Mute Monday: DARK


pam said...

*******SIGH******* MMMMMMM******
Dark Chocolate! Have you tried those Dark Chocolate Dove ice cream bars? DIVINE

h said...

I'll try it, but I think my skin will remain green and leathery.

Happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

good for the soul AND the heart!

Happy Mute Monday.

Joanna Cake said...

Oh YUM!!! Over here, Green & Black have been taken over by Cadbury and there is now milk powder in all the dark chocolate, including the 70%, so the vegan Ruf cant eat it any more. Worse still, even Lindt now proofs its labels with 'May contain traces of milk powder'. And, yup, that includes the 85% dark bar too :( Happy MM x

Kymical Reactions said...

Why oh WHY did I not think of this!?

I love love love me some dark chocolate.

must go get some now.

Happy MM

fishy said...

If I have an addiction, it is definitely CHOCOLATE. No doubt this will be my favorite MM today! I am up at the pond.

ree said...

Oh. Yum.

Happy Mute Monday!

Unknown said...

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moi said...

I'm getting here a day late, but yum anyway! Although, sometimes, I just need the sugar rush that's 100 percent milk chocolate :o).

fishy said...
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Unknown said...

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