes, I'd do a roadtrip. Oklahoma City is roughly 6 hours from KC so halfway or all the way, makes no never mind to me. As the Seattle Blogiteers can tell you, I'm very good at hiding true identities when it comes to photos of bloggers.

pam said...

I'm up for a roadtrip! I'm figuring that Joplin is about halfway between OKC and KC and probably nowhere that you would like to go! Heh. But I might could get further north if needed!

MEANWHILE. I have to admit. It finally occurred to me. Aunty Belle. Antebellum. Or is that just a coincidence?

Aunty Belle said...


thanky fer the safe travel wishes. An' reckon youse right that thar's some optimism that folks is startin' to pay attention to what aksully matters in life--an it ain't "stuff"
( ah, well, SOME stuff is crucial still--the Louboutin' boots fer instance)


oh mercy, mebbe so--mebbe I will blog iffin' I ain't laid out in a coma somewhar' wif' exhaustion. The responses will be mostly relief that somebody says what they's thinkin' anyhoo. I is calm wif challenges these days, since I has already had the doozie of 'em all onc't in Chicago. After that, nuthin' would rattle me much.

I will say public speakin' has its unpredictable side--once in Florida a offical kind of fella got so riled wif' me he rushed up Kayne style an' grabbed the mike off the podium...then another official fella came an' grabbed him--leavin' me an 500 other polite folks aghast. I jes' took a step back an' let them tussle until the latter prevailed. This kinda thang ain't a'tall usual, but ya jes' never know.


I'll do what I can, but doan have too much expectation in case thangs git too hairy, ya know? But on ethics, how would ya feel if a pic of yoreself showed up on same nameless blog in the cyber cosmos?? You'd be at the mercy of some scribbler's caption!!

I has to pack a coat now---snowin' in fact is predicted fer one of mah location. Snow ain't mah preference mor'n once a decade.


Hey hey...well, mah speeches might cause some to yank they haid bald. Thar's a good reason fer bein' anonymous in the blogosphere, an' thas' so folks can know ya as a person not as a voice fer somethin' that could rub ya raw.

I ain't got no real secrets of course, reckon' Aunty's Points Of View is pretty well known now. As fer broadcasts, no, not of the speeches. I does about a radio program per month, but the programs is fer narrowly targeted audiences, so it ain't likely youse gonna heah me with yore ususal flip o' the dial.

Believe me, it is all far more ordinary than ya think. Jes' one more foot soldier trudgin' the concourses, or bangin' the keyboard.

Aunty Belle said...


Heh..ya cain't imagine I'd upload a photo that would harm???? Oh babyfish, I shure would love to!! I'd evermore relish uploadin' a glimpse of the architects of the Endarkment iffin' I catch'em in an unprotected moment. Heh.

I sniffs some silver juice. C-ya H1N1!


Chile, I is happy to see ya (it bein' a rare thang). Yore bride can come on along, might cure her of the itch. That Breitbart thang fills me wif' revulsion--them silly people doan know they's been had. AN IT MAKES MAH POINTS!

Why is health care a right? Is housing a right? What about clothing? A Car? When somethin' concrete (rather than conceptual) becomes a right, it becomes too expensive, has ya noticed? (Lemme see? The right to bear arms doan carry NO promise to buy ya an Uzi at public expense. The right to free speech doan buy ya' 30 second spot durin' the superbowl broadcast.)


I like yore thoughts on ethics--thang is, seems to me, that new technology makes a stealth invasion of another's privacy jes' far too easy. When do people become cardboard props in the public domain? But then, ever'body's ever'thang is thrown out of the web fer the world to see--is we technologically morphed into voyeurs an' exhibitionists?

Ho! Youse up fer a roadie? hehehehe. (see reply to Pam)


Well, then that settles it--next time I gits out that way, I ise goona factor in some road-trip time fer Shamu an' PamOKC and Aunty to rendezvous! We'll have to find the best BBQ, like Shamy says.

An, yes yes, AuntyBelle is AnteBellum--a wee hint as to mah molding, if not mah age!!

In short, I'se a Southern Agrarian.

We doan think "progress" is god. We doan think any amount of techno-toys cahnges human nature, only the means that human nature uses to accomplish its goals. We doan think that a utilitarian,
mechanized machine world that reduced man's value to what he does fer the bottom line is the prize to be favored over the proper care of land and communities and relationships.

Anythang by Wendell Berry about says it fer us'uns.

But we can talk about all that when the next time rolls around an' we can chew the fat over BBQ!!

h said...

I still don't have a clear idea what the speeches are about. But regarding this line:

"A civilization is possible because there is a level of trust. Kick that out from under folks, an' ya create utter chaos, then anarchy."

You could cite concrete macro-and-micro examples where that did indeed happen.

fishy said...

Come calling at the pond Belle, there's a thaky fer ya.