Blueberries of Storybook Farm

Readin' at Meem's gorgeous blog, Hoe and Shovel, I learned about blueberries in the home gardenscape. This excited me so much that I'se ordered a few bushes!

Mebbe it is a yearnin' to grow more of our own vittles or mebbe it is the novelty but this project is makin' me smile. In mah mind's eye, I'se a blueberry magnate on a storybook farm. Mayhap we need an alternate means of makin' a livin' these days.

Why not blueberries?

The University fo Florida has a strong program to help commercial farmers add blueberries to their repertoire. There are even grants to those who will put in ten acres or more of hybrids that do well in Florida.

I think that would be a grand plan--a mini- blueberry farm. So fer, Uncle ain't persuaded. He say, "Woman, ain't I got enough to worry wif' keepin' the Pork Rind Bidness goin'?"

I'll keep ya posted, but I does expect to have some blueberries this summer--a few token samples the first year of planting.

Iffin' ya have a favorite blueberry recipe, please share!

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CHEF TROLL said...

UF Ag.Ext. rocks. What's ready for harvest from Aunty's garden NOW?

New Troll Poll.

Floridacracker said...

You will love growing them Aunty. Nothing easier and they require almost no fussing.
AND the deer don't seem to like the bushes!

I eat most of mine fresh, but blueberry scones are pretty amazing.

Boxer said...

We had them growing up - just a few, but enough to enjoy blueberry pancakes and an occasional cobbler.

They're also a pretty bush - just watch the birds... they love them too.

moi said...

I've been making a lemon curd and blueberry tart for as long as I can remember that is yummmmmmmy. I'll post on Undaunted Baker soon.

SophieMae said...

Dern, now I'se got a hankerin' fer some. Wonder would UF gimme half a grant for 5 acres. Course I'd a heap druther grow heirloom produce than hybrids, but I'll take freebies if they's offered. Right now, the mater catalogue's got my 'ttention. Gonna pop open a bag o' chicharones an' plan me a garden. Big ol' beefsteaks at the top of the list.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Meems said...

Gosh Aunty, I'm sorry I missed this one. Thanks for the link love and kind comments. What a wonder... YOU are thinknig the same thing my brain has been stewing on.

You know the link I sent you for making blueberry purchases? A) They have all kinds of information about starting your own blueberry farm but your UF resource is really excellent too. B) Walked into Home Depot the other day and they are selling the very same plants from the very same TrueBluePlants. I've picked up a couple more to blend in with the perennials on the south side.

I've decided to see how I do with these few before I go buying up land for my farm. :-)
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel