Lilliput Circus

For Boxer Babe!


boneman said...

I thought you were the touchy one about having photographs being taken of you?

And now we find you on the front page of that Onion thing you offered us?
(well, deduced from the small circus, here)

(cute dog, by the way. I've several friends who call dogs like that 'trolling bait' but, they're just being mean)
(the friends, not the dogs)

fishy said...

Hey there Aunty Belle,
you must be over your non attendance to the blogfest outa Seattle cause you done dedicated this miniatures post to the Boxer.

New memes up at Chef Trolls and the Pond, come play.

Aunty Belle said...


yep, sad I had to cancel out of the blog summit due to onerous conflict..so natcherly I'se sending the Boxer Babe a little token --she likes to make "small worlds.

nope--Onion and circus here is not connected. Ain't no pics out theah of Aunty, thas' fer sure.

Boxer said...

I LOVE this. xoxox.

We are well. All is EXTEMELY good, but you are missed, missed, missed. xoxox.