Ain't Gonna Happen, Friend-o


Now the big boys of finance want a Globo.

Goodbye Euro, goodbye yen. Nyet to rubles. Adios pesetas.

Uh-huh. The amazin' noble uncorrupted United Nations is callin' fer a single, global currency.

Yore ATM spits out globos in 2012.

Like I am ever goin' along wif' this.

I'll trade ya Ansel Adams fer a tractor.



Floridacracker said...


The Anti-Christ said...

This is nothing to be concerned about and will help facilitate peace and prosperity.

Boxer said...


Huckleberry Friend said...

If we do my entire business is screwed and I am out of a job. NO!

K9 said...

conspiracy nut. grrrrrrherhahaha

Doom said...

Though, if you think about it, as the economy, not just US but world, is going, they can print all they want it will only be useful on the throne (uhrm, your household one). I wonder if you can get the sheets cut only horizontally for ease of rolling?

No doubt, I am against it, but three quarters of what I am against has become socially or "legally" acceptable at this point in time.

The only other conservatives on my ticket I can be sure of are Paul, Moses, Peter, you know, the good ol' boys. Ha.

Christ is sort of there, but He is different, being God and all, and... only half of His story has been told so far. I think many people think His peaceful allowance of His own death is all there is to Him. Woe on the fools. He is more my Lord than contemporary, peer, or such too.

fishy said...

I have been anti United Nations for about 3 decades. Now, on another 9/11 I find myself thinking

Why didn't the terrorists ram planes into the United Nations Building?

Yeah, I know the answer to that Aunty but truth is , I ain't no pilot.

Aunty Belle said...


Funny--love that!

BEGONE you foul fiend!


amen, sistah!

Huckleberry Friend,

'fraid so Sugar, fraid so. Has ya heered some of this on the street?


heh. What's left? only to Kool-Aid guzzlers.


2nd paragraph: LOL! Yep...

scale up, scale up Fishy.