Heart Warming! Simon is shown a thang or two

Texas Tea on BACK Porch

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Dani said...

Susan rocked it!!

Anonymous said...

She SAID she would rock them, and she did it!

Gnomeself Be True said...

I nearly didn't watch that, because I hate those shows.
Best part for me was knowing that the beautiful blonde was watching this very plain middle aged woman on stage and thinking "Damn, I wish I had her pipes!"

fishy said...

You should post warning signs!
I have appointments today and now I have no mascara left on these eyes!

Boxer said...

My sister sent this to me yesterday and I sat in my office and cried. It's one of my favorite songs from Les Miz, and her beauty was so lovely to hear/see.


foam said...

i never watch this show ..
but this was truly my pleasure.

SophieMae said...

I caught a little news bit yesterday about this video and how it's had like a bazillion hits. Thanks ever so for sharing it! Never judge a book...

And speaking of books, right now I'm reading Losing it All to Sprawl... How Progress Ate My Cracker Landscape by Bill Belleville. It's one of the FL History and Culture Series line. Just started it, so I can't do a completely informed review, but so far, so good. 8-]

moi said...

I LOVE her story! What struck me as well was her beautiful posture and her comportment walking on and off stage.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Dani!!

Did ya see the interview backstage when she said she would "rock" them folks??

Hey Anon,
thas' right!!


dang ya--I shure miss yore place...but thanks fer yore 2 cents--an' yes, that pretty blond thang found some honest grace and knew she was in the presence of somethin' Extraordinary.


IKNOW--I still well up watchin' the clip.

Boxer -Babe!

It is jes' such a fine story of gumption payin' off, the step chile gits a seat at the head of the table--LOVE it!


I neber watch this show either--all them white teeth of Simon's scare me. A friend sent me the link to watch. I bet I seen the clip 6 times now--gits better each pop.

Sophie Mae--hey you!

Yeah darlin' I love the "last shall be first" vibe of her story--how the good stuff can be hidden from the warthawgs of the world.

An' huh?? Wif' a name like Belle-ville I reckon I better read his book!

Moi (Cherie)!

Yes! Her posture was secure and her manner so pure--wanted to hug that lady, I tell ya'. The pan of the audience was priceless--got more than their ticket price, huh?

Boxer said...

she also had lovely shoes. I mean it. As she walked off stage, she had a certain grace about her.

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer Babe--she did!!

Dont'cah jes' love the Cinderella factor of it all?

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
My favorite, favorite, favorite is the spreading of GRACE from Susan to the judges and the audience!
Speaks so beautifully.
Come over to the Pond,
post relative to this subject. Always love to get your input.

Aunty Belle said...

Here is what one columnist wrote:

You will notice that I specifically omitted reference to Ms.Boyle and Demi Moore's ages because chronological age isn't what this is about. Of course, you correctly point out that they are the same age. Demi Moore, and many other H'wood celebs, devote themselves to maintaining a Young & Hip, known here in the U.S. as Y&H, image. To her credit, Ms. Moore has openly talked about what she has done to her body over the years trying to get the film roles she wants---implying, at least to me, a feeling of regret for what was sometimes wasted effort and money. Ms. Boyle has a level of talent that Demi Moore will never have, and she obviously has not been a slave to maintaining a Y&H image to meet with the mainstream culture's approval. Ms. Boyle appears to be secure and confident with who she is and with her extraordinary talent. What a wonderful way to be. Is that the way Demi Moore would like to be? Is such a wish, in part, why she was reduced to tears by Ms. Boyle's performance?

pamokc said...


Have you heard this one by her? The only other known recording by Susan Boyle. "Cry Me A River". It is beautiful. Have been listening to it all evening long.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh!! Thank YOU Pamokc for that link--fabulous, amazin' story, amazin' voice. Ever'body, go listen to this link. Ya woan be sorry.

Thank ya darlin'!!