Mute Monday: "T"


Boxer said...

Love! And I see so many toys of my past; easy bake oven... back when I could really cook! I moved over to my brother's GI Joe pretty quick after that. Are toys this cool anymore? I can't tell. I also had Raggedy Anne and that hand loom, which when I got I was sad because I wanted a real loom. I was 9. Great time of the year to for this pick. Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah, AB, me too--the boys' toys is a heck of a lot more fun, ain't they? I love GI Joe. He would not marry me.

I doan think I ever had a toy kitchen, an surely not that easy bake cake oven thang...but now, I'se payin' fer that laxity, cookin' nearly night an day.

I bet youse good on a loom!

K9 said...

so many classics! i loved rock em sock em robots and i had that loom. boy i made the heck out of potholders. funny, i dont recall them ever actually being used by my mom or anyone i made them for. i had a toy kitchen. and a banana set sting ray bike too. what a great trip down memory lane. now, i'll just get back to my game of bingo and metamucil cocktail. grrrrerhahahaa happyMM

Bear said...

What a great take... I hadn't seen all of these toys before but some rang a bell with me.

My favourite is the last one of course.

Happy MM.

fishy said...

Merry Christmas Belle! Really joyful Mute Monday for Toys! Sure nuff gave me a Dickens trip to Christmases past!
I had a granddaddy Fish who was quite the yo-yo expert and he explained to us yo-yo's were originally weapons afore they became toys.
One of my sisters and I were great at Jax...we both got to where we could sweep thru the first 10 sets without an error before moving on to more complicated challenges.

My brotherfish had those robots and all us girls could whip out potholders enough to go thru the entire bag o loops in less than an afternoon.
Lightbrites were an artform at our place and we didn't stick to the samples in the picture guide...we were way too creative to just follow.

I still have a dollhouse at the Pond so visiting generations can experience something besides passive electronic gaming.

Somewhere in a box,(probably under my Mother's bed), there is a picture of my brother in a cowboy hat and them cap pistols slung low over his diaper!

This was a gift of a posting Belle, thank you, it is such a lovely present.

TROLL said...

Excellent. Loved seeing all those vintage toys of yesteryear. A rock-em-sock-em robot of a T post.

Happy Mute Monday!

Floridacracker said...

Great! I loved my GI Joes. At some point, around 7th grade probably, I thought I had outgrown them and gave them to my Mom for her 2nd grade classroom for rainy days when the kids couldn't go outside.

Man do I regret that now.
The collector value of what I gave away haunts me.

What I really miss is my Whammo Air Blaster ... why don't they make these anymore ... OSHA?

moi said...

What memories! I loved my Easy Bake Oven and my Schwinn banana seat bicycle. Talk about freedom of the road . . . I did not, however, love GI Joe. He kept pestering my Pan Am Stewardess Barbie to get married, but she was all talk to the plastic hand about it. I mean, why, when you have that many adoring boyfriends? Happy Mute Monday!

pamokc said...

OOOOH AWWWWW on that sting ray bicycle. I got one of those cool boy's bikes from one of my brother's friends as a hand-me-down, but I was the coolest girl at school because of it .... It was gold with a tiger pattern seat and was the coolest thing in the neighborhood. Happy MM!

The Java Junkie said...

Great post, Aunty! What I wouldn't give for that little stage and wooden Nutcracker dancers! Happy MM and Happy Christmas!

Gypsy said...

I just LOVE that old fashioned dolls pram and rocking horse. Naturally I can't go past the teddy bear either being an avid collector and all.

Happy MM Aunty and I hope you and Uncle have a fab Christmas. Stay safe and be happy.

Big Shamu said...

Ah yes, toys. Yours truly had two groups of toys, those my mother wanted me to play with and those I wanted to play with.

Moms-Dolls, dolls and more dolls. Yes on the Easy Back Over but the older blue one.

Me- GI Joe, Hot Wheels, Match Box, Stuffed Animal Toys, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, toy guns or swords, lawn darts, Whizzers and Tether Tennis (like tether ball but with tennis ball and paddles).

Acceptable toys we both agreed on - Chess, Monopoly, Risk, driveway basketball, bikes and anything that didn't involve using a weapon against my brother.

Ah yes, those were the days.

Ruela said...

Merry xmas Aunty ;)

foam said...

i betcha had fun searching for all these toys ..
i still have my barbie and my gi joe from way, way, way, way, way back when...

Anonymous said...

Point of interest,ya'll....in Aunty' buggy barn's attic thar's nifty collection of G.I.Joes from the first few years of the issue. Ain't sayin' they's mint condition. but they wuzn't never given away neither. Heh!

Bird said...

It is Monday, isn't it?

School's out - winter break - I can't keep track of the days.

Merry Christmas AB!