Departure this week

A martini of fresh peas nestled in layers of carrot cream, mint cream,an' studded wif' bacon ...behind this door. Now, thas' how to have yore vegetables.


fishy said...

Oh, How I am pining to be on that plane with you! I've crossed the big Pond in a "Petri dish" before but France was not on my agenda.....sent lots of pictures!

I have never had peas in carrot cream ....but I do like my peas and carrots so this sounds yummy to me.
Wonder where I can find a recipe for carrot cream? Might have to go visit Smitten K again.itchen

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's a picturesque door. Looks hard to open.

SophieMae said...

Don't drink the water! 8-} My world travels have taken me N as far as Hoosierville and W as far as Nawlins. WOOHOO! My dream destinations are Australia, Ireland and Scotland. D'ya think if I whine DCwardly, somebody might give me a ticket? 8-}

Bon voyage, sweet thang! Allez avec Dieu.

Anonymous said...

Whatever those fancy peas is tagged Auntie, I bet it does not top Obama's $100 per pound steak orgy while the nation spirals into fiscal oblivion.

Boxer said...

Bon Voyage!!!!!!

K9 said...

o doan know about that mint. have a great time. you will be missed!

foam said...

hey ..
just wait one minute here!
you forgot to take ME!!! .. :/


have a great time.

NYD said...

I've been dry for two weeks now, so if it has the word Martini in it sign me up!

Enjoy the french fries!!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey y'all!

Fishy, I'd share mah peas wif' ya! A designer oughta plan fer France, I reckon you'll get there one of these days.

it's an old old door that goes into a pilgrim's refuge--the interiro is modern( bathrooms and a kitchen/cafe) but the walls and windows? Very Medieval.

SophieMae, Sugar Pie,

I'd go to Aussie territory wif ya!
I like yore French.

well, heh, what'd ya expect of the con artist??? THe man ain't never had a job, always been at the public trough.


thanky!! Wishin' youse on the same plane. (so ya could tell me all the JUICY stuff from the Summit)

K9, Pup,

ya dona like mint? Mint on peas? Thas' a classic combo. I will miss you too--fer shure. Bet ya'd be cool to travel wif'....bitin' folks that got in yore way, huh dawg?


Come an go!! Love to have an artist along to show me what to like.


What? Ya' gave up the corn fer Lent? I'se impressed.

Thank y'all fer the kind wishes fer travel--be home afore ya know it.

Dani said...

Have a good trip Aunty! Be safe.

pamokc said...

What what what? I missed this entirely. Enjoy your trip - it looks like it would be somewhere I would want to go!

Anonymous said...

Aint home yet an typin on
A wee pad is weary work.

boneman said...

"Iffin folks can make up their own morality
Then they make it to advance jes' their own thang

You may call it by its true name.
That would be Freedom.

foam said...

what? not back yet?

tsk ..