Czarred to death


I is real miffed now wif O-boys' shenanigans. Iffin' ya ain't been to MOI's Apple Orchard in the last day or so be sure to git on over fer yet another outrage by the monkey-eared POTUS.

The list of whack job "czars" includes a Harvard fruitcake who thinks chickens have rights. The right fer you not to eat them iffin' a lawyer will jes' take the case. So of course he is appointed as a regulatory czar--ya want this freakfest regulatin' yore life?

Fax the WH now, sweet peas--the whole place has slid down the rabbit hole.


Aunty Belle said...

I'd like to think the obamanation is jes' messin' wif our haids--who could possibly know so many weirded out people?

kmwthay said...

I wish it true Auntie, but ole dude has a new whacko every week sayin something that makes my scratching and shaking my head saying "huh?" I think my IQ drops 5 points everytime a dem opens it's mouth.

Floridacracker said...

And now they've made the strategic blunder of stopping the F22 fighter,in the foolish assumption that all future conflicts will be against ragtag terrorist groups.

Aunty Belle said...


I know! the collective IQ is in a free-fall--yeow!


what in the sam hill are they thinkin'?? I seen how they took that great jet outa the mix--not smart--jes' not smart a'tall.

Haiku Master said...

Experiment done.
Rule-Of-Law gone like a train.

moi said...

I don't remember things being this Cloud Cuckoo Landed since Carter was in office. Laugh? Cry? Polish the blue steel?

Boxer said...

my head hurtz.

fishy said...

I was already glum.
I was already discouraged.
I was already very, very annoyed.
Now I am thinking that " polishing the blue steel" comment is a very,
oh so very excellent idea. That way when the chicken czar shows up at the Pond, he can be fresh fish food.